The Future is Ours

ECO-GEN Energy has developed the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator which will change the world forever.  ECO-GEN has exclusive, patent/pending technology to produce clean green energy with the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator that is more efficient than anything else on the market today.  Rather than a rooftop full of solar panels that takes away from the design and beauty of the property we install 4-8 solar panels and a metal box that is approximately 8′ L  X  6′ W  X  6′ H. Unlike typical solar systems that only produce energy 6 hours a day at best, our generator produces energy 24/7/365.  What used to be a monthly expense for the homeowner now becomes an income generator with Net Metering.

ECO-GEN combines the most advanced technology to eliminate your energy bill and make our world “greener”.  ECO-GEN is dedicated to the most advanced, proven technologies that protect the environment and save you money at the same time.

With the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator you can produce clean green energy for your home or commercial property at a fraction of the normal cost. ECO-GEN Energy, Inc. has exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and market the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator.  ECO-GEN Energy works with independent licensed solar installers and electrical contractors to make sure your unit is installed properly and you can start saving money immediately.

Our Commercial Leasing programs provide affordable financing for small, medium and large commercial buildings that may result in savings of 100% of their current electric bill.

Our Residential program finally offers real relief to homeowners that can eliminate their energy bill and actually sell their Excess Generation into the grid to pay for the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator system.

Now is the ideal time for investing in clean, green, hybrid solar and wind energy.

Federal Government rebates, tax credits, state initiatives, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and tradable Carbon Credits make projects affordable that were not viable in the past.