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An eBook of the previous edition is included at no additional cost when you Hibernate in Action carefully explains the concepts you need, then gets you going. inheritance; how to retrieve objects efficiently using the Hibernate query lan- Hibernate in Action is the definitive guide to using Hibernate and to object/rela-. Hibernate In Action has to be considered the definitive tome on Hibernate. As the authors are intimately involved with the project, the insight on Hibernate.

Hibernate In Action Ebook

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Using transitive persistence in Hibernate Hibernate in Action untitled. This Digital Download PDF eBook edition and related web site are NOT. ""Hibernate in Action"" carefully explains the concepts you need, then gets you going. It builds on a single example to show you how to use Hibernate in practice . And for the "absolute reference", get Java Persistence with Hibernate (a revised edition of the old Hibernate in Action). Here is what the authors.

There are many other books available in the market but they are either not up-to-date or doesn't cover the Hibernate thoroughly.

These two books are useful for both beginners and expert Java developers who want to learn Hibernate. Java Persistence with Hibernate 2nd Edition This is by far the best and most complete book to learn Hibernate. This book was earlier known as Hibernate in Action but from onwards it was known as Java Persistence with Hibernate.

The 2nd Edition of the book has launched in , which means it is also the most to date book to learn Hibernate in the market. It covers Hibernate 5. The authors of the books are the real authority in the Hibernate world, Gavin King is the founder of the Hibernate project and a member of the Java Persistence expert group JSR while Christian Bauer is a member of the Hibernate developer team and a trainer and consultant.

Gary Gregory who joins the team for 2nd edition is also a principal software engineer working on application servers and legacy integration.

2 Best Books to Learn Hibernate for Java Developers

All of them have done an excellent job to keep this book as the go-to book to learn Hibernate. You will learn Hibernate from A to Z in this books, starting from the fundamentals, motivation, and ORM in general, you will also learn more advanced concepts and techniques to solve them e.

In short, a must read books for any Java developer who is working or wants to learn Hibernate. High-Performance Java Persistence by Vlad Mihalcea This is a relatively new book but, if you want to learn how to squeeze the last performance drop out of your data access layer, you must read the High-Performance Java Persistence book.

Java Persistence with Hibernate, Second Edition explores Hibernate by developing an application that ties together hundreds of individual examples. Knowing the inner workings of a relational database and the data access frameworks in use can make the difference between a high-performance enterprise application and one that barely crawls.

This book is a journey into Java data access performance tuning. From connection management, to batch updates, fetch sizes and concurrency control mechanisms, it unravels the inner workings of the most common Java data access frameworks.

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Harnessing Hibernate is an ideal introduction to the popular framework that lets Java developers work with information from a relational database easily and efficiently. Databases are a very different world than Java objects, and they often involve people with different skills and specializations.


With Hibernate, bridging these two worlds is significantly easier, and with this book, you can get up to speed with Hibernate quickly. Rather than present you with another reference, Harnessing Hibernate lets you explore the system, from download and configuration through a series of projects that demonstrate how to accomplish a variety of practical goals.

Partly, the answer depends on whether you're interested in Hibernate Java or NHibernate. While they're similar, each has features and idioms native to it's platform. Also check out summerofnhibernate. Bevan the question is tagged "java" and "hibernate".

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Pierre It was originally tagged nhibernate hibernate fluent-nhibernate. Here is what the authors write about this book: Vlad Mihalcea Pascal Thivent Pascal Thivent k Introduction to Nhibernate By Ian Cooper Your very first Nhibernate application 3 parts Summer of Nhibernate screencast series This one is old, but it's well written and easy to understand for beginners: Part 1 Part 2 This Wiki and this list of articles should be your friends too: Jarek Jarek 3, 5 35 Java Persistence with Hibernate 2nd Edition This is by far the best and most complete book to learn Hibernate.

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JavaServer Faces in Action. Implementing the domain model 3.

Java Persistence with Hibernate, Second Edition. Implementing POJO associations. About Releases Overview 6.

Here is the two of the best book in you should read to learn Hibernate 5. Positioned as a layer between your application and your database, Hibernate takes care of loading and saving of objects.

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