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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Why I am not able to open PDF files on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 device? It always shows "Failed to load file". I have not installed any third. same here (on a note 8) It's lined, one page at a time, export one or all pages, write on PDF's, I'm having the same issue with a Note 9. I simply get the error saying: The document cannot be opened because it's not a valid pdf-document. However I have no problems opening the file with my laptop, only my phone and tablet (Jellybean ) won't open it. You mentioned that your friends are able to open up the same PDF.

Samsung Note Cannot Pdf

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I located the PDF file I wanted to print until the Samsung -> My Files. That was available in previous Android (kitkat )/Note3, but now in Android under Note 5, it doesn't work. My phone wont let me do drive mode. Basically I tried yesterday to download a pdf, the first red flag was that it wouldn't let I can download and open etc. on my phone ( Note). So I just got my note yesterday and I sent up my email. My teacher emailed us a pdf filed but I could not open it! It keeps saying, "The document.

The user has 0 warnings currently. Next warning will result in ban! Home News You are here. Here's what you need to do to activate it:.

Write on PDF app

Once the app it installed, the Write on PDF option will be enabled on your Verizon Note 5, and you can easily scribble on, annotate, and otherwise edit away with the help of the venerable S Pen stylus. Write on PDF app.

Related phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 OS: Android 7.

PhoneArena Rating: User Rating: Display 5. Reply Report. This is one of th3 reason I moved most of my lines from VZW.

I get so sick of them disabling or not supporting stuff for what they charge. It's my phone, leave it the way the OEM intended it to be.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 — Cannot open PDF files on SM-N9208

Just download Xodo and move on. Regardless, nice for this function to be now built-in, though, I don't think it's worth a patent, especially as it's basically just a shrunk-down version of what Windows tablets have long been offering Well, good, now you do.

First, it saves you a ton of time. Instead of printing, then signing, and then scanning before emailing, you can do it all with a couple of taps.

Second, printing paper to sign it before then trashing it is a complete waste.

Save this Earth, folks! On that note, once you print, sign, scan, and email a piece of paper, what do you do with it afterwards? Yep, another machine you can completely avoid by signing digitally.

Finally, signing a PDF on your Android device can be done from anywhere. At a basketball game in the evening when an important document comes through? You can sign and send it from your seat.

Fix Unable To Open Email Attachments On Galaxy Note 9

I do attachments all day long with that app and never had an issue. I use Kaiten used to use K9.

They are much better apps for email, but the hope was to not muddy the waters any further for the OP, lol. Just wanted to get one of the 'stock' apps working. CharlenaP Newbie. May 10, 11 0 May 23, 3 0 5.

How to Download Files to Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Dolphin Browser doesn't work and, as I mentioned, the browser that comes with a lot of current phones does not work.

Nov 21, 37 1 Oct 29, 5 0 5.

Did this ever get solved?Once the factory reset is complete, restore your device and configure the email account settings and with the relevant app installed try to open the email attachments once again on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Second, printing paper to sign it before then trashing it is a complete waste. Once highlighted, you can drag the signature to a new spot, resize, or adjust color, opacity, thickness.

Save as tagged PDF

Most likely what you are dealing with is a complex firmware issue that can only be remedied by a complete reset on the device. If you have never signed anything before, you will be taken to a screen to create a signature.

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Thread Deleted Email Thread.

Temporary files stored on the email app as cache can also caused pertinent issues to arise.

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