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Best-selling author Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN) joins a murderer's row of talented artists in lending his unique touch to the Batman mythos for this Deluxe. Read Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? Full comic online free and high quality. Unique reading. Spotlighting the story “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?,” from BATMAN # and DETECTIVE COMICS #, in which Gaiman.

Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader Pdf

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Gaiman: [Laughs] It's all in there.

There was definitely a wonderful joy of writing those last 10 pages of the second issue. While I was doing it, I was thinking that there are people out there who will think that I've gone mad. Gaiman: I kept asking Andy to do things that are impossible, and because no one told him they were impossible, he did them.

Normally someone asks him to draw three panels, but doesn't ask him to draw those three panels in the style of Brian Bolland or Jerry Robinson.

I loved the fact that I could ask Andy for Robin when he's 17, off to college and still wearing the costume, the Speedo and everything, which looks kind of stupid. But I still want it to be moving.

And he did it. Gaiman: Writing that part made me incredibly happy. In a lot of ways, Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? And it was a love letter to the Superman who lived in Alan's heart, who wasn't going to be around anymore.

I wanted to write the same love letter to Batman. Neal Adams' gothic Batman saved the character from going too "twee in the '60s," says Gaiman. The only bat I ever knew was a cricket bat, so what I thought he looked like was rather odd, based on that. Months later, the series hit the U. Really worrying, genuinely worrying, on a deep primal level, "Will he be OK? If I missed the end of an episode, I'd get my friends to tell me he was OK.

Because of the Batman TV show, my dad picked up Smash! Those were my gateway drugs into Batman. Even when batman went twee in the '60s, Neal Adams reinvented him as a long-eared, shadowy character. And when I was in my 20s, Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns came out and I found myself writing my first piece of academic criticism on it.

I wanted my comic to contain all of that, from the story to the art. I wanted it to have that love in there.

I wanted to write the last Batman with honor and love. Gaiman: Well, since you've seen the actual comic, you're actually ahead of me. I've only seen the PDF! Decades later, I could look back and go, "Whoa, we did it! So the truth is, I have no idea. I look at it and say, "Andy did me proud," but I do wonder if they'll think I went mad at the end.

Whether it works or not, I don't know or care, but it makes me very happy. I know that if Batman ever reads it, he will know that he was my first love.

PDF Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? [PDF] Online

Gaiman: [Laughs] Well, the great thing about Batman and Superman, in truth, is that they are literally transcendent. They are better than most of the stories they are in.

That's jut Sturgeon's Law : "90 percent of everything is crap. Try to read them and you're looking at , pages, perhaps a million, and you can assume that 90 percent of it is crap. Yet the 10 percent, and even better the 1 percent of that 10 perfect, is absolutely glorious. That pays for everything. Sturgeon's Law nails that one nicely.

Gaiman: Yeah, it's something that is missed when they're made into movies. With movies, you want that transcendent 10 percent, that mythology. The Iron Man movie fascinated me.

It took a character [at the top of Marvel Comics'] second division, and did him right, so right that everyone goes, "This is why we love Iron Man. Two-Face's riotous ride is one of many hilarious moments dreamed up by Gaiman and rendered by artist Andy Kubert in Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? Photo courtesy DC ComicsWired. That thing ruled. Imagine a cosmos where the ancient gods still exist somewhere and where whole dimensions are populated by anthropomorphic funny animals.

Where Heaven and Hell are demonstrably real and even accessible, and where angels and demons alike seem to walk the earth with impunity. Imagine a planet where exposure to dangerous radiation granted the gift of super-speed rather than bone cancer, and where the skies were thus filled by flying men and women threatening to blot out the sun.

Imagine a place where people were terribly good or terribly bad, with little room for the mediocre in between. X is Philip Jose Farmer. Farmer established a genealogical framework according to which various characters from popular literature were relatives. Since then, many academics, professional authors and amateurs have been writing articles and stories expanding on his work.

It looked like fun. I wondered if I could try something like that. However, even if the postmodernist stance can account for intertextual and metafictional tastes, there is another model, specific to their common zeitgeist, which accounts just as well for the development of the idea of integrative fiction. Most importantly, it is a widespread practice in mainstream comics.

The commercial crossovers between company series in DC and Marvel publications have led to the establishment of two integrative diegeses whose intertextual material is whatever the company legally owns: the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe. Besides, though Gaiman and Moore have both worked in various media, comics have always been at the centre of their creative interests. So the logics of integrative fiction could intervene very much in the shaping of their respective creativities, and approaches to storytelling.

Batman – Whatever Happened To the Caped Crusader (The Deluxe Edition) (2010)

He also wrote, among other examples, three different versions of the legend of Beowulf, and a book for children based on Norse myths. Mythology usually seems to be dealt with very similarly to Lovecraftian or comics hypotexts. They permanently take off their human guises, abandon the game of cat and mice with petty criminals, and instate a world utopia, where crime, famine, poverty, war and all the universal plights of humanity are simply abolished.

In these comics, the captions feature first-person narration by Miracleman himself, which constantly equate him and his companions with Greek or Norse mythological gods. As he points out himself, he was a beginner, with only one comic-book completed and not yet published Khoury Go ahead: You have to ask it.

But Gaiman goes so easily into that world, to overhear the after-love conversation of a young man with memories of meeting with divinity, or the indiscreet revelations a superbaby might make to her all-too-human mother, that, when the performance is over, the reader can hardly remember why the task once seemed so daunting. Delany So could stories about humanity trying, and failing, to adjust to the presence of myths incarnate.

Yet, one should be aware that he eventually did explore fully that question, in Sandman: which ended up being the story of the grim Lord of Dreams desperately trying to adjust to the humanity over whose imaginative life he presides. His novel American Gods is, among other things, the melancholy drama of forgotten gods forced into ordinary, human lives.

Only Batman Black and white volume two is better. Hardcover Verified Purchase. First let me say this, I read Neil Gaiman for specific reasons.

He is my favorite author, along with Bill Willingham because they teach me something about life every time, with every book.

I bought this solely based on how much I've loved everything else I've read from Gaiman, and this book is as good as anything he's done. The huge surprise came from the artwork. The whole team should be mentioned, at least for the main story. Included at the end are a few short tales of the Dark Knight by Gaiman and various artists which aren't nearly as thought provoking or have such stunning artwork, but I was still mostly thinking about what I'd read and kept flipping back to the main story to take in certain pages and artwork one more time.

Without spoiling anything, it's Batman's funeral. Yes he's dead This is as beautiful a Eulogy as was ever written. To write it for one of the most influential heroes in human history, and write it so full of meaning and satisfaction If you're looking for the classic type of Batman crime drama, go read The Long Halloween or Batman Year One, both of which are exceptional.

If you think Arnold Schwarzenegger made a good Mr. Freeze, just stay away from this book, you wont understand it. If you want action, look elsewhere. If you want the best team of pencils, inks, color and letters however, the argument can be well made here I'll back it up by saying that as much as I loved Gaiman's writing, only artwork this good could have measured up.

As a funny afterthought, this is so good I wished it could have been much longer, which in a way is the whole point of the story of Batman presented here.

What would people say at your funeral if you were a caped crusader? It was intriguing and an interesting take on the near death moments. Even though Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, I was apprehensive as to what he could add to one of my favorite mythologies.

Well, he blew me away. I realize now that with his unusual, dark, and poetic way of looking at the universe there was no way he could mess things up. Some of the devices, such as gathering everyone from the past at a funeral, are common, but even those are employed with a twist. The story is fascinating and an appropriate addition to a mythology enhanced and changed forever in by The Dark Night Returns.

But a review of this book would not be accurate without stating that the art of Andy Kubert is stunning and raises the book to a higher level.

Both writer and artist borrow from the past and make it their own - a practice which should satisfy the diehard Batman fans. This a book that must be owned and read more than once.

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Gaiman: Two-Face's car! Firstly, apart from the characters from various novels, romances, satires, plays, short stories, and films who meet in the League, its cosmological background also integrates mythological gods.

His friends and foes successively tell the story of his death, but the cause is never the same in the various stories.

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