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No part of this book may be reproduced in any format or by any means, without permission in writing frnm the Quest Multimedia Authoring System is a registered trademark of Allen Communication Learning. Services. PS and PDF Chapter 1: Multimedia textbook. Introduction. The life of today's society requires transmitting and receiving more and more data. Since the capacity of today's. Multimedia is a rich medium that accommodates numerous instructional strategies. Multimedia addresses many of the challenges of instruction in both the .

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Coding and Modulation for Digital Television (Multimedia Systems and Applications This book is intended to expose you to multimedia in its widest sense. Multimedia Application Scenarios. History of Multimedia. Quiz. 2. Chapter 2: Multimedia Basics. Digital Hierarchical JPEG [PDF]. Chapter 1: Introduction and Multimedia. 2nd Edition Overview of Multimedia Software tools. 2 .. This Summary is an Online Content from this Book.

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More… 7. His stroke of genius would be worth it. More… 8. Front Matter Pages Introduction to Multimedia. Ze-Nian Li, Mark S. Drew, Jiangchuan Liu. Pages A Taste of Multimedia. Graphics and Image Data Representations. Color in Image and Video. Fundamental Concepts in Video. Basics of Digital Audio.

Lossless Compression Algorithms. Lossy Compression Algorithms. Image Compression Standards. Basic Video Compression Techniques. MPEG-1, 2, 4, and 7. Hardware selection include deciding the fastest CPU and RAM and largest monitors that are affordable, sufficient disc storage for all working files and records, file sharing for collaborative work via networks or e-mail and establishing a file backup system.

Selection of the appropriate authoring software and file formats depends on what is the in-house team expertise, what are the demands of the title being developed and what are the available funds for this purpose.

It can be defined as the specific message, data facts or information to be presented. The content specialist provides the content to the multimedia architect, who in turn prepares the narration, text bullets, charts and tables etc. Activities in this phase include- content research, interface design, graphics development, selection of musical background and sound recording, development of computer animation, production of digital video, authoring, etc.

Video clips can also be shot, digitized, edited and compressed. Navigational elements like graphics button can be created or already available buttons can be used. A pilot project will be prepared at that time. While testing, each and every aspect for smooth running of the program is to be taken care of.

If the product is a website, it should be uploaded on the web to test its functioning on different browsers e. Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. If it is a multimedia application on a LAN or Internet, it must be put on the server for testing purpose. After the tests are over the product should be revised, to incorporate the valid changes suggested.

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Contact details and e-mail address along with phone number should be provided for technical support and also for sending comments and suggestions. The other effective way is on Internet website. Now multimedia content is being widely disseminated through Internet.

Although bandwidth problems, requirement of a number of plug-ins to play video and audio, long download time and other problems exist that hamper the delivery of multimedia application through Internet. The application can be continuously updated and the content does not get outdated on the internet, while on CD-ROM continuous updation is not possible. Vice-versa, if the application is developed and uploaded on the website where information keeps accumulating, then as the archive becomes substantial it can be reproduced on a CD-ROM for convenience viewing.

Because of some copyright problem, if the multimedia product cannot be delivered through Internet it can run over a LAN or Intranet.

The production of fine quality high-end multimedia application require a specialize team consisting of the following members Vaughan, He is the person responsible for the quality and timely production of the application. The production manager should be an expert in technology. He should be skilled in proposal writing, having good negotiation skills, good communication skills, budget management skills and conversant with relevant legal issues. He should be experienced in human resource management and must act as an efficient team leader.

Program content means specific information, data, graphics or facts presented through the multimedia production. In multimedia production the medium has the capability of presenting events in a non-linear fashion by branching in different sections or components of the program.

The scriptwriter needs to be able to visualize the three dimensional environments and if needed visualize the use and integration of virtual reality into the program.

Text and narration will be integrated as part of the application and the development of documentation for application must be considered. All the text related to elements need to be revised by the text editor. He oversees the work of other team members, such as graphic artist, audio specialist, video specialist and computer programmers. When developing an interacting multimedia product where graphic elements are clickable for other slides, it is the responsibility of the graphic artist that the new screens and background should be in harmony and in balance with the rest of the screen components.

These scripts are used to code and develop special functions or capabilities of the authoring program. His job may include developing the software to give the size and shape of video windows, controlling peripherals, calling computer software by the multimedia authoring program to execute a specific function, to search a database, to display a result and other tasks.

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He converts a multimedia presentation into web page or creates a web page with multimedia elements. The human resources involved in the roles from production manager to web-master have their own duties and responsibilities.

Final multimedia product ready for consultation is a joint effort of the team. The production manager identifies the content for a project, while the web master provides its access to a wide range of community through web-services. However image is also one of the most used type of multimedia resource on internet. It is reported that 19 percent of the queries submitted on Dogpile search engine www.

Youtube is a website hosting videos on internet and it is estimated that two billion of videos are viewed daily and hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded every day.

Youtube conditioned the audiences to watch the online video and opened the door to broadcast and non-broadcast newsrooms to publish and share video content online.

Flickr www. Social networking sites like Orkut www. Orkut is owned by Google and multimedia can be added in Orkut profile either from GoogleVideo or Youtube www.

There are many multimedia search engines available to make the resources easily searchable on internet. Google Googleimages, Googlevideo , Yahoo, Exite etc. The capability of computers to handle different types of media makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. A Multimedia application is an application which uses a collection of multiple media sources e. Multimedia can be seen at each and every aspect of our daily life in different forms. However, entertainment and education are the fields where multimedia has its dominance.

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A brief account of multimedia applications in different fields can be traced as follows. It is affecting communication strategies in education environment and influencing the ways teachers teach and students learn. Multimedia or the use of multiple digital media elements in an interactive learning application is becoming an emerging trend in the communication of educational information.

Multimedia offers an excellent alternative to traditional teaching by allowing the students to explore and learn at different paces where every student has the opportunity to learn at his or her own potential Tway, People enjoy multimedia and they prefer multimedia learning materials because the multiple media help them to learn Bass, Many educators now consider multimedia as a burning topic in education, because it represents the topic through various media elements and introduces new ways of thinking in the classroom.

Multimedia with its capability to present information using multiple media is being increasingly used worldwide in e-learning. Multimedia is used in distance learning through stored presentations, live teaching, and participation by the students. Multimedia University in Malaysia has developed a Multimedia Learning System MMLS , an intelligent, interactive, self-paced, instructor led system to serve the needs of the educational enterprise in the country. It is a web-based teaching and learning tool, supported by multimedia, which create a virtual interactive teaching and learning environment.

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It is a web-based environment that aims to provide students with a flexible, decentralised and differentiated learning environment based on their educational background. In India, multimedia is used in different ways for teaching and learning i. EDUSAT Education Satellite is launched by India for serving the educational sector of the country for emulating virtual classroom in an effective manner. It is specially configured for the audiovisual medium, employing digital interactive classroom and multimedia multi-centric systems.

An FM Radio channel named as Gyan Vahini operating through FM stations from various parts of the country was initiated in , now having more than 40 stations.

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IGNOU has developed many multimedia programs for teaching various subjects like chemistry, language, biology etc. Multimedia technology is a must need in each and every mode of entertainment. It is used in entertainment via radio, TV, online newspapers, online gaming, video on demand etc.

The digitization of radio was made possible by introduction of DAB digital audio broadcasting , is an example of how the broadcasting of radio programs combined with still or moving images will likely lead to a similarity to television in the expression forms. A more relevant example is the new formats deriving from the various interactions between the web and television, such as interactive television or broadband web channels offering video contents.

Video on demand or movies on demand is a service that provides movies to television sets on an individual basis at homes. Movies are stored in a central server and transmitted through a communication network. A set-top box connected to the communication network converts the digital information to analog signals and inputs it to the television set. The viewer uses a remote control device to select a movie and manipulate play through start, stop, rewind, and visual fast forward buttons.

The service can provide indices to the movies by title, genre, actors, and director. Many kinds of goods and services are also sold in this way. The services help users to navigate through the available material to plan vacations, download a song or movie, purchase goods, etc.

Multimedia made possible innovative and interactive games that greatly enhanced the learning experience. Games could come alive with sounds and animated graphics. Groups of people could play a game together, competing as individuals or working together in teams.

Live internet pay for play gaming with multiple players has also become popular, bringing multimedia to homes on internet. Sound and animation have been particularly important in this type of applications to make the games thrilling and exciting to the user. Movies, songs, jokes can be downloaded from internet.

Home shopping, food preparation methods, gardening, interior designing, all is available on the internet integrated with photographs, audio and video clips. Multimedia presentations are used in product sale conferences to present live description of the product.

By using audio and video clips along with text and graphics the presentation becomes interesting for the audience. Multimedia has widespread use in training programs. Flight attendants learn to manage international terrorism and security through simulation.

Mechanics learn to repair machines and engines. The marketing and advertising agencies are using animation techniques for sales promotion. Product demos are presented by adding video clips. These programs are also shown on television using multimedia techniques in very attractive way. Multimedia is used in office very commonly. Image capture hardware is used for building employee ID and building databases, for video annotation, and for real-time teleconferencing. High resolution projectors are commonplace for multimedia presentations on the road.

Cell phones and personal digital assistants utilizing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication technology made multimedia communication for the pursuit of business more efficient.

Medical students are trained by using life demonstration of human body, various operations and other pathological and radiological investigation.

They can practice surgery methods via simulation prior to actual surgery. The tiny digital cameras are inserted in human body and it can display the inner scene of the body. In this way doctors are able to see the inner part without actually dissecting it. This technique is used in operations having very small cut on the human body. Kiosks are means of providing a wealth of product information, tailored to individual needs and presented in an interesting and user-friendly fashion Rowly, The information presented in kiosk are enriched with animation, video, still pictures, graphics, diagrams, maps, audio and text.

Such systems reduce demand on traditional information booths, add value and available around the clock. Banks are using kiosks in the form of ATM machines. In this system each participating user has a personal computer with video camera and a mic attached to it.

The personal computers of all the users are interconnected through a high-speed network capable to transmit data containing audio and video. The coordination support software coordinates the proceeds of the conference, and resolves any conflicts when multiple users want to communicate simultaneously. In this way videoconferencing takes place. With the passage of time, several techniques and technologies have emerged for handling information more speedily and effectively.

Multimedia technology is adopted by the libraries, information centres and archives in various functions like multimedia kiosks, user orientation programs, multimedia based reference collection, heritage collection in the form of multimedia resources etc. Many libraries have a separate media centre for the production of audio-visual and multimedia resources.

Multimedia is used to prepare presentations to enrich its contents and increase the effectiveness. Multimedia resources are an integral part of libraries starting from non-print materials of eighteenth century to the introduction of most recent digital multimedia. Following is a brief account of application of multimedia technology in libraries.

Rowley, In case of libraries improving accessibility to both collections and services has always been a concern. Kiosk is designed for libraries usually located near the entrance of the library, used for displaying announcements, reading lists, comments and suggestions from library users, and other information concerning library operations and programs. Library collection, catalogue, archives, services and location of those collections, responsible persons of various library services showing the floor layouts are graphically represented in a library kiosk.

Videoconferencing is conducting a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. Hence, it is being used by several libraries for designing individualized library instructional packages and also to provide in depth subject training to their staff. Many librarians in schools, colleges, universities and technical libraries are using multimedia for providing orientation and training to the users and training to the staff.

Multimedia tools along with CD-writers have made it possible to publish information from different sources in a most easy to use as well as in acceptable form to library users. Multimedia removes many of the limitations faced by the reader by conventional books like difficulty to reproduce, update, share single copies, easy to damage, cognitive load etc.

A number of publishers have accepted that multimedia publishing is the future for the publishing industry and the government of the countries such as Japan and USA are fully committed to electronic and multimedia publishing De Bruine, Multimedia got introduced in libraries in the form of non-print material as photographs, filmstrips, slides, motion pictures, audio spools, audio and video tapes etc.

With the introduction of digital media the libraries started digitizing the old formats into new multimedia formats. These resources are either organized on shelves or in a digital library accessible through networks. The librarian has to organise these varying types of resources and provide efficient access to the users.

There are many libraries, having rich collection of multimedia resources e. Other multimedia information resources available in the libraries are commercial multimedia tools available in market. Any library can purchase and provide these tools to its users. These also come in libraries in the form of accompanying materials. Many leading and prominent publishers have now converted their reference books including encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks, etc.

Digital information may include digital books, scanned images, graphics, data, digitized audio-visual clips etc. Previously digital library projects were based on only textual data but later on all other media elements were also integrated into digital library collection like images, audio and video recordings.

It is an integrated system for capturing, indexing, storage and retrieval of tabular, textual, audio, still images, and video data at compressed and full resolutions. In India, many Digital multimedia library projects has been initiated e. The rapid developments in IT brought revolutionized changes in the flow and content of information and related formats and technologies and become a key ingredient in bringing up great changes in over all aspects of society.

Multimedia is a fertile ground for both research and development of new products, because of the breadth of possible usage, the dependency on a wide range of technologies, and the value of reducing cost by improving technology. The technology is being used in developing many applications for primary as well as higher education, entertainment, health services, public places and many more. With the advent of low cost computers and easy to use word processing software, computer based image processing techniques paved way for digitized information comprising textual to multimedia - data consisting of text, images along with digitized voice and video.

Thus the information stored in libraries has taken a major shift from volume-limiting printed to limitless multimedia digital form. The libraries and information centres instigate production of multimedia resources in various forms, however archival collection of library also have audiovisual and multimedia resources.

All these resources are either organized on shelves in the multimedia library or in a digital multimedia library having different content forms. Using multimedia learning system for teaching media math. Multimedia systems design. PHI: New Delhi. Bahera, A.

A brief guide to interactive multimedia and the study of the United States. Developing a hypertext guide to an academic library: problems and progress. Program, 28 1 , Bush, V. As we may think. Atlantic Monthly, 1 , Berners-Lee, T. World Wide Web inventor. Internet based instrumentation with multimedia features-some developments for technical education.

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International Conference on Multimedia Technology. Philippins: CPSC. Hypertext: A survey and introduction. IEEE Computer, 20 9 , Cox, A. Hypermedia library guides for academic libraries on the World Wide Web. Program, 30 1 , Dahmer, B.

When technologies connect.These are explained in detail as under Vaughan, Back Matter Pages Besides this, text also provides opportunities to extend the traditional power of text by linking it to other media, thus making it an interactive medium. Digital audio plays a key role in digital video. Because of some copyright problem, if the multimedia product cannot be delivered through Internet it can run over a LAN or Intranet.

Multi refers to many i. These scripts are used to code and develop special functions or capabilities of the authoring program.

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