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Does anyone have Anything could happen by will walton? Нравится Показать список . John-Michael,. Emergency Contact - Mary H. K. 1 МБ. 1. Walton, Will - Anything Could Happen (, Scholastic Inc., ). epub. 5 МБ John Corey Whaley - Highly Illogical Behavior (retail) (epub).epub. Does anyone have: Walton, Will - Anything Could Happen (, Scholastic Inc., John Corey Whaley - Highly Illogical Behavior (retail) (epub).epub. КБ .

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Admitting to fatigue might get them plocked, and for Karol, with work the way it was on Hengist and with a child to keep, that could be fatal. He was a rigger; his work kept him on the outside of Hengist station every shift, connecting lines, fixing receivers, vital, necessary, backbreaking work. Bods were cheaper. He was cheaper. Human labour was a renewable resource. He yawned again and stretched muscles too long in the suit, moving carefully. Around him other riggers were yawning and stretching.

The speaker dinged, meaning the trolley was there. The doors opened and the riggers piled onto the trolley platform, hanging on to the rails. The lock was in zero, but sections of the route would have gravity. Beside Karol, one of the new bods yawned in his face. He nodded, knowing she was as weary as he was and neither of them would ever admit it. She frowned, withdrew a little. Karol forced a smile. Nine years since Yasmin died, nine years trying to do his best for Aliya, the constant struggle between working enough to feed and house them both and having time to be her father.

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Ziggy was hanging outside the Bain, like always. Ziggy always made her feel gauche, act gauche. The Bain was a bubble of water in a bubble of air in a thin skin of plastic, all floating in zero. People went there to swim, to meet people, to wash.

Masterlist: Gay

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In many ways, Ziggy despised Hengist. Gravity was patchy, jobs were scarce, police were ubiquitous, and that kept the possibilities for a black market small. Yet Hengist certainly lacked something. Ziggy turned the Eritrea-O coin over. A panda, and a bod with a laurel wreath. Eritreans were weird. Sum and Flea flew straight-arrow over the stores to where Ziggy hung. They were grinning. Ziggy tapped a finger on the wall and called up a credit display.

Indeed, the job was done. Ziggy felt sorry for Sum for a moment. If anything happened, Flea would wriggle himself out and blame it all on poor slow Sum. They nodded. Sum turned it in his fingers. Why not just virch? So what if she was a whore. A bod did what they had to to get by, that was all. A human whore would be low, could never love anyone. Christmas time in a small, small town is where we meet Tretch Farm and his family.

Tretch Farm is in love with his best friend Matt Gooby Such a great name! But life is changing so fast. Someone Tretch loves very much may be sick. His brother is off to college soon. So why waste time hiding? Show your true self before regrets settle in.

Will Tretch share his whole heart and self with the ones he loves this holiday season? I want to hug Tretch Farm and all of his adorableness. Hold on to him forever!

So many dance moves! Get up and dance to the music because anything can happen in life. Adventure, love, and loss. Walton brings it all to life beautifully in this story with warmth and emotion. I could feel how much he cared for these characters.

And I loved every single one. The whole family will make your heart smile and break and remember though. Remember a time when you had to be dropped off and picked up from the dance. Remember a time when you could just walk across the hall and find someone to talk to. Remember or perhaps cherish the time you have now with your family all around you, under one roof, sharing the kitchen table and supporting each other every day. It all can change so fast.

D Just know this story is full of life and care and love. It touched my heart. This line really walloped me actually…. Even after she was gone. It stayed right here with me, and I feel it alive as all get-out, every single day. Off to shake, sway, wiggle and dance…. Mar 19, wesley rated it really liked it Shelves: How it did not try to What did I think of this one?

View all 3 comments.

Oct 19, Max Baker rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm just going to take a second to mourn I think I'm over the disappointment Anything Could Happen was one of those books I was really looking forward too. A gay guy in love with his straight best friend? Fuck yeah. Hottie on the cover? Cute romance promised? But, once I actually dove into the story I found myself struggling to find any meat in the story.

Tretch is in love with his best friend Matt, who is unfortunately st I'm just going to take a second to mourn Tretch is in love with his best friend Matt, who is unfortunately straight.

Any media outlet will tell you that crushing on a straight friend is essentially a rite of passage for gay teens, they rarely dive deep in what that's actually like; caring for someone so much, wanting to be with them, but knowing they could never love you like you want them too.

That's the kind of emotion I was expecting from this book. And guess what? So, I guess my first problem is Tretch himself, along with most of the teenage characters in this book. They aren't teenagers, like, at all. I remember reading a review somewhere of some book where the teenaged character actually said the words "golly gee" in all seriousness. That's what the dialogue in this book reads like.

I get it's suppose to be a small town, but using words like problem-o doesn't make them real. I think Walton was trying to convey them as polite teenagers who wouldn't dare talk back to their parents.

Now if this was a middle grade book I would maybe understand, but the characters are at least fifteen years old and it was billed as YA, so that's what I'm going with. All these teens are polite, respectful, clean cut kids. But they're not real. The way Tretch thinks and interacts with the world around him is more reminiscent of a s housewife then a modern day teenager. But, again, it doesn't. As I've stated before, there's no meat to this story. There's not even surface value to it. Anything Could Happen doesn't have an antagonist, plot, or even a moral dilemma.

Everything in the books works out for Tretch. He never has to struggle for anything or go through any development. The only factor that could be considered a plot point is being in love with Matt. However, for most of the book, Tretch is perfectly content sitting back and letting Matt fawn all over a girl. Now this should be emotional. I should have felt how jealous and angry Tretch is at watching someone he loves chase after someone who's not him. Instead he simply nods and steps back because he's a good friend.

Admirable, but throughout the book I was waiting for him to be overcome with emotion, which didn't happen. He doesn't even need to struggle over his sexuality.

He knows for a fact his parents wouldn't disown him or anything. He just doesn't want to tell him because of the off chance they'll, maybe, be whispered about. The book was half over before any inciting incident happens, but it's ignored until the last possible moment. In my opinion this is a perfect example of YA gone wrong.

With the way this book is written and how the characters act, I have to say that this is more of a adult fantasy then a YA contemporary.

This is a world where teenagers are perfect, who don't swear, cuss, have emotion, or do anything wrong; where people will be accepted without question and consequence; where nothing happens and you can just move on from love and have everything wrapped up in a little bow. That's not reality though. This book doesn't capture anything about what it's like being a gay teen in love with someone who can't love him back.

No matter how much Tretch wanted Matt, he was content with standing in the shadows. There was never emotion in any scene involving Matt. Even when Tretch comes out to his brother, there's no emotion behind it. I don't know how either Tretch or his brother felt in those moments. And Anything Could Happen is an emotional flat line.

While this book has gotten a lot of praise, I just can't see it. Feb 25, Tikaa rated it it was ok. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.

I'm soooo disappointed in this book. I love how the characters and stories are always so lively, creative, over-the-top, diverse, etc. What I thought was going to be an amazing coming of age story about a young guy in love with his bestfriend, turned out to be a lackluster experience full of eye-rolls and heavy yawns. If anything could happen, why didn't it? Characters -- Eh, Meh, Blah. The main character Tretch was just so. I can't really find the right word to describe our MC, and it's not that I didn't like him, I just didn't care for him too much.

What I can describe is that he was wayyyyy too needy for my tastes. While it's not cool to bully people or make assumptions, if the author never specified that Matt was the, " straight bestfriend " I would have completely thought that he and Tretch had a crush on each other. Nov 01, Carlos De Eguiluz rated it liked it. Gracioso y realista.

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Gracias, Will Walton. Oct 23, Janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: Once in a blue moon, along will come a book that I wish my younger self could read. His prose is sophisticated but accessible, and the relationships in Tretch's life are presented in this nuanced but beautiful way, allowing us to see how this really special protagonist engages with those most important to him. Because of Walton's timeless style and deftly w Once in a blue moon, along will come a book that I wish my younger self could read.

Because of Walton's timeless style and deftly written characters, even adults who "don't do YA" will love this book. And honest-to-goodness teenagers will love it too, and I bet they'll get some of the cultural references more readily than I did! Hands down my most anticipated book of I'm beyond thrilled that the world will soon be introduced to the writing of Will Walton. O livro tem diversos pontos fortes. View 1 comment. Oct 23, Kels rated it liked it Shelves: I started off really loving this book!!!

BUT unfortunately, somewhere towards the middle Anything Could Happen just dragged itself into yawn territory.

It went from being curious and entertaining to a pretty dull shade of gray, with not much excitement or drama or anything interesting happening with the MC. I think the writing in this novel is pretty solid. I loved the flow of it, which made this an easy quick read for me. I also really liked all of the characters, from the MC Tretch-O, to his fa I started off really loving this book!!!

I thought it to be refreshing that there weren't a lot of cliches presented in this novel. That said, it still was highly predictable. Tretch had his annoying moments--the crying every couple pages just was too much for me--but there is something about his character that makes you quickly warm to him and cheer wildly for him and his happiness as he discovers himself in this enjoyable coming to age novel.

This was a light, pleasant read, though for me, it just wasn't a very memorable one. View all 7 comments. Jun 06, Kaje Harper rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a gentle, positive story about a gay boy in a small town who has a crush on his straight best friend. Tretch has secretly been in love with Matt for years, and he's stuck in a bit of a limbo. His own family loves him and he's sure they'd be okay with him being gay Not quite enough to have come out to them yet.

His best friend Matt has two dads, so he'd surely be good with someone being gay, and he's protective of Tretch.

Will Walton: Anything Could Happen

But no matter how often Tretch pictures coming o This is a gentle, positive story about a gay boy in a small town who has a crush on his straight best friend. But no matter how often Tretch pictures coming out to him and joyfully hearing him say "Yeah, me too Matt has always seemed pretty oblivious to anything more than friendship between them. Then Matt develops a crush on a girl, and life starts to change for Tretch. I enjoyed this story - the writing is good, the characters warm and just quirky enough not to be cardboard cut-outs.

I liked that it doesn't plunge into deep dark angst like many YA coming out stories do. I did wish the author had taken it a bit further at the end, or made one of the events a little deeper.

This all felt a bit too easy, and a couple of scenes I'd been anticipating hadn't happened by the end of the book. But it was a smooth, easy read with a warm tone. Nov 05, Meli rated it really liked it.

Lindo libro. Nota emotiva: View all 4 comments. Oct 19, Tyler Goodson rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is perfect. I vibrated, hummed, laughed, cried, danced, forgot to breathe.

I felt like Tretch was part of me every minute I was reading, partly because the writing is so good you can't help but feel everything he feels, but also partly because I recognize him--in myself and in my life. This book tells a complex story, different from ones you've read before, and every moment feels true. Jul 24, Macarena Yannelli rated it liked it Shelves: No es una lectura espectacular, pero fue divertida.

Nov 06, jaroda rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't know why it took me so long to finally read this one. Now that I have, I honestly don't know what to say.

This book resonated with me on a level I didn't expect. Really, this book is a gem. Maybe when I've stepped away from this one long enough, I'll come back here to give a proper review, but for now just know that I loved this one.It did not make a circus out of the coming out process. I loved the flow of it, which made this an easy quick read for me. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human--or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever. When did I stop dancing around my room? And the fact that he's brave to tell his deepest secret.

Gloria shook her head. Well, still a little interesting, but nothing like so clever. While it's not cool to bully people or make assumptions, if the author never specified that Matt was the, " straight bestfriend " I would have completely thought that he and Tretch had a crush on each other.

It is all so trite and derivative.

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