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FICTION. BLACK BOX. BY JENNIFER EGAN. PHOTOGRAPH BY DAN WINTERS . ILLUSTRATIONS BY BRENDAN MONROE. references 'Inside the Black Box' (Phi Delta Kappan, October ) summarized research evidence that showed that improving the quality of teachers' day-to-day classroom assessment could have substantial impact on students' learning. Here we report on one study that has attempted. If your mouse cursor changes into a black box when moved over blank areas in a PDF document, use the solution below as a workaround.

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File:Enwezor Okwui The Black (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). Jennifer Egan's short story about a woman on a secret mission, posing as a brainless beauty, adrift in hostile waters. Overview. Use PDFBlackBox to add security features to your PDF generation and processing applications. Supported functions include password-based and.

When using neural networks you could look at weights, as they contain the information about the input, but the information is compressed. The idea behind LIME is to locally approximate a black-box model with an easier to understand white-box model constructed on interpretable input data. It has proven great results providing interpretation for image classification and text. LIME is implemented in Python lime and Skater and R lime package and iml package , live package and is very easy to use.

This technique distributes the effects fairly, is easy to use and offers visually compelling implementation. You might also be interested in DrWhy. Practical use cases Detecting objects on the pictures Image recognition is already widely used, among others in autonomous cars to detect if cars, traffic lights etc.

The classifier task was to identify if a wolf was on the picture or not. It falsely misclassified Siberian Husky as a wolf. Thanks to LIME researchers were able to identify what areas of the pictures were important for the model.

It turned out that if the picture contains snow it is classified as a wolf. If you have no idea in which direction your Designated Mate has gone, hold still. If you find yourself hovering beside a pair of glass doors, you may open them and step outside.

Nights in the South of France are a strange, dark, piercing blue. A bright moon can astonish, no matter how many times you have seen it. If you were a child who loved the moon, looking at the moon will forever remind you of childhood. Fatherless girls may invest the moon with a certain paternal promise. Everyone has a father. The truth of your paternity, discovered in adulthood, will make the lie seem retroactively ludicrous.

Publicists occasionally have flings with their movie-star clients. It is especially not a comfort when the star in question has seven other children from three different marriages.

A sudden reconfiguration of your past can change the fit and feel of your adulthood. It may cleave you, irreparably, from the mother whose single goal has been your happiness. If your husband has transformed greatly in his own life, he will understand your transformation.

Avoid excessive self-reflection; your job is to look out, not in. Holding still can sometimes prove more effective than actively searching. The sea is audible against the rocks well before you see it. Even at night, the Mediterranean is more blue than black.

If you wish to avoid physical intimacy, the sight of a speedboat will bring relief, despite the myriad new problems it presents. A man known for his cruelty may still show great care in guiding his beauty into a rocking speedboat. He may interpret her hesitation to board as a fear of falling in. Resist the impulse to ask where you are going.

Try, when anxious, to summon up a goofy giggle. Locate your Personal Calming Source and use it. If your Personal Calming Source is the moon, be grateful that it is dark and that the moon is especially bright.

You need to have children. You need to tell the movie star that he has an eighth child, and that she is a hero. At high velocity, a speedboat slams along the tops of waves.

Fear and excitement are sometimes indistinguishable. When the captain of a boat adjusts his course in response to commands from your Designated Mate, he may not know where he is taking you. The Mediterranean is vast enough to have once seemed infinite.

Mouse pointer changes into a black box when moved over blank areas in a PDF document

A beauty should require no more context than the presence of her Designated Mate. A beauty must appear to enjoy any journey he initiates. Simulate said enjoyment by putting an affectionate arm around him and nestling your head close to his. At night, far from shore, stars pulse with a strength that is impossible to conceive of in the proximity of light. Your whereabouts will never be a mystery; you will be visible at all times as a dot of light on the screens of those watching over you.

You are one of hundreds, each a potential hero. Technology has afforded ordinary people a chance to glow in the cosmos of human achievement. Your lack of espionage and language training is what makes your record clean and neutral.

You are an ordinary person undertaking an extraordinary task. You need not be remarkable for your credentials or skill sets, only for your bravery and equilibrium.

In the new heroism, the goal is to merge with something larger than yourself. In the new heroism, the goal is to throw off generations of self-involvement. In the new heroism, the goal is to renounce the American fixation with being seen and recognized. In the new heroism, the goal is to dig beneath your shiny persona. Some liken this discovery to a dream in which a familiar home acquires new wings and rooms.

The power of individual magnetism is nothing against the power of combined selfless effort. You may accomplish astonishing personal feats, but citizen agents rarely seek individual credit. They liken the need for personal glory to cigarette addiction: a habit that feels life-sustaining even as it kills you.


Childish attention-seeking is usually satisfied at the expense of real power. An enemy of the state could not have connived a better way to declaw and distract us. Now our notorious narcissism is our camouflage. A single lighted structure stands out strongly on a deserted coastline. Silence after a roaring motor is a sound of its own.

Knowing your latitude and longitude is not the same as knowing where you are. A new remote and unfamiliar place can make the prior remote and unfamiliar place seem like home. Imagining yourself as a dot of light on a screen is oddly reassuring. Because your husband is a visionary in the realm of national security, he occasionally has access to that screen.

If it calms you to imagine your husband tracking your dot of light, then imagine it. Do not, however, close your eyes while ascending a rocky path in darkness. At Latitude X, Longitude Y, the flora is dry and crumbles under your feet. A voice overhead suggests that your arrival was expected and observed.

An empty shore is not necessarily unpatrolled. The best patrols are imperceptible. A formal handshake followed by a complex and stylized hand gesture implies a shared allegiance. In certain rich, powerful men, physical slightness will seem a source of strength.

The failure of your new host to acknowledge you may indicate that women do not register in his field of vision. Your job is to be forgotten yet still present.

A white, sparkling villa amid so much scrabbly darkness will appear miragelike. A man to whom women are invisible may still have many beauties in his domain.

These neglected beauties will vie for his scant attention. Among neglected beauties, there is often an alpha beauty who assumes leadership. As you enter the house, her cool scrutiny will ripple through the other beauties and surround you.


The sensation will remind you of going as a child with your mother to visit families with two parents and multiple children. At first, the knot of unfamiliar kids would seem impenetrable. You would wish, keenly, that you had a sibling who could be your ally. Feeling at the mercy of those around you prompted a seismic internal response.

The will to dominate was deeper than yourself. You were never childish, even as a child. Your unchildishness is something your husband has always loved in you. Once the new children were under your control, it was crushing to leave their midst.

If your Designated Mate brings you with him to this place, it may mean that he feels less than perfectly at ease with your new host. When your new host dismisses his own alpha beauty, important business may be under way. An alpha beauty will not tolerate her own exclusion if another beauty is included. If your new host makes a motion of dismissal at you, look to your Designated Mate.

Take orders from no one but your Designated Mate. If your new host moves close to your face and speaks directly into it, he is likely testing your ignorance of his language. When you become an object of contention, try to neutralize the conflict. If the men relax into their chairs, neutralization has been successful.

Your new host has insulted you and, by extension, your Designated Mate. Congratulate yourself on preserving your adjacency and activate your ear mike. Notice where you are at all times. On a high, narrow promontory at Latitude X, Longitude Y, the ocean and heavens shimmer in all directions. It may come in the form of a rush of joy. This joy may arise from your discovery that the moon, hard and radiant, is still aloft. It may arise from the knowledge that, when your task is complete, you will return to the husband you adore.

It may arise from the extremity of the natural beauty around you, and the recognition that you are alive in this moment. A wave of joy can make it difficult to sit still. Beware of internal states—positive or negative—that obscure what is happening around you.

Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence

When two subjects begin making sketches, concrete planning may have commenced. The camera implanted in your left eye is operated by pressing your left tear duct. In poor light, a flash may be activated by pressing the outside tip of your left eyebrow. When using the flash, always cover your non-camera eye to shield it from temporary blindness occasioned by the flash.

Never deploy flash photography in the presence of other people. Having heard something inaudible to others puts you in an immediate position of authority. What did you hear? Wait until their eagerness to know verges on anger, evidenced by the shaking of your shoulders.

Your new host will be the first to depart in the direction of alleged screaming. His attention to his handset may portend that your diversion has run amok, undermining the transaction you meant to capture. Among the violent, there is always a plan for escape. Move close to the sketches you wish to photograph, allowing them to fill your field of vision.

Hold very still.

A flash is far more dramatic in total darkness. With any airplane crash, there are many unanswered questions as to what brought the plane down.

Investigators turn to the airplane's flight data recorder FDR and cockpit voice recorder CVR , also known as "black boxes," for answers. In Flight , the FDR contained 48 parameters of flight data, and the CVR recorded a little more than 30 minutes of conversation and other audible cockpit noises.

Introduction of Black-Box In almost every commercial aircraft, there are several microphones built into the cockpit to track the conversations of the flight crew.

These microphones are also designed to track any ambient noise in the cockpit, such as switches being thrown or any knocks or thuds.

There may be up to four microphones in the plane's cockpit, each connected to the cockpit voice recorder CVR. Any sounds in the cockpit are picked up by these microphones and sent to the CVR, where the recordings are digitized and stored. There is also another device in the cockpit, called the associated control unit , that provides pre-amplification for audio going to the CVR.

Here are the positions of the four microphones: Pilot's headset Co-pilot's headset Headset of a third crew member if there is a third crew member Near the center of the cockpit, where it can pick up audio alerts and other sounds Most magnetic-tape CVRs store the last 30 minutes of sound.They might get you a hot shower, though. A button is embedded behind the inside ligament of your right knee if right-handed. If a person has shot at you and missed, incapacitate her before she can fire again.

With each number, imagine yourself rising out of your body and moving one step farther away from it. Technology has afforded ordinary people a chance to glow in the cosmos of human achievement. The goal is to help doctors pick the right moment to move the patient from ICU.

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