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Manage your business anytime, anywhere with the Booker Mobile App! Our completely revamped app makes it easy for Booker customers to: • View and. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Booker Mobile. Download Booker Mobile and enjoy it on. book keeper iOS logo · book keeper android logo. book keeper windows logo With the Book Keeper mobile app, you can capture your expenses, send.

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The Booker (SpaBooker) App / Salon App gives you the freedom to check in clients, take payments, and book appointments anywhere in your location. Booker simplifies spa and salon management with Online Booking Software. Discover why Spas Book appointments online, on mobile or on social media 24/7. Beat out your competition with Booker's award winning salon and spa software, the all-in-one platform that .. Q. Does Booker Software support mobile devices?.

The pre-authorization of credit cards is a great function again for loss prevention.

Booker Software

Tom - thank you for the great review and feedback on how we can improve Booker. I'll be sure to pass this along to our product team. Desiree from Shay Pure Aloha. Overall, interacting with several people there were only two I had significant issues with.

Cloud-Based Software

Their customer service is helpful if only slightly fragmented. My companies stake holders were not impressed by the service and went elsewhere. However, I still would recommend at least investigating their services to assist your company. Salesmen are very attentive, attempt to find questions to any answers and are quick to return calls.

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Software is very clean and easy to use as long as you stay within their realm of "basics". Unfortunately, if you have any type of development background this software will not allow you to utilize it unless you upgrade to the API. Accepting cash in office.

The second issue I had is their merchant processing. They don't have syncing with Amazon Pay primary issue we were told could be done with this software , PayPal or Square. Again, while promised we would be able to find a work around, eventually it was found even with upgrading to a higher tier with API access, there was an extremely slim chance that different integration methods was possible.

The price. Please understand if you desire to let one company manage everything then this software is helpful. So, do your research and speak with both Sales force and Tech support before making a decision.

Response from Kirsten of. Dear Desiree, Thank you for your feedback and thoughts. Booker partners with a number of the largest payment vendors to offer our customers a variety of highly secure options. We're sorry to hear that there wasn't an option that you felt worked for your business. We'd love to discuss your feedback on the API access and other specifics if you have time.

Thank you for using Booker and for your feedback. Best, The Booker Team. Emily from Spa On Main. We love Booker here at our spa. I love the features we use for creating yoga classes and memberships as well. It's very easy to use in that aspect. Scheduling appointments is a breeze and checking customers out couldn't be easier.

I do wish there was a way to put notes onto gift card codes or under a customer's name so that if there is any confusion with an order or if someone gave their gift card to someone else, we could go back and see who they gave permission to use that gift card. Another thing that would be a great feature to add to Booker is the use of storing a client intake form on a client's file in the system.

If we were able to take a photo of a signed client consent form with all of their information on it and upload it to Booker as a PDF file, it would be truly magical. Paper piles up The ease of scheduling. It is simple to teach new people and services just pop up when you start typing them. I like that. Sometimes the system can be a little bit slow. It is truly only difficult when there are lots of people waiting on you.

Thank you for your excellent feedback Emily.

We're thrilled that using Booker is working so well for your business. You can use the Document Storage feature to save information on clients as you mentioned in your review.

'Temporary etc​.​'

If you have questions, please contact support booker. Amanda from Medical Massage Group. I've worked with the Booker system for 8 months now, and I've definitely enjoyed my experiences with it. We receive near live updates whenever there is an issue with the system - instead of being left to guess, as with other Spa software systems.

I've found it to be clean, well designed, aesthetically pleasing, simple to understand, and full of hidden abilities that I have found to be extremely helpful in the management of our organization. Although there are a few capabilities I wish it could offer, Booker is genius at what it does already. There are certain limitations to the software that I don't quite endorse, and would love to have more accessibility to customize the features inherent in the system.

For instance, we would love to be able to format, on our own, the infrastructure of the Administrator, Reservationist, and Staff roles to allow for certain levels of access to information.

Although we have found a way to "Macguyver" the system, we'd love for there to be a more direct system for integrating digital SOAP notes, as well as intake form and profile management by the client when they log in to book an appointment.

There have been other, very slight issues, which have caused some annoyance to our clients - such as the automatic CC authorization process when opening orders, or when clients are unable to cancel upcoming appointments online at their convenience so long as it does not violate our hour policy.

Jennifer from Welcome Relief Massage Therapy. Easy on line booking, easy pos, easy scheduling,. I like how easy it is for people to book appointments, how it keeps track of room usage, payroll and other functions. Great that is can be used on smartphones for booking appointments on the fly, notifications via text and email! System slow downs have been awful the last few months, we have had intermittent notification glitches ie people not getting notified of appointments , problems with people thinking they booked appointments but for some reason it didn't go through this needs to be better - customers are unaware that it didn't go through because of missing information on their end - a tiny red star doesn't really cut it for people to see.

Should say somewhere - at the end if you do not get a pop up saying Thank you for your appointment - you are missing information or your selection didn't go through. I wish there was a more integrated system for marketing that allows target marketing, I didn't like having to purchase yet another system like Mail Chimp and now HireFredrick. Really gets very expensive. Thank you for using Booker and for your thoughtful feedback.

We've put a lot of effort into helping the system run faster with greater stability so hopefully you're seeing those improvements. Happy to hear that it's working so well for you overall! Ashely from Pinnacle Investigations. Booker is a godsend for so many salons.

It is very user-friendly and they have implemented the use of embedded training videos for all the features; this is a wonderful tool and works very well for people who are visual learners, which most stylists happen to be. For salon managers and owners, Booker offers a variety of tools: The downside to being a web-based software: Booker has been awesome enough to provide a separate website where they allow you to report issues of the system being down and also announcing known issues.

Their customer service makes up for this issue. Crystal from Emerson joseph. Booker is always breaking on the busiest days, unreliable. Booker does help us with booking appointments. Our clients really enjoy online booking, however i saw there is going to be an update in the next week. I will be curious to see how quickly they ruin what already works Crystal - Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to leave a review for Booker!

We're so happy to hear that your clients enjoy our online booking features. We also want to thank you for providing constructive feedback on certain features that you feel are not working up to your standards. I will relay this information to our product development team so they are aware of the issues you are experiencing. We truly value your feedback and your business. Stay tuned for future updates - we're always evolving the product.

Thank you! So there is no perfect product, including Booker, BUT About 2 years ago, we became very frustrated with horrible customer support from our current solutions—they literally did not have a phone number to reach a real person in any circumstance.

The role Booker would play for us was mission critical so I did some serious due diligence before selecting Booker. I created a massive feature spreadsheet that compared the 4 top contenders. Booker and one other option appeared to be the best on paper. So I called Booker and grilled that sales person for literally 3 hours about all the nuances of Booker.

Small Investment, Big Results

She was cheerful and knowledgable I think her name was Erica and answered pretty much all of my questions. We have over 60 employees, so training and switching our software backbone is a huge hassle—you really want to choose the right long term partner so you don't have to deal with all that work again.

I'd say Booker gets 98 out of issues and features. It is very elegant and thoughtfully designed and a pleasure to work with on a day to day basis. So much more robust and clean that our previous patched together solutions. Yes, on the rare occasions when the Booker servers go down for an hour at 3pm, you will curse their name, but you will also quickly forgive, because no cloud based solutions has perfect uptime, and this cloud based solution is soooooooo much better than our previous desktop apps.

Yes, we push the limits of the features. But so far, Booker appears to still be the best available option. Side note: Robert Schmidt in support is a rockstar and really gave us a lot of good advice and strategic insights related to using Booker.

They really know their stuff and try hard to help you. And they don't speak English as a 3rd language or live in Bangladesh! Well thought out, elegant interface. Feels like they are resting on their laurels with features—slow to fix or add features. Lori from Plumyumi Day Spa and Boutique. The ability to serve multiple locations and the ability to book appointments and sell retail simultaneously.

I like the fact that Booker can be used for multiple locations and is helpful with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics.

I can use the data to determine what I need to do differently regarding sales, promotions, etc. I can also use the data to determine what services, promotions, etc. The customer support is lacking. It has been so frustrating to speak to so many different reps.

The notes they take and calls they log has been very inconsistent, making follow-through to a resolution impossible. Even when issues have been pushed through to technical support or the development team, we have gotten little to no helpful feedback. I feel the software could use some updating to improve on the ease of use.

Mostly, I feel customer support reps should be trained to actually offer "support," rather than offer a "pat" answer and such as, "This is not a Booker issue," or "I can't really tell you why that is happening, call us again if the problem reoccurs. In all fairness, our particular "case," which includes many different issues has been escalated to someone in management, but this has taken several months.

I have been using Booker for several years now. I use it not only to run my business but to manage my life! I love that a little cupcake is displayed next to a client's name on the schedule when their birthday is near so I can remember to ask about their plans and make them feel special. This kind of thing makes clients want to keep coming back! Love the app as well as a quick reference. Customer service is rapid and always more than helpful.

With a few more modifications and minor improvements, I would rate this company 5 stars! Thanks, Booker! There are a few bugs that still need to be worked out, especially with the app.

Sometimes I have to cancel an appointment instead of just adjusting it, and then the client gets confused about the cancellation email. Also, I'm confused about the referral program.

We're committed to your privacy. Booker uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services.

You may unsubscribe at any time. With the Booker Mobile App, running your business from a smartphone or tablet is easier than ever:. Everything is on my phone. I have the amount of money that I make, how many clients we have, how busy are we.

Then I can start my day. Read our article on the advantages of mobile business software. Read our blog post about the convenience of mobile payments. Book Keeper is so simple and intuitive.

You will be master of it within few minutes. You can create multiple users and assign them role based access. I started using the demo version. After 3 days of working I bought lifetime package plan.

Now it has been 4 years of using Book Keeper, my accounts are always up to date. While working on book keeper I feel like I am playing with an interesting app. Sync feature is just awesome.And since everything is saved, Zenbooker automatically adds important details to new jobs when repeat customers call up to book again.

Great Technology for Salons that want to scale and grow. Pros - Ease of use - Mobile application - Partnership with Frederick - Easy to book online - Aesthetically pleasing - Easy access to customer service with real people!

You cannot see how much people paid for their appointment in summary nor track their membership benefits info. Value for money. Thank you for using Booker! Thank you for your feedback Jamie.

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