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This may or may not have left you yelling at the screen and Googling, “why can't I buy a Kindle book on my iPhone?” The whole frustrating. Apple users: Did you know that you can't buy Kindle books from the Kindle app on your iOS device? In fact, you can't purchase them from the Amazon app either. Even if you're an Amazon Prime member and you want to download a free book. The App Store was introduced in July with. Having trouble with Books or iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple device? Can't open PDF in iBooks on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch · How to Buy / Download .

Cant Purchased Book On Ipad

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Mainly because you're using an Apple product to purchase an Amazon product. I have an iPad and have plenty of Kindle books on it. You just. To download the e-book, tap the price and then Buy. To read a sample, tap Free Sample. Note: You can't buy or rent e-books using the Google Play Books app. Turns out this was an issue with iBooks being set too "restricted" in my settings, for some reason. Now that I've toggled that to the unrestricted.

And one of the most anticipated aspects of iOS 12, at least for an e-bibliophile like myself, is the Apple Books app, formerly known as iBooks.

Hands-on previews with Books have done the rounds already. But they all looked at Apple's built-in library, which is minimal.

I couldn't wait to see how it handled a real reading situation, with a serious pre-existing collection — especially given that I'd had troubles with iBooks and my 1,plus e-book library in the recent past.

So I downloaded the beta, fully aware I'd be dealing with bugs. The bad news is when it's working as intended, Books still seems like an app built more for show than for serious readers. Which leads me to wonder whether the Apple CEO is genuinely invested in the literary category — or whether he's just treating Books as another opportunity to sell stuff the Books store is much more prominent in the new app or as window-dressing for his big education push.

Apple Books Support

Luckily, the problem can be solved with a few crucial design tweaks. There's still time to make Books great before iOS 12 officially launches in the fall. Here's hoping Cook actually cares. How to lose the e-book wars I've been an iBooks booster ever since the first version of the app launched, alongside the original iPad, in Here at last was a device and an e-bookstore that could challenge the dominance of Amazon and its Kindle, which was then three years old. We forget now how much energy Steve Jobs expended selling that groundbreaking tablet as an e-reader.

The iBooks app was front and center on launch day. Apple was going to change the e-reading game, and for a hot minute it did. It was easier to strip the DRM out of Kindle books than Apple-bought books, but paradoxically that just let you read Kindle purchases on iBooks rather than the other way around.

When iBooks 3 launched in alongside the iPad Mini, it added continuous scrolling for all books, a feature I raved about at the time. It took Amazon until March this year to add scrolling to the Kindle app, and even now it's only available for books you buy on Amazon.

Amazon had Whispersync, a feature that let you pick up a book exactly where you left off, no matter which Kindle device or app you were using. Seems like a key feature, right? Like something Apple could manage easily with iCloud?

Nope: iBooks only ever synced bookmarks.

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You had to remember to bookmark the page you were on when putting down your iPad if you wanted to pick it up later on the iPhone. Ain't nobody got time for that. Prime members can read for free and also get the option to buy. The Workaround Such has been the case all these years for Amazon's Kindle books, which again, can't be purchased through either the Kindle or Amazon apps on iOS, even if you have Amazon Prime, and even if it lets you download a sample, from which you still won't be able to buy the book.

The workaround? Use Safari or Chrome mobile web browser and use Amazon. Then go back to the app. While companies cannot provide external links to direct sales within apps, you can manually navigate to external sales with a web browser.

That's precisely what you'll have to do to purchase Kindle ebooks or download free books on your iPhone or iPad.

Once you're in that area of the app, select the book you want to read. It will open immediately, at which point you can swipe left and right to turn the pages or tap once to access the menu.

To return to your other eBooks, tap once to show the menu and then select the back arrow from the upper-left edge of the screen.

How to Remove Books from iPhone and iPad

Downloading free books is similar to buying eBooks — just tap GET instead. You can locate new and trending books, eBooks coming soon, books categorized into a specific genre, the top eBooks people are buying, and free eBooks.

You can send the eBook as a gift, add it to your "Want to read" catalog, view more eBooks and audiobooks by that author, view the top eBooks in that same genre, see when the book was last updated, and read the system requirements needed to read the book.

Some books might take a while to download, so you may need to wait a little bit for it to become fully available to read. You'll see a download progress bar for those books.

Download using Wi-Fi only

You can reset your Apple ID password if you don't know it.Is this article up to date? A book is not actually on the iPhone or iPad if there is a cloud icon next to it.

Help answer questions Learn more. While companies cannot provide external links to direct sales within apps, you can manually navigate to external sales with a web browser.

A number of apps are available to allow users to view their libraries, take notes, highlight or search for specific text, share passages, and zoom in on pictures or tables. Press the three dots next to the book again and this time there is an option to hide the book.

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