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ICAI has released the admit card and date sheet for CPT June Examination. Hence on this page, we are sharing you the CA CPT study material in PDF which is really important to cover at least once. Download CPT Study Material in PDF from the Below Given Links. This book is specially designed for the students appearing in CPT (Common Proficiency Test) Examination of ICAI. It has been written strictly in accordance with. - Buy CPT General Economics book online at best prices in India on Read CPT General Economics book reviews & author details and.

Cpt Economics Book

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CPT Students will get CA CPT Study material (Text Books) after completion of CA CPT Material, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude Study materials. CA CPT contains four subjects which are Fundamentals of Accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. Syllabus of the paper General Economics for the CA CPT (Common Proficiency Test). List of recommended and other books for reading and reference.

It would be more helpful to create a study plan and for that, syllabus plays an important role. Based on the syllabus of CA CET , given below are books that can serve the purpose of preparation in a better way. Candidates are advised to go through the page to access lists of section-wise best books for Ca CPT Aspirants must also be mindful of the factors mentioned below to know how they can select the best books for the examination.

Candidates must know the factors that decide which book should be bought to help proceed with the preparation process and which not.

Following points explain how these factors are important to consider while purchasing the best books for CA CPT Check the date of publication of the book. Books with old publication dates might not contain the right and updated content. Search for the one with the latest date of publication for updated and revised content.

Cross-check the content of books with the syllabus of CA CPT prescribed by the conducting authority of the exam. It would be more beneficial for candidates to compare the contents of two or more books with each other. This will help them decide which book contains topics that are the closest to the syllabus, easy to comprehend and good to buy.

Books that cater to a particular section of the exam contain more elaborative information than the common books.

Relations of Partners — Part 1. Relations of Partners — Part 2. Relations of Partners — Part 3. Registration and Dissolution of a Firm — Part 1. Registration and Dissolution of a Firm — Part 2. Registration and Dissolution of a Firm — Part 3. Chapter 1 — Introduction to Micro Economics.

CA- CPT General Economics Notes

Introduction to Micro Economics. Chapter 2 — Theory of Demand and Supply. Law of Demand. Theory of Consumer Behavior. Theory of Demand and Supply.

Law of Supply.

Chapter 3 — Theory of Production and Cost. Theory of Production. Theory of Cost. Chapter 4 — Price Determination in Different Markets.

General Economics (CA-CPT)

Meaning and Types of Markets. Determination of Prices. Price-Output Determination.

Chapter 5 — Indian Economy — A Profile. Nature of Indian Economy. Role of Different Sectors in India. National Income in India.

Basic Understanding of Tax System in India. Chapter 6 — Select Aspects of Indian Economy. Population — Part 1. Population — Part 2.

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Unemployment — Part 1. Unemployment — Part 2. Infrastructural Challenges. Inflation — Part 1.

Inflation — Part 2. Budget and Fiscal Deficit in India. Balance of Payments.

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External Debt. Chapter 7 — Economic Reforms in India.


Economic Reforms in India. Liberalization, Privatization, and Disinvestment. Chapter 8 — Money and Banking. Commercial Banks.

Reserve Bank of India. Chapter 1 — Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms. Logarithms Part 1.

Logarithms Part 2. Logarithms Part 3. Logarithms Part 4. Chapter 2 — Equations. Linear Equations. Chapter 3 — Inequalities.

Simple and Compound Interest including Annuity — Applications. Chapter 5 — Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations. Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combinations. Sequence and Series — Part 1. Sequence and Series — Part 2.

Chapter 7 — Sets, Functions and Relations. Set Theory. Chapter 8 — Limits and Continuity — Intuitive Approach.

Limits and Continuity — Part 1. Limits and Continuity — Part 2. Limits and Continuity — Part 3. V Rao had done pioneering work on National Income. Chelliah Committee panel examined and suggested tax reforms. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was started by Rajiv Gandhi.

Buyers market denotes the place where the supply exceeds the demand. The budget is presented to the Parliament on the last day of February. Income that is saved and not invested is known as hoarding.The status, which now has over 25 holders from across the UK, acknowledges the commitment made by Inverness to understand and meet the requirements of coaches, drivers and passengers arriving in the city. Nature of Contracts. Chapter 2 — Theory of Demand and Supply.

Shah Classes promise to be with you on every step along the way, from start to the end of the CA Coaching. The exam is scheduled to take place on 16th June Our CA Coaching classes are updated regularly with regards to latest amendments, they are based on practical scenarios and are backed up with vast knowledge of our senior lecturers.

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Conceptual clarity and rigorous practice in class has helped to prepare well. Depreciation Accounting Part 5. Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes Part 2.

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