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Express English is good application containing chapters for learning English Grammar for Arabs, it teaches English Grammar perfectly in Arabic. The application. Express English - contains Arabia book for teaching english, chat, forum and online dictionary. English Express July Daughters of Mary English Express. Table of

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English Express 1B - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. I prefer to give flowers than receive them. It's a quite simple gift for a boy, I think, not too much to think about hopefully. Can't really go too wrong with flowers. This completely revised International Express, with % new material, meets all the practical language needs of adult professional learners. The series retains.

I entered the house to save Tommy. After I entered, something had hit me and I had passed out. I woke up suddenly suddenly and I found myself out of the house. The firemen saved me. Then I cried "Tommy's still inside". I saw the woman again. She said me "Tommy's OK" and she was carrying a cat. She said me this is Tommy. I have risked my life for a cat. Then two years after moving in, I woke up suddenly one night. There was an old woman standing at the foot of our bed.

She was crying. I tried to shout, but I couldn't. I could feel something covering my face. I watched a ghost walking toward the well. After it had disappeared, I woke up my husband, but suddenly I heard a young son screaming in the next bathroom. I ran to see what was wrong. He has seen someone moving through the well from our room. It was an old old woman. After that we didn't like living in the house any more.

Adverbs of place

We felt as if there were eyes watching us all the time. Strange things started happening. We heard voices in the middle of the night. We sold the house, but the new people didn't stay there very long. There is nobody living there now. He made him open his suitcase, but there was nothing valuable in it. So the officer let him cross the border.

Every week after that the same thing happened. The man arrived and the customs officer stopped him and searched his suitcase. Sometimes he made the man wait for several hours, hoping he would confess, but he always had to let the man go. He was sure that the man smuggling something, but he never found anything. The years passed and the customs officer became a senior customs officer.

He no longer worked on the customs desk, but every week from his office window he saw the man arriving, and every week he had the man stopped and searched by the customs officer, but nothing was ever found. Then the day came when the senior customs officer was to retire, and he decided that before he left he would get the man to tell the truth. So he got the customs officer on the desk to stop the man and had him brought to the officer. Please tell me what it is.

I promise that I won't tell anyone. Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Chapter 8: Chapter 9: William was offered a promotion. The new system is being tested.

The riot was reported to be under control. The film may be banned. The car has not been used for ages. All salaries have been cut. All travel expenses for this training course must be paid by employers. The college was not been informed that there had been a mistake. Sidney was distressed by the news about the exam results. Chapter I don't like cheese. We aren't married. She doesn't have an old house. He doesn't play tennis on Saturdays. I haven't been to the bank yet.

I don't need any money. I didn't have lunch at 2 o'clock.

He isn't going to work. I don't have a lot of cars. I haven't seen the tower of London yet.

He won't be having lunch at that time. I didn't have a shower at 4 o'clock We don't live in Madrid. I have never seen a snake. He never likes going to work. Whose is this book? Where did you find it? Where do you live? What is Sarah playing? How has she broken her leg? How long does it take you to get to work by car? Why has Mary gone home?

What flavor ice-cream would you like? When did we meet him? What will you do if it rains this weekend? What would you do if you won the lottery? Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Omar AL-Hourani www. Basics of English Language. English Pronouns. Auxiliary Verbs. Verb-ing Verb. Irregular Verbs: Common Words: Twenty six: One thousand two hundred thirty five: I drink a water. I drink water. I bought a toys. I bought toys. Present "". John eats eats apples.

They play football. Cats play in a street. Cats play in the street. Object -: Have lunch. Drink water. Be sure of that. Be careful. Give it to me. Give me the pen. You go. Cats are cute. John and Carlos. Carlos He and she are smart. AD "" AH "": Personal Pronouns: Subject I "". I Capital Letter. I play football. I am a hero. We play football. You We are heroes. You play football.

You are a hero. You are heroes. He plays football. She He is a hero. She plays football. It She is a hero. It rains daily. It is large. They " ". They are heroes. She tells me everything. She tells us everything. She prefers to go with you.

I know him well. Omar AL-Hourani I know them well. It is your turn. He , him. He is my dog. She , her. She is my cat. Who is there? It is a milkman. It is my brother who told me. It is a hot day. Possessive Pronouns Possessive Determiners This house is mine.

I go to the cinema with a friend of mine. I go to the cinema with my friend. This is Carla's house. Omar AL-Hourani This is boys' house. Reflexive Pronouns -. He is talking to himself. Demonstrative Pronouns. This " ". That This is a table. That is my brother. These books are yours. Those are my friends. Interrogative Pronouns? What " "? Relative Pronouns. That is the man who told me. The man told me: I talked to the man: Geoffrey Leech.

He wills go. He will go. Auxiliary Verbs be: I was here. He was here. She was here. It was here.

You were here. We were here. They were here. I will be there minutes later. He has friends. She has friends. I have friends. You have friends. We have friends. They have friends. He has to go now. She has to go now. It has to go now. I have to go now.

You have to go now. We have to go now. They have to go now. He had friends. She had friends. It had friends.

I had friends. You had friends. We had friends. They had friends. He owned a car. It had to go now. I had to go now. You had to go now. We had to go now. They had to go now. He does seem good. She does seem good. I do seem good. You do seem good.


We do seem good. He does his job well. She does her job well. I do my job well. You do your job well. They did their job well. Would you lend me your pen www. Shall we go abroad instructions. All students shall attend the class. Why didn't you Omar AL-Hourani www. He should have been home long ago. Where is he: May I come in " "? May I use your cell phone possibility ". Where's James? Why is he late Or he may be too lazy to come to school. He may have dead.


He may have been ill. He may be coming to school on foot. He can speak English. You cannot smoke here. He could learn English. She used to be a teacher. Did she use to be a teacher used.

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He will can do that. Object Verb. I live in New York City. Present Progressive: He is wanting to buy a new computer. He wants to buy a new computer. I am thinking. He cleans the car. He is cleaning the car. Vegetarians do not eat meat. Present Perfect: People have traveled to the moon. The rain has nott stopped.

I have been playing football for an hour. Past Simple: We went to the cinema yesterday. Omar AL-Hourani He left last year. He came back yesterday. Have you just had breakfast? Past Progressive: I was watching the TV when she cried. It started raining. I was playing basketball last hour.

While I was studying, Carlos was making dinner. I was studying. Carlos was making dinner. He wanted a car. She studies English two years She got the job.

I will see a movie when I finish my homework. United States team will win. Ah, that will be my husband. He said he would phone at this time.

What would you drink " "? What will you drink refusal. I am going to the cinema. I am going to go to the cinema. Future Simple: John will be here. Future Progressive: The bus arrives arrives. Future Perfect: I will be sleeping. They would go to the cinema. He was to become a president. Omar AL-Hourani They will go to the cinema www. I was going to buy a car. I was to buy a car. There is only a little milk left.

OR once per day. OR twice per week. OR two hundred per month. What a hole " Abstract Nouns ". I went by a car. I have no a pen. Omar AL-Hourani I have no an idea. This is my a pen. Water contains an oxygen. A Someone told me that you left. The earth moves around the sun. The President. The Eiffel Tower.

The British Museum. The Atlantic. The The Brazilians are very good at football. The The elephant is the largest animal on land. The First Winner. This is my the pen. The Water boils at C.

The Milk is good for you. I like the potato. Uncountable Nouns This water are sterilized. This water is sterilized.

The boy threw a stone.. This wall is made of stone. I met three Johns yesterday. Police have just arrived. Peoples of Europe eat much of potato. The scissor is lost. The scissors are lost. Case of Nouns: The boy broke the window. This man is my father. Put your cup on the table. He came yesterday. The girl's dress. Shakespeare's plays. The girls' dresses. The boys' books. The men's room. The children's teacher. The beauty's beauty queen. The leg of the table.

Smarts boys Smart boys. They need smarts. He is a smart man. Red dress Beautiful table: She is a beautiful girl. I have a new computer. Omar AL-Hourani The soup smells delicious. The witness kept silent.. She is smart. The young should look after the old. I like my coffee black.

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No notes for slide. Book details Author: Pat Pledger Pages: English ISBN Description this book Express Series: Full descriptionExpress Series: Full description joeatkinson If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5.

Download Free Express Series: You just clipped your first slide!It was an old old woman. Pollution is damager than working in miners.

He has run good.

This program shows all most sites on the internet. Press the button and your scan is sent to the program of your choice. The concert starts at 7: Romeo was in love with Juliet. Their cars should not be parked there by them. John will John 'll " "John. Please answer my question.

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