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Book of Love is a film written and directed by Alan Brown. It stars Frances O' Connor, Simon Baker, and Gregory Smith. Gregory Smith in Book of Love () Gregory Smith at an event for Book of Love .. To my fellow IMDb reviewers: it is not sacrilegious to admit that an Indie film. Writer/director Alan Brown makes his feature-length debut with the comedy drama Book of Love, following his award-winning short film O.

Film Book Of Love 2004

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Living among fusty academics, an unusual young man gets between a high school history teacher and his wife. Book of Love is a film written and directed by Alan Brown It stars Frances OConnor Simon Baker and Gregory Smith Peter gabriel the. Book of Love Trailer (). 0. Like Cast Bryce Dallas Howard Frances O'Connor Gregory Smith Download the Movie Trailer App.

In one of the opening scenes we see him in front of the mirror checking the growth of his love handles and stomach, here is a man that is worried about his entry into middle age. He also tries to control his surroundings with little habits like correcting the grammar of others, more like an English teacher than a history professor.

He is fortunately talented enough to take the character of Chet away from the typical hormonally driven teenager to one that is deeper, more emotionally invested.

One actress here shines even though her role is little more than a bit part, Bryce Dallas Howard. Even in this small role she demonstrates ability and I look forward to her moving from paying her dues with roles like this to more significant vehicles.

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This film was written and directed by Alan Brown and I have to say the man has promise in both fields. This fledgling opus shows that there is a lot of talent there; he just needs the opportunity and time to develop it.

In the initial love scene between Elaine and Chet there are numerous jump cuts, frames removed from the shot that are not only disconcerting but they take the audience out of he emotional focus of the moment. He also inter-cuts shots of rain falling on flowers during this scene, nice to look at but they do little to advance the feelings or situation of the characters.

Brown appears to be a natural story teller but with some practice he will certainly develop his style and I am certain produce some incredible films.

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The film opens and closes with a Cambodian girl working on a loom. Brown also throws in a little sub plot of two lesbian friends of David and Elaine that want to have a baby.

This does very little to advance the main story bit does help with the aftermath. The ending is a little too concise with a twist that comes out of the blue with no explanation.

The anamorphic video is very good with a realistic color palette that displays believable flesh tones. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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The cast was the real reason behind my anticipation, since I've seen great potential from them. Until you see the final product and realize you wasted a few years of your life.

There's nothing like actors you respect phoning it in with terrible accents. Especially from Maisie Williams who you clearly hear her actual accent slip in and out every time she yells.

Really awful performance and it's a shame coming from a talented actress. Sitting through this movie felt like work and failed to keep my attention.Elaine tells about her infidelity to David, and their life is affected by the affair.

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Book of Love (2004) Discussion

Pic is set in an idealized New Jersey suburb that might have been the setting for a Thornton Wilder play: The white-picket fences, shady oaks and corner ice-cream parlors are there only so Brown can show us their dark underbelly. For me, this film brought those other two to mind.

Her emotional state comes across as honest, never forced or contrived.

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