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Functional Independence Measure (FIM) Instrument. ADMISSION. DISCHARGE. FOLLOW-UP Motor Subtotal Score. Communication. N. Comprehension. The Functional Independence Measure (FIM) is an item of physical, psychological and social function.[1] The tool is used to assess a patient's level of . MR XX FUNCTIONAL INDEPENCE MEASURE (FIM) ASSESSMENT Memory. Cognition Subtotal Score (max. score 35). TOTAL FIM SCORE (max. score ).

Functional Independence Measure Pdf

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The Functional Independence Measure (FIM™) instrument is a basic indicator The higher the score, the more independent the patient is in performing the task. Introduction. 3. Basic Scoring Principles. 4. Description of Levels. 5. General Description of Items. 6. FIM+FAM Score Sheet. UK FIM + FAM ITEMS. Self- care. AcuteFIM, AlphaFIM, FIM, LIFEware, SigmaFIM, The FIM System, WeeFIM /

This chapter proposes a conceptual model called Challenges to the Quality of Daily Living that is based on the work of Abraham Maslow. While these opportunities and demands are not directly measurable in qualitative or quantitative terms, the underlying factors supporting or forming barriers to health and function are measurable. The Functional Independence Measure FIM and the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation UDSmr are examined from the perspectives described above, and are found to provide practical measurement for patients undergoing medical rehabilitation for conditions that render them dependent on others for assistance in activities of daily living.

The FIM has been shown to be reliable, valid, feasible, practical, and sensitive to clinical change in functional independence at admission, discharge, and follow-up.

Use of the FIM and the UDSmr characterizes disability and change in severity through the use of a uniform language, and has important implications for national and international exchange of comparable information concerning outcomes.

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Preview Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. References 1. Ditunno, J. Dodds, T. Donaghy, S. Donnelly, C. Dromerick, A. Ellis, T. Fujiwara, T. Granger, C.

Functional Independence Measure

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Kong, Level and predictors of participation in patients with stroke undergoing inpatient rehabilitation. Singapore Med J. Yavuz, N. View All Services. View more projects.

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What Are FIM Scores For?

Find a Doctor Find a Location. Refer a Patient. Have a Question About Click for Content Navigation. AbilityLab menu. Last Updated October 06, Purpose Provides a uniform system of measurement for disability based on the International Classification of Impairment, Disabilities and Handicaps; measures the level of a patient's disability and indicates how much assistance is required for the individual to carry out activities of daily living.

Link to Instrument Instrument Details. Area of Assessment Activities of Daily Living.

Fees vary depending upon type of use. Brain Injury. Mixed Populations. Multiple Sclerosis. Older Adults and Geriatric Care.

Parkinson's Disease. Spinal Injuries. Contains 18 items composed of: Scores range from 18 lowest to highest indicating level of function.

Scores are generally rated at admission and discharge. Dimensions assessed include: Number of Items May vary based on level and impairment category measured.

Functional Independence Measure

Adult 18 - 64 years. ICF Domain Activity. EDSS 0. Students should learn to administer this tool? Barthel Index is commonly administered by nursing and medical staff to measure functional recovery following an inpatient stay for patients post stroke or neurologic disorders while the rehabilitation staff use the FIM.

Item by item agreement ranged from adequate 0. Turner et al, Comments from StrokEdge Task Force Members The FIM instrument must be administered by a trained and certified evaluator and ideally scored by consensus with a multi-disciplinary team.

Sivan et al, Do you see an error or have a suggestion for this instrument summary? Normative Data Stroke: Internal Consistency Stroke: In a prospective observational study of patients with a first time stroke admitted to a rehabilitation center over a 12 month period: Average LOS decreased a total of 3.

Bates, Part 2 The above model Bates, Part1 was enhanced to become a prognostic index, predicting likelihood of recovery to or above the grade VI benchmark Modified Independent. Construct Validity Convergent Validity Evidence: Minimal floor effect at admission to inpatient rehab 5. Responsiveness Stroke: Normative Data SCI: Self care: Internal Consistency SCI: Construct Validity SCI: Content Validity The FIM instrument was based on the results of a literature review of published and unpublished measures as well as input provided by an expert panel.

Face Validity SCI: Score of 1; Ceiling effect:Rehabilitative patients: Chen, H. Find it on PubMed Dodds, T. For example, one study of people who had received rehabilitative care for a hip fracture found that a motor FIM score of 58 was associated with an increased likelihood of discharge back into the community as opposed to being discharged to another care facility or program. Hasan Sadikin. Metode penelitian kohor prospektif dengan observasi pada semua pasien cedera servikal yang memenuhi kriteria inklusi di bagian Bedah Saraf Rumah Sakit RS Dr.

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