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Bernard Marr. Performance indicators are essential tools which will tell you if your business is on target or veering off course. Using the right indicators will help. KPIs have to measure what matters For KPIs to be the vital navigation from http :// These are the genral KPIS for which should be known by every manager. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd This is a bit like a doctor who takes measures such as heart rate, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and.

Key Performance Indicators The 75 Measures Pdf

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The 75 KPIs Every Manager Needs to Know - Download as PDF File .pdf), of the new book Key Performance Indicators: The 75 Measures Every Manager. 75 measures every manager needs to know (Financial Times Series) by Bernard Marr pdf Key Performance Indicators (KPI): The 75 measures every manager. Key Performance Indicators (KPI): The 75 measures every manager needs to know (Financial Times Series) [Bernard Marr] on *FREE* shipping .

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KPIs differ from organization to organization based on business priorities. Even direct competitors in an industry are likely to monitor different sets of KPIs tailored to their individual business strategies and management philosophies.

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The KPIs followed most closely by different people in the same organization can also vary depending on their roles. For example, a CEO might consider profitability to be the most important performance measurement for a company, while the vice president of sales could view the ratio of sales wins vs.

Furthermore, different business units and departments are typically measured against their own KPIs, resulting in a mix of performance indicators throughout an organization -- some at the corporate level and others geared toward specific operations. Importance of KPIs Key performance indicators shine a light on how well a business is doing.

Without KPIs, it would be difficult for a company's leaders to evaluate that in a meaningful way, and to then make operational changes to address performance problems.

Keeping employees focused on business initiatives and tasks that are central to organizational success could also be challenging without designated KPIs to reinforce the importance and value of those activities.

In addition to highlighting business successes or issues based on measurements of current and historical performance, KPIs can point to future outcomes, giving executives early warnings on possible business problems or advance guidance on opportunities to maximize return on investment.

Armed with such information, they can manage business operations more proactively, with the potential to gain competitive advantages over less data-driven rivals. Types of KPIs KPIs that measure the results of business activities, such as quarterly profit and revenue growth, are referred to as lagging indicators because they track things that have already occurred.

These will have to be included in your list of KPIs but will not be found in the list below. Net Profit 2.

key performance indicators (KPIs)

They will give you a solid base of knowledge. Before we look at the list I would like to express an important warning: I believe KPIs have to be developed uniquely to fit the information needs of a company. To measure financial performance: Revenue Growth Rate 7.

Customer Satisfaction Index Customer Retention Rate Return on Equity ROE Working Capital Ratio Return on Assets ROA Return on Investment ROI Market Share Search Engine Rankings by keyword and click-through rate Klout Score To measure your operational performance: Page Views and Bounce Rate Market Growth Rate Social Networking Footprint Conversion Rate Customer Turnover Rate Customer Online Engagement Level Customer Complaints To gauge your market and marketing efforts: Brand Equity Customer Lifetime Value Six Sigma Level Cost per Lead Customer Engagement Time to Market Rework Level Process or Machine Downtime Level Delivery In Full.

Order Fulfilment Cycle Time Earned Value EV Metric Process Waste Level Quality Index Read a free sample chapter of the book.

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Order from the publisher Pearson. Performance indicators are essential tools which will tell you if your business is on target or veering off course. Using the right indicators will help you deliver the right results.

It explains what key performance indicators are, gives you short overviews of each metric and describes how to use the measure effectively.

There are worked examples throughout which will equip you with the skills to understand, assess and interpret the most important aspects of any business.


From net profit margin, to customer satisfaction through to brand equity, six sigma level and employee engagement the book gives you the manageable and essential key indicators. Key Performance Indicators is an essential reference guide to these indispensable business evaluation tools.Bakey Azene. Process Waste Level Market Growth Rate How to measure KPIs Once key performance indicators have been identified, they should be clearly communicated to employees so all levels of the organization understand which business metrics matter the most and what constitutes successful performance against them.

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