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1) What is the difference between the QA and software testing? The role of QA ( Quality Assurance) is to monitor the quality of the "process". Before we get to that, it's useful to understand the types of questions that are asked during software testing interviews. The questions can be majorly categorized. Download Manual Testing Interview Questions PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Download Manual testing Interview.

Manual Testing Interview Questions Pdf

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List most important 30 interview questions about software testing with answers. Also refer the pdf file with a list of sample basic 32 interview questions. What are the difference between Manual Testing and Automated Testing? What is Unit . Software testing interview questions / Shivprasad Koirala, Sham Sheikh. p. cm. Free estimation PDF book. ▫ .. (B) Does automation replace manual testing?. Contains Important Testing Interview Questions with Answers and Testing FAQs Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers PDF | Automation Testing.

It is used in bottom up approach. We need test stub and test driver because of following reason: So we cannot test module A but if a dummy module is prepare, using that we can test module A. This external feature used is called Driver.

What Is Random Testing? When tester performs testing of application by using random input from the input domain of the system, this is Random Testing. Random testing involve following procedures: The test is a failure if any input leads to incorrect results, otherwise it is a success. What Is Agile Testing? Agile Testing means to quickly validation of the client requirements and make the application of good quality user interface. When the build is released to the testing team, testing of the application is started to find the bugs.

As a Tester, we need to focus on the customer or end user requirements. We put the efforts to deliver the quality product in spite of short time frame which will further help in reducing the cost of development and test feedbacks will be implemented in the code which will avoid the defects coming from the end user.

We need Test Strategy for the following reasons: To have a signed, sealed, and delivered document, where the document contains details about the testing methodology, test plan, and test cases. Test strategy document tells us how the software product will be tested.

Test strategy document helps to review the test plan with the project team members. It describes the roles, responsibilities and the resources required for the test and schedule.

Top 100 Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers | Software Testing Material

When we create a test strategy document, we have to put into writing any testing issues requiring resolution. The test strategy is decided first, before lower level decisions are made on the test plan, test design, and other testing issues. Explain Bug Life Cycle. He will check whether it is a valid defect.

When bug is not part of the current release. Error Guessing is a test case design technique where the tester has to guess what faults might occur and to design the tests to represent them. Compatibility testing is to evaluate the application compatibility with the computing environment like Operating System, Database, Browser compatibility, backwards compatibility, computing capacity of the Hardware Platform and compatibility of the Peripherals.

Example, If Compatibility testing is done on a Game application, before installing a game on a computer, its compatibility is checked with the computer specification that whether it is compatible with the computer having that much of specification or not. What Is Test Harness? A test harness is a collection of software and test data required to test the application by running it in different testing condition like stress, load, data- driven, and monitoring its behavior and outputs.

Test Harness contains two main parts: Automation testing is the use of a tool to control the execution of tests and compare the actual results with the expected results.

It also involves the setting up of test pre-conditions. Explain Statement Coverage. Statement Coverage is a metric used in White Box Testing. Statement coverage is used to ensure that all the statement in the program code is executed at least once. The advantages of Statement Coverage are: There are two types of testing: Static testing is a technique used in the earlier phase of the development life cycle.

The code error detection and execution of program is not concern in this type of testing. Also known as non-execution technique. The Verification of the product is performed in this testing technique like Code Reviews, Inspections, Walkthroughs are mostly done in this stage of testing. Dynamic Testing is concern with the execution of the software.

This technique is used to test the dynamic behavior of the code. Most of the bugs are identified using this technique. These are the Validation activities. Explain User Acceptance Testing. User Acceptance Testing UAT is performed by the end users on the applications before accepting the application. After alpha testing the software is handed for the Beta testing phase, for additional testing in an environment that is similar to the client environment. Gamma Testing: Gamma Testing is done when the software is ready for release with specified requirements.

This testing is done directly by skipping all the in-house testing activities. After finding the bug the first step is bug to be locked in bug report. Then this bug needs to be communicated and assigned to developers that can fix it. After the bug is fixes by the developer, fixes should be re-tested, and determinations made regarding requirements for regression testing to check that fixes didn't create problems elsewhere. In this situation is for the testers to go through the process of reporting of bugs with the focus being on critical bugs.

Since this type of problem can severely affect schedules, and indicates deeper problems in the software development process project managers should be notified, and provided with some documentation.

There are four types of maintenance. They are: The advantages of the waterfall model are: The RAD model Rapid Application development RAD is incremental software development process models that focus on the development of the project in very short time.

It is enhanced version of Waterfall model. It is proposed when requirements and solutions can be made independently system or software components, which is developed by different teams. After these smaller system components are developed, they are integrated to produce the large software system solution. The advantages of this type of testing include: What Is Software Review?

A software review can be defined as a filter for the software engineering process. The purpose of any review is to discover errors in the analysis, design, and coding, testing and implementation phases of the software development cycle. The other purpose of a review is to see whether procedures are applied uniformly and in a manageable manner. It is used to check the process followed to develop the software is right. What Is Reverse Engineering? By analyzing a final product the process of recreating a design is known as reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering is the process followed in order to find difficult, unknown, and hidden information about a software system. It is important when software products lack proper documentation, and are highly unstructured, or their structure has degraded through a series of maintenance efforts.

Maintenance activities cannot be performed without a complete understanding of the software system.

Software Testing Interview Questions with answers – basic questions list pdf

What Is Data Flow Diagram? The Data Flow Diagram gives us information of the flow of data within the application. What Is Exploratory Testing? Exploratory testing: These known bugs should be included in the release note.

What is Defect Age? Defect age can be defined as the time interval between date of defect detection and date of defect closure.

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So the defect age is 5 days. What is Error Seeding? Error seeding is a process of adding known errors intendedly in a program to identify the rate of error detection. It helps in the process of estimating the tester skills of finding bugs and also to know the ability of the application how well the application is working when it has errors.

What is Showstopper Defect? Assume that login button is not working. Even though you have a valid username and valid password, you could not move further because the login button is not functioning. What is HotFix? A bug which needs to handle as a high priority bug and fix it immediately. What is Boundary Value Analysis? Boundary value analysis BVA is based on testing the boundary values of valid and invalid partitions.

The Behavior at the edge of each equivalence partition is more likely to be incorrect than the behavior within the partition, so boundaries are an area where testing is likely to yield defects.

Every partition has its maximum and minimum values and these maximum and minimum values are the boundary values of a partition. A boundary value for a valid partition is a valid boundary value. Similarly, a boundary value for an invalid partition is an invalid boundary value. What is Equivalence Class Partition? Equivalence Partitioning is also known as Equivalence Class Partitioning. In equivalence partitioning, inputs to the software or system are divided into groups that are expected to exhibit similar behavior, so they are likely to be proposed in the same way.

Hence selecting one input from each group to design the test cases. What is Decision Table testing? Decision Table is aka Cause-Effect Table. In Decision table technique, we deal with combinations of inputs. To identify the test cases with decision table, we consider conditions and actions.

We take conditions as inputs and actions as outputs. What is State Transition? Using state transition testing, we pick test cases from an application where we need to test different system transitions.

We can apply this when an application gives a different output for the same input, depending on what has happened in the earlier state. What is an entry criteria? The prerequisites that must be achieved before commencing the testing process. What is an exit criteria? What were your greatest accomplishments and challenges? As a MBA marketing student why do you want to pursue your career in banking sector How to describe our city Hyderabad in a topic round during the interview time?

What is your career plan? How much do you expect if we offer you this position how do u rate yourself on the scale of one to ten? What impact would you make in our organization? What is your aim how to give self introduction what is your weakness and why? Describe yourself what is your edge from the other applicants? What attracted you to this job? In your last job,what would be the one thing that your peers most disliked about you? What qualities do you think make someone successful in business?

Give us details of your present Employment Status. How soon can you travel down to any location posted to? Is this negotiable? How would your friends describe you? How creative are you? Give an example. Why should you be given the job? What are the benefits of being a graduate of Associate of computer Studies? What courses have you liked most? What do you do in your spare time?

Can you give an advice to those students who are technician,taking computer programs? What does "success" mean to you?

Mention briefly organisation structure of the company indicating your position in the hierarchy and the levels above and below you what examples can you give that emphasize your interest in this kind of work What shall i do if i do not like some people at my office place. Could you please introduce yourself?

What attributes can you bring to this position? Hi, Recently i have resigned a job. Where do do you want to being five year?Software quality practices includes Review the requirements before starting the development phase Code Review Write comprehensive test cases Session based testing Risk based testing Prioritize bug based on usage Form a dedicated security and performance testing team Run a regression cycle Perform sanity tests on production Simulate customer accounts on production Include software QA Test Reports 33 Explain what is the rule of a "Test Driven Development"?

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The MVC is an architectural pattern that separates an application into three main Theoretical questions If the interviewer is content with your basic knowledge on testing topics and they may proceed with the next level of assessment. Performance testing to the complete extent might not be in scope but simple situations like, how long does the search results take to be displayed and how much time does it take for the system to retrieve a customer info at the peak hour — these are some example of the kind of things we would want to keep an eye on.

Why should you be given the job? When do you get angry? Are you planning to attend a software testing interview soonest? A software quality assurance engineer tasks may include following things amongst others Writing source code Software design Control of source code Reviewing code Change management Configuration management Integration of software Program testing Release management process 25 Explain what are test driver and test stub and why it is required?

In other words, we identify the test requirements. It prevents the partiality of the author in defining effective tests.

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