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Spirited Away (Studio Ghibli Library) By Hayao Miyazaki pdf free. (c) >>> page 2 of 8 PDF File: 3a7cda The Art Of. Read and Download Ebook ([PDF]) The Art Of Miyazaki's Spirited Away (Studio Library) PDF PDF File: ([PDF]) The Art Of 2 Miyazaki's Spirited Away (Studio. Miyazaki's Spirited Away Picture Book. Home · Miyazaki's 16MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Picture Grammar for Children-Book: Level 2. Read more.

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2. THE LISTENING / READING SCRIPT. From: / Spirited Away is a Japanese animated fantasy-. Get Free Read & Download Files Spirited Away Vol 2 PDF. SPIRITED AWAY VOL 2. Download: Spirited Away Vol 2. SPIRITED AWAY VOL 2 - In this site isn`t . Spirited Away Volume 1 Hayao Miyazaki - [PDF] [EPUB] Spirited Away Concept Design 2 Neville Page Titan Concept Review Compound.

I've tried to get back, but I can't. Please come for me Haku. Reluctantly, Chihiro got up and put her socks and shoes on. She turned back to the water to say goodbye. I plan on trying to get through the spirit gate again tomorrow. Maybe this time I'll finally get through. Goodbye Haku. I miss you dearly. It was dark by the time she reached her apartment. Tomorrow she would be able to sleep in, but then she would have to go to work.

It was just a temporary job, and it wasn't all that enjoyable. She would much rather work under contract at the bathhouse again. She really missed it. After showering and getting settled in for the night, she climbed into bed and thought about the day. Mimi's words continued to haunt her. She didn't want to believe that Haku had broken his promise. She didn't want to believe that she would never see the spirit world again.

She didn't want to believe she would never see any of her friends again. But it had been 12 years. How much longer could she wait?

Chapter 2: Living in the Human World The annoying sound of her alarm clock woke her up. Even on the weekend she had to get up early; well, earlier than she would have preferred. Then again, if it hadn't been for her little trip the day before, she wouldn't have been up so late. The reason she was getting up early was because she had to go to work. She worked part time at a small coffee shop while she attended classes.

During the weekdays she worked were normally night hours, since she attended class, and morning hours on the weekends.

She normally worked hours a week. It wasn't so bad, but Chihiro preferred the bathhouse. Groaning, Chihiro rolled over and turned off her alarm clock. She wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. She was too tired to worry about getting to work on time. I know! She shivered and grabbed her robe. Why was it always so cold in the morning? She went into the bathroom and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Shouldn't have looked.

She was having a massive bad hair day, no doubt from her constant moving about in an uneasy slumber. Her hair was much longer than when she was younger, and at the moment it was all tangled and sticking up all over the place. Chihiro stumbled into the coffee shop 8 minutes later than she should have been there. Her boss was nice, but he had very little patience when it came to having his employees arrive late. You're an excellent worker; I'd hate to lose you.

I'm very sorry. The rest of her shift went pretty much the way it always did. Nothing exciting ever happened. It was a small quiet place. It was very dull. There wasn't all that much to do. The boss insisted that everyone should always be doing something, but sometimes it was hard to findanything to do.

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The best thing about the job, besides the pay, was a free coffee and pastry everyday. Sometimes the shifts went by quickly, other times they took forever. Today just happened to be one of those days that seemed to never end, even though it was only a 5 hour shift.

The bell rang, indicating someone entered the shop. She approached the man that had just entered. His eyes looked her up and down. Chihiro felt like she was being examined. She didn't like it. Always serve your customers with a smile. With extra cream. She felt uncomfortable under his gaze. While she was in the back, one of her co-worker couldn't help but make a comment about her customer. A minute later, she returned to the table with her customer's coffee.

Is there anything else I can get for you? She didn't like the way this man kept looking at her, and was eager to get him away. She returned with the bill as quick as possible. Have a great day. She began grinding her teeth in irritation.

Why couldn't this man just pay and leave? She turned back to the man, turning her scowl into a smile. Was there something else I could get for you? If you would like, I would be happy to buy you a coffee when your shift ends. I get a free coffee everyday. The co-worker she had spoken to in the back chose that moment to pass by. Chihiro wanted to strangle them. Why did they have to open their big mouth? Now what would the man say?

The man either knew she was lying or didn't care.

She decided to make a run for it. I have to get back to work. She didn't come back out until she was sure the man was gone. What she had told the man was only part true. She may not have had a boyfriend, but someone did have her heart.

She was still exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before. She decided to take a nap whenThe phone rang. Chihiro groaned and gave the phone a death glare, as if that would make it stop ringing.

She just couldn't catch a break today. Groaning Chihiro picked up the phone and held it to her ear. Ogino's voice from the other line. Chihiro yawned. How are you and dad? Hold on, I'll put you on speaker Can you hear me? It was always just 'ok'.

Things had always been either 'just ok' or 'not so good', ever since that day 12 years ago. There is a perfectly good art school here. I just can't bring myself to leave this place. She couldn't bring herself to leave the town she was in because then she would lose any opportunity to go to the spirit world again.

If she ever did manage to get through the spirit gate, she would leave her old town in a second and never return. Her parents had been slightly disappointed when she had refused to move with them. Her father had gotten a new job, which required the Ogino family to move. Chihiro didn't want to leave, and since she was 18 at the time she stayed behind while her parents left.

She took up residence in the apartment she was currently staying in and got a job at the coffee shop to pay rent and continue her schooling. The town actually had no impact on why she stayed. She had moved before, she could move again if she had to. The thing she had absolutely refused to leave was the only place that held a doorway to the spirit world; well, as far as she knew it was the only one. She had been living her life in hopes that she would one day be able to pass through that gate once again.

Sadly, that hope was beginning to disappear. All the-yawn-regular everyday stuff. Did you finally get a boyfriend?

One Summer's Day (Spirited Away)

Ogino demanded, suddenly becoming the overprotective father. Ogino spoke up again. Her parents didn't like her constant trips to their old town. They found it strange that she would be willing to take a very long road trip just to spend a few hours by a river; one that nearly drowned her no less. She used this excuse every time this conversation was caught up. She was surprised her parents still bought it. She didn't go back for the memories, she went there to be close to Haku; since it was the only way she could be.

She really didn't know how late she was up, but it was late enough to make her want to take a nice long nap. She was exhausted. Finally, some peace and quiet.

Better take it while it was available. She fell asleep a few seconds later, once again dreaming of the spirit world and the life she could have had. One glance at the window showed just how long. The sun was beginning to set. Hopping out of bed, she walked over to the fridge. What's on the agenda for today? A quick glance in the fridge indicated that she needed to go grocery shopping.

It was rather warm out, and she didn't really need a coat, but it was just a precaution. She got in her car and started it up.

She noticed she needed to get gas soon. All these trips to the Kohaku River were really costing her, but she didn't really mind. She would need to stop for gas on the way too. After a few minutes of driving, Chihiro came to some territory that was very familiar to her. She had been down this road many times; sadly she had never reached her destination. She took the turn that led to the path to the spirit gate. How many times had she gone down this path now?

She had no idea, but she knew this path like the back of her hand. First came the steep hill, followed by the extremely bumpy road, then the small statue at the end of the path, with the spirit gate behind it.

It was here that she parked her car for the thousandth time. She got out of the car and walked up to the spirit gate. She had done this so many times and was disappointed every time. There would be no spirit world beyond this gate; just a large field surrounded by more woods. It was always the same, always. So it was no surprise that Chihiro didn't expect to find anything on the other side.

Even so, she took a deep breath and walked, once again, to what she hoped was her home. Chapter 3: Back to the Bathhouse Twelve years of trying. Twelve years of being let down. Twelve years of disappointment. Chihiro had become so used to being let down that she had no longer expected to find what she was looking for at the end of this tunnel.

So it came to a great surprise when she saw something other than the usual empty field. Rather than being surrounded by woods, there was what looked like an abandoned amusement park, or so her father had thought. Chihiro couldn't believe what she was seeing. For years she had dreamed of this moment. For years she had been let down. Could she finally have made it back after all this time? She wanted this for so long. Now that it's happened, she couldn't believe it.

Finally, things began to click into place. An overwhelming joy suddenly filled her, as tears of joy began running down her cheeks. She had finally made it. She was back. She was home. It was amazing. Everything was just as she remembered it. Form this view anyway. She needed to get closer. She began making her way in the direction she remembered the bathhouse being in. After a few steps, something unusual happened; she was ankle deep in mud. Chihiro looked behind her. The ground was wet and muddy.

It had been dry a moment ago.

Chihiro sank deeper in the mud. No, it was no longer mud. It was muddy water, and getting deeper. Memories of what had happened 12 years ago came back to her. When she had tried to get away before, this field had been completely submerged, blocking the only way to the spirit gate. It looked like it was happening again. She made a run for it. The water was getting deeper by the second. It was already up to her waist, then her chest, then her neck.

Almost there! But it wasn't easy to run in water, and suddenly she was no longer running. The ground completely vanished beneath her feet. The water continued to get deeper. Luckily, she was almost to the other side. Just a few more yards and she would be safely back on dry land. Suddenly she felt something pass by her leg.

Something rough and scaly. Chihiro gulped. What was in here with her? There, she felt it again. And this time she saw something too. It was too dark to make out what it was underwater, but it was big, and whatever it was, was circling around her like a shark.

Please don't eat me. There was an explosion of water as the creature suddenly burst up from underwater. Chihiro got a good look at it, but wished she hadn't. The creature looked like some sort of giant eel monster. And of course it had to have a mouthful of long razor sharp teeth. Chihiro squealed and swam as fast as she possibly could.

The 'eel' darted forward, no longer keeping up the circling shark routine. Please don't eat me! She began wading as fast as possible.

The 'eel' struck and its jaws clamped down over her jacket. Without wasting a second, Chihiro gave up the jacket and scrambled up on land. She looked back at the water, giving it a dirty look. Chihiro screamed and crawled out of striking range. The 'eel' just barely missed clamping its jaws on her. Once she was sure she was far enough away that the 'eel' couldn't reach her, Chihiro laid down to catch her breath. She held up her hand to shield her eyes from the light.

It was coming from one of the ships that brought the spirits. Then Chihiro suddenly realized what she was seeing. She saw the ship, but she saw it through her hand. This had happened the last time she came here. Haku had provided her with a berry, telling her that unless she ate some food from this world she would disappear.

It didn't sound that hard to take care of. The only problem was that she had no food. Chihiro jumped to her feet and began looking around.

Something, anything! She made a break for them, hoping she wouldn't disappear. Suddenly she skidded to a halt as a thought hit her. She knew that she needed to eat some food from this world; the only problem was that if she did Yubaba would turn her into a pig or some other animal. She was facing quite a dilemma. She could either eat the food of the spirits and get sentenced to the pigpen, or she could fade away. Neither option sounded appealing. Where was Haku when she needed him?

Wait, Haku had been the one to give her the berry last time. She had eaten the food of the spirits then, and Yubaba didn't turn her into a pig. But why? Was it because she didn't take the food and it wasgiven to her? It made sense. Her parents had behaved like pigs so that was their punishment. Maybe, hopefully, if someone gave her food it wouldn't be considered a crime. Chihiro looked down at herself. She was hardly visible. You still in there? She felt a major headache coming on.

Are you going to tell me willingly, or am I going to have to get April to come get it out of you? She knew her friend could keep a secret, but April, the school's biggest gossip girl, definitely couldn't. She was excellent at getting things out of people and anything she found out would become public knowledge by the end of the day. Chihiro sighed and gave in. Mimi smirked at the look of defeat on her friend's face.

She pushed her into a chair and sat in one across from her. Chihiro never spoke to anyone, not even her parents, about what had happened all those years ago. She wasn't about to start now. Besides, everyone would think she was crazy. But since Mimi was forcing her to talk, she decided to just give enough information to satisfy her friend's curiosity. Give me details! I told you, it's written all over your face. And so what if it was 12 years ago. We promised we would see each other again. Guys will say anything to get in your pants.

She dropped her voice so she wouldn't attract attention. I was only Realization dawned on Mimi's face. But still, 12 years! And you haven't seen or heard from him once?

Mimi nodded, knowing that she was right. Your Haku has. She wasn't even sure if Haku felt that way about her. How could he? He was a powerful river spirit, she was a human mortal. It could never work, no matter how much she wished it could. Maybe he did forget about her. Maybe he saw her as a scared little girl and pitied her.

Just face it. You had a schoolgirl crush, that's all. Once you get a boyfriend you'll forget all about Kahu. She looked at her watch. You sure you don't wanna come? I can't make you change your mind. But just think about what I said.

See you Monday.

It seemed like she was alone a lot. It wasn't that she liked to be alone or anything, she just always felt like such an outcast, like she didn't belong. She once again found herself wishing she had failed Yubaba's test, or at least looked back while passing through the spirit gate. She threw her things in the backseat and started up the engine. She wasn't planning on going home though.

She was going to a place she visited almost as much as the entrance to the spirit world. She had wasted so much gas money driving all this way so many times, but it was worth every penny and more.

To a normal person, no one would see why this place was special; it was just a bunch of apartments. To Chihiro, this was a very special place. It was where the Kohaku River once was.

Now it was all covered up, flowing beneath the apartments, but there were still a few streams that connected to the river before it moved under ground. This was the closest place she could get to Haku. Chihiro slowly made her way over to a stream.

She took off her shoes and socks and sat on the ground, letting her feet soak in the cool water. Sorry I couldn't visit sooner, but I've been busy. She didn't know why she still expected an answer.

She had received none in 12 years. Chihiro sighed sadly. Granny, Lin, No-Face, and especially you.

She felt tears coming on but she held them back. I wish I never left. If it wasn't for my parents, I don't think I ever would have. And if you hadn't promised to see me again, I know that I wouldn't have left. But once again, she was let down. I've waited so long. Do you know what that's like? I feel like an outcast among my own people! The only place that ever felt like home is a place I can't go to! I feel so lost here! I've been waiting all this time to see you again, yet you still haven't fulfilled your promise!

It just made her angrier.

Miyazaki's Spirited Away Picture Book

I don't come all the way out here just to talk to myself! For goodness sake, Haku, I can't stop thinking about you and the others.

I lay awake at night hoping you'll come for me, but you never do! How long do you expect me to wait! I don't live forever like you do! I have to live my own life, but I don't have a life here! If so, why don't you answer? Was I really just some foolish little girl that you felt sorry for? Her anger slowly turned to a sad empty feeling. Did you move on and forget about me? If you have, that hurts, Haku. It hurts more than anything you can imagine. They fell freely down her face and into the water, becoming a part of the Kohaku River.

I wish I never did. I don't belong here. I've tried to get back, but I can't. Please come for me Haku. Did some of you notice different sounds?

Play them back to the class, can they guess what they are. When Disney took on the challenge to adapt the film for an English speaking audience the characters voices had to be changed. A new team of professionals were brought together to rework Spirited Away, and just like the making of the original, it was a lengthy process. Writers were hired to translate the script from Japanese to English; they often asked the original team back in Japan for help with interpretation.

The writers thought it was the animal seal! Setting and Characters Spirited Away is set in two different words, a modern day Japan where Chihiro and her family live, and the parallel mysterious land where weird and wonderful creatures and spirits lurk.

Some people have described Spirited Away as a classic fairy tale, like Alice in Wonderland, because the lead character goes on a journey of discovery and learns a lot about herself.

Do you agree? Can you think of any other films or stories that use this type of plot? Use the chart below to record what these problems are and how each character over came them. Character What problem did the character How did they resolve them? At the end of the film she is excited about going to a new school and making new friends, is no longer frightened.

Are there any similarities between you and Chihiro? If you were a creature in the film what you would you look like and what would you do? Life in Japan Miyazaki chose to set the film in a bathhouse, an important place where people go to relax in large hot tubs. Most of the characters wear a Kimono, the traditional dress. Japanese writing, lanterns and masks can also be seen in the film. All these things are examples of Japanese culture. Where is Japan? How many people live there?

What is the weather like? What do they eat? Use the school library to do some research. The River God In Japan for thousands of years, people have believed that gods and spirits live all around them in the rivers, the trees and houses.

Miyazaki used these beliefs and his own experience of helping to clear a river near his home that had become filled with waste, to create the smelly Stink Monster. The character is actually a River God who has become bunged up with grime, pollution and rubbish from the polluted river. Label the pictures with the reasons the creature became so dirty and what can be done to keep him clean.I can't believe you love a river you almost drowned in. Is there anything else I can get for you?

Do you know what that's like? The ground completely vanished beneath her feet. Once the director and his team have all the characters and background scenes completed, they can begin filming. The human eye cleverly tricks the person into believing they are actually seeing a moving image. No, scratch that, she had lived them.

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