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The Workbook contains units corresponding to those in the Student's Book. . Spotlight 8 Intro Ts. Page 8. D ― Correcting students' work. Get Immediate Access to Books Spotlight Science 7 8 9 Resources at Our Cambridge IGCSE Physics Workbook (second edition) helps students build the. 8 Holly. Me! 9 Adam. Family. 1 Look at Laura's family tree. Match the words with the photos and write . 3 We an English book. 3 the students / classroom.

Spotlight 8 Students Book

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When / Where do you ? More practice? Grammar Bank page Workbook page 8. We use the present continuous for actions that are happening now. Look!. 8. 9. 10 necklace tattoo make-up piercings glasses bracelet sunglasses dyed hair earring ring. ANSWER. The person in picture d. Решебник гдз по учебнику spotlight 8 8 класс | birdlimvi. I falchi della Spotlight student s book 10 Grammar Check, Skagen, Dioramas, Spotlight, Teacher.

Answer Key 1 Have we met before? Invite feedback. Suggested Answer Key A: Sally Borgenson. Nice to meet you, Sally. Where are you from? Welcome to the camp. Thanks Penny. Have you been here long? I arrived here on Saturday. How old are you Sally? I turn fifteen in March. So, we might be in the same team.

Do you like basketball? Have you got any brothers or sisters? Just one brother. Yes, good idea. Suggested Answer Key I enjoy hanging out with my grandparents. I like to go and stay with them during the holidays. Grandma likes to chat about absolutely everything. I like going out for long walks with her and their dog, Husky. Grandma is a really good cook and prepares lovely meals. She also makes good cakes!

Grandpa likes fixing things. He fixed my bike and I am really pleased! Ask for feedback from class. Read through phrases and responses. It may be continuing or has finished already with the result visible in the present. Alex has been working in the garden all day and is really tired now. Fiona has been using my perfume again! Harry has been practising a lot for the competition and is sure to do well.

Present Perfect is also used for: I have known Karen for five years. Dee has lost weight. Present Continuous is used for: Tim is talking on the phone. The earth is getting warmer and warmer. Water boils at o Celsius. The train arrives in Woking at two twenty six.

I like Diana. Check for understanding. Answer Key A: What time does the concert start? What time does the film start? Answer Key 1 A: Ask Ss when these actions took place. Check understanding. Explain that these words indicate a period of time or frequency that will determine the tense of the verb. Discuss the verb tense used and why. Suggested Answer Key S1: I came to this school three years ago. Before I came to this school I went to a smaller school.

I have already played in two football matches for the school this year. Tomorrow we have French and English in the morning. I have been studying German for two years. He has blond, very short hair. He has almond shaped, green eyes. He is humourous and has an unusual style. He is quite good-looking and his fans love him. He is the best football player in the world. Who is he? David Beckham.

Class tries to guess who it is. Write them on the board. Sue is slimmer than Sarah. Yes, but Sally is the slimmest. Who do you think is the oldest?

Probably Sarah is the oldest and Sally is the youngest. Which shows that? The more he said, the angrier I felt. Adam is twice as funny as Sean. Answer Key 1 classmates 2 acquaintance 3 colleagues 4 aunt. Elicit which question word where, when, how, how often, how much relates to the adverbs in the table. Well, he is quite serious and very helpful.

Yes, but he can be a bit impatient at times. Ask Ss to find similar idioms in own L1. Karen is so confident; she really speaks her mind. In card B I see two rings joined together. Card C shows someone with a birthday cake and presents. Card D has a picture of a ring that is inside a heart and surrounded by flowers.

Card E shows a stork carrying a little baby in its beak. Card F has two penguins playing in the snow.

Card G shows a girl wearing a graduation gown dancing for joy with mortar boards all around her. Card H shows pretty flowers. We usually send such messages to congratulate people or to wish people well. Answer Key A Jane has written to congratulate Tony on his new job. Examples of informal style: Hi Tony, Well done, All the best.

B Greg has written to Neil to suggest that they get together. C Sarah has written to Amanda to apologise for not being able to go to her party.

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Ask Ss to look for key words that suggest which card the message belongs in and write them on the board. Discuss reason for writing the card. Check answers. Dear Helen, Hugs and kisses abbreviations: Answer Key Hi Matthew!

Happy birthday! Cheers for inviting me to your party next week! Love, Paul. Best of luck with everything! Will be thinking of you, Love, Sarah. Elicit from Ss possible answers to the question in the joke. Answer Key Another year meaning: Forming adjectives; dependent prepositions; verb tenses Speaking: She is always giving me presents!

Spotlight 8: Student's Book = Angliiskii iazyk. 8 klass (+CD)

She has spent 8 years at university! Phrasal Verbs: Elicit possible meaning from Ss. Answer Key 1 across 2 along. Karen is nervous about acting in the school play. Barbera was jealous of my new coat and bought the same one. She is an excellent teacher and the students are very fond of her. She is not keen on going sailing, as she gets seasick easily.

Marilyn has become quite good at tennis after only a few lessons. Kelly is very close to her cousin and tells her everything. Answer Key 1 sent 5 have never been 2 was feeling 6 have been studying 3 cheered 4 have already been b. Explain that the bold words and filled in prepositions create phrases meaning something. Refer Ss to the example in the rubric. Ask class for feedback. Suggested Answer Key Claire: Hi Jane. Oh hi Claire. Fine and how are you feeling? They really cheered me up as I was feeling very low.

How are you feeling now? Much better, I have been back at school for a couple of days. How is school going?

I have never been so busy, as I have a lot of schoolwork. For the past two nights, I have been studying until midnight to try and catch up. Oh dear. You should try and get some rest. I have almost finished the work I missed and then I am going to take a break. Call me when you finish and we can get together. Take care. You too. Objectives Vocabulary: Discuss what people in these situations do.

Suggested Answer Key I think British people shake hands when they meet people for the first time. When they greet people they know well, I think they sometimes hug each other or kiss; sometimes they just wave to each other or smile. I think the British like to talk about the weather and also about gardening and pets.

When British people go visiting people, I think they like to bring something for the host, maybe a little present or some flowers. Answer Key 1 They shake hands.

They enjoy meeting new people and like to invite people to their homes for food and conversation. But there are a few things you should remember when you go to Russia. Try to smile as you introduce yourself. When you greet people you know well, you should kiss them on both cheeks to say hello and goodbye. Suitable topics for small talk are TV programmes, pets, family or you can complain about public transport or the weather.

It is good manners to take some flowers with you, or a little gift to show your appreciation. And be prepared to eat a lot of food! The guest always gets more than anyone else! How do you deal with arguments?

I try not to argue with people. I hate arguments.

If people are arguing, I try to keep out of it. What about you? I try to get them to see my point of view. I try not to shout or get emotional. The words in the poem are made up of two people contradicting each other.

Ss compare answers with a partner. Allow time for Ss to write down new vocabulary in notebook. Suggested Answer Key 2 I am disappointed that you are late again. Call for feedback from class. I agree with the text about how easy it is for a conflict to become very bad with people screaming and even hitting.

It has happened to me before. I agree that being flexible and listening to the way the other person sees the problem helps when solving a problem. Suggested Answer Key You cannot resolve conflict when you are feeling angry. You must take a deep breath and calm down. Only then will you be able to discuss the problem. When you speak, try not to blame or accuse the other person. What do you do and say when you meet people? How do you solve conflicts with your friends and family?

Suggested Answer Key The title means things that we eat and buy. I think we will learn about different types of food, ways of shopping and places to shop. What is it in? Some kind of dish or package.

Where would you find this? Probably in a restaurant or lunch box. Do you eat rice? Is this from our country? I never eat rice. Find the page number s for Allow Ss time to browse through the module and find the items.

Suggested Answer Key a flea market advertisement p. What information does it give? Where would you find such an advertisement? Would you go to the flea market? What do you usually find on them? Where do you find them? What kinds of groups have logos? Why do groups have them? Do you know a logo?

What do the words mean? What do they celebrate? Why would you celebrate this? Are you careful about what you buy? Do you eat this food? How is it prepared?

Do you know how to cook? What kinds of things are being sold? Who shops at this place? Where do you shop? Have you ever shopped at a place like this? They are made with rice, meat or fish, vegetables and fruit. Refer Ss to example in rubric. Ss can use Word List to find meanings. Suggested Answer Key I usually eat an apple or banana at school at break time, and then I have a cheese or ham sandwich for lunch with some salad.

Answer Key 1 … a boxed meal. Listen to music. Ask them to find answers to the questions on the board. I found it interesting that nursery schools have rules about how to prepare an obento.

Suggested Answer Key Mothers show they care and love their children by cooking healthy food for them. Mothers love their children and want them to be healthy, so they want them to learn to eat healthy foods. Mothers that take the time to cook good dishes for their children show their children that they are important and that they want the best for them.

Suggested Answer Key 2 peanuts because 3 Mexican dishes because 4 grapefruits 5 sweets because 6 hamburgers because. Obentos are healthy because they contain meat, vegetables and fruit, which are all very nourishing. Allow Ss time to answer questions. Alternatively, assign task as HW.

You also add various spices such as pepper, onions and garlic. You can either boil or fry the pelmeni until they turn golden brown. Dear Matt, There are a lot of nice dishes in Russian cuisine but my favourite is pelmeni.

You prepare the dough from eggs, sometimes with milk or water added and use it to wrap the minced meat. They can taste really spicy!

Your friend, Olga. Suggested Answer Key Picture D shows us some people shopping at a busy flea market. You can probably hear a lot of noise as people are talking about what they want to buy and the stall-holders are trying to persuade people to buy things.

The weather must be warm because they are wearing light clothes, such as T-shirts and shorts. The person working on the stall is wearing sunglasses.

The stalls are selling clothes. This flea market is probably somewhere in the UK because I can see the UK flag at the top right hand corner of the picture. You can buy a dress at a clothes shop. You can buy a fruitcake at the bakery. Suggested Answer Key 1 jewellery 3 7 2 4 5: I need to buy some stamps.

Is there a post office near here? What a nice scarf. Is it new? Yes, I bought it three days ago. It really suits you. Where did you get it? Whereabouts is it exactly? In Karlova Street, opposite the post office. Was it very expensive? No, not at all.

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Suggested Answer Key 1 A: Have you seen B: Write them on the board and discuss why. Ask Ss when each action in the sentences happened. Suggested Answer Key In the first sentence we have used the present perfect because it refers to an action that happened at an unstated time in the past. In the second sentence the simple past is used because it refers to an action that happened at a specific time in the past last year.

Have you ever saved money for a reason? Yes, I have. What did you save it for? I saved it to buy a new bicycle. Have you ever visited a charity shop? Did you buy anything? I bought a pair of earrings. The action, therefore, is in the present perfect continuous. Have you ever bought something you regretted afterwards? What did you buy? I bought a very expensive pair of jeans. How long have you known your best friend?

Since I was six. How long have you been at this school? Since How long have you lived in this area? All my life. How long have you lived here? For eight years. How long have you been studying English? For six years. Me too. Identifying positive and negative opinions; listening for specific information, listening for confirmation Writing: Allow time for Ss to write down any new vocabulary in notebooks. Answer Key 1 bars 2 litres. Answer Key 1 grate 3 beat 2 melt 4 slice.

Answer Key a Sparkling or still? Sparkling or still? Still, please. Steamed, fried or grilled? Grilled, please. Have you melted the butter? Have you grated the cheese? Have you chopped the onion? Answer Key The text is a recipe. In pairs, Ss act out similar exchanges with phrases from the rubric. Rare, medium or well done? Medium, please. Fried, boiled or scrambled?

Scrambled, please. Direct Ss to pay attention to whether the noun is used in the singular or plural form as this determines the verb form.

Ask Ss to find similar idioms in own Ll. Answer Key 1 his cup of tea 2 spill the beans milk 3 a piece of cake. The food was great and the portions were just right. The waiter was friendly and welcoming and helped answer all of our questions. At the end of our meal, he even brought us a plate of fruit, on the house!

I would definitely like to go there again. Answer Key First dialogue First of all, there were so many dishes to choose from. The portions were huge. I was really full when we finished. Second dialogue When we left I was still hungry. The prices turned out to be reasonable. The waiter mixed up our order. There was a really long queue.

They tried to overcharge us. Suggested Answer Key To: Jane Re: My weekend Hi Jane! How are things with you? What did you do to this weekend? We should go there when you come over to visit us in the summer! Bye just now, Lucy. Allow Ss time to write down any new vocabulary in their note books.

Ss should note key words. Answer Key The picture shows people shopping at a flea market. The picture shows a flea market. There are many open-air stalls full of second hand items, as well as handcrafted goods such as silk scarves and silver jewellery.

Most of these things can be bought at reduced prices. The street vendors are usually friendly and quite loud, to draw your attention. Many excited shoppers are enjoying the colourful atmosphere 2 a.

Answer Key colourful, indoor, outdoor, international, vintage, beautiful, embroidered, second-hand, rare, leather. Answer Key 1 an email. Writing Skills Answer Key 1 Ann bought a small, square, wooden table.

Opening remarks start the email by asking how the person is and state reason for writing. Closing remarks end the email by sending wishes and encourage further contact. Ss complete task individually and compare answers with a partner. Answer Key Opening remarks: A, D Closing remarks: How are you? Or How are things? Answer Key Key words: Answer Key Dear Jim, Hi, how are you? I am fine, although I have been very busy with school.

I got your letter and I was happy to hear you enjoyed Paris. You asked me if there are any similar markets in my city. We do have a few open-air markets here, but they only operate during the summer months.

The largest one is alongside the river. It is in the city centre, so it is easy for everyone to get to and it is quite enjoyable. You can buy clothes, toys, handicrafts, furniture, and even confectionery. It is a unique experience. If you come for a visit this summer I will take you and show you round. We can shop and then have lunch at one of the food stalls after.

Hope to see you soon. Take care, Pam. Suggested Answer Key I sometimes wake up late and have to go after the school bus.

Can I help you? Yes, please. Let me see. Would you like to pay in cash or by credit card? Is it possible to pay by cheque? Of course it is. Just make it out to WH Smith. Thank you very much. Culture Corner Objectives Reading: Suggested Answer Key Interviewer: Amanda you have been cooking ever since you were a little girl. What exactly are you doing now with your cooking?

Well I make up my own recipes and write the successful ones down in my own cookery book, which someday I plan on publishing. Do you have a favourite cooking style? I see, so what do you plan to do next? Next week, I am entering an international cooking competition that I really want to win, as the first prize is a scholarship to a well-known catering school in France.

Yes, I have always dreamed of becoming a qualified chef! Well good luck to you! I hope your dish brings home first prize. Answer Key The title of the text means that people should think of the needs of people who live near to them before they think about helping anyone else. The title refers to charity and all these logos are logos of charities in the UK.

They help in many ways, such as visiting people in their homes, providing them with food, medicine, vitamins and someone to talk to.

They also help finance visits to doctors and specialists. These organisations are able to help people thanks to the support of international humanitarian organisations, commercial companies and government agencies. Monitor activity and check answers. Do you think it is a good idea to have big charity organisations? Yes, because people tend to trust them more. They can get help from the government and they can help more people in need. What do you think? I agree that it is important to help those in need.

I prefer to give money to big charity organisations rather than beggars in the street. Going Green Objectives Grammar: Suggested Answer Key What I already know: I know that shopping bags are made of paper and plastic and that paper can be recycled more easily than plastic. Going Green What I want to know: I want to know which type of bag is friendlier to the environment.

Answer Key 1 Paper bag. I can learn more through the Internet. I see your point. How about paper bags? They are very easy to recycle and more environmentally friendly. Perhaps, because we use less energy and chemicals to recycle them.

Spotlight 8 Test 2 (Module 2) ОТВЕТЫ

However, it takes a great number of trees to make paper. So, what should I do? You could use reusable bags. Suggested Answer Key The quote means we make a strong effort to do something when we have an important reason behind it.

Do you like the food served at the canteen at school? Do you think you eat healthy foods? What kinds of things do you spend your money on? Do you like shopping? Suggested Answer Key The title refers to great people in history who have contributed or achieved something important.

I think we will learn about great people and what they have accomplished. Great minds Find the page number s for Allow Ss time to browse through the module and find the items.

Suggested Answer Key a map p. Why do we look at maps? Do you like to study maps? Why or why not? What kind of information does it contain? Who is this biography about? Why do we read biographies? Who would read a job advertisement?

Do you write and send emails? Why do you send emails instead of using the telephone? Who said this one? Why is she famous? Do you know any quotations from famous people?

Why do you think it is in there? It has something to do with the history of the hot air balloon. Maybe they tested the balloons on animals first. What kind of information is in the text? Do you find inventors interesting? Do you know any inventors? What did they invent? Do you like to read about famous people? Who do you read about? What did they discover? Have you ever found or discovered anything important?

Do you know of a famous discovery? Answer Key came to the conclusion: Answer Key Hot-air balloons can fly to high altitudes. They have carried humans since the late 18th Century. The text may be about the history of the hotair balloon. Answer Key 1 c 2 b. Answer Key 1 put … up. Discuss meanings. Suggested Answer Key I have invented a balloon that floats high in the sky and that can carry people.

I got the idea when I threw some small pieces of paper into the fireplace and watched them float upwards. I began performing experiments and came to the conclusion that heat had the power to lift things.

I presented, with my brother, the first balloon which was made from paper and cloth. We burned straw to help the balloon float. On the first trip we put a sheep, a duck and a chicken in the basket. Shortly afterwards, the king gave us permission to send men up in the balloon. Our first trip with human passengers took place in Paris with great success.

I was very nervous at first, but when I saw the flight with the animals I knew that my idea could work with people. I was very excited to watch the balloon travel high above Paris and hope that all people someday will try a trip on a hot-air balloon high in the sky. The first hot-air balloon is finally up in the air! We made it from paper and cloth. To make it float, we burned some straw underneath it. The first passengers were a sheep, a duck and a chicken. King Louis XVI and many members of the royal family watched this first flight.

The king has agreed to send men up in the balloon. Would you like to join us in the next flight? Best Regards, Joseph Montgolfier.

Answer Key 1 John might be drawing designs to construct a building. I think he is an architect. I think he is an air traffic controller. I think she is a bank teller. I think he is a pizza delivery boy. Answer Key To become a computer programmer, you should study Computer Science. To become an accountant, you should study Economics.

To become a geologist, you should study Earth Science. To become a mechanic, you should study Engineering. To become a teacher, you should study Education. Explain that they should use vocabulary from Ex. Suggested Answer Key My mum is a nurse. She works various shifts and she has to wear a uniform at work.

My dad is a computer programmer. He works full-time in a big company and he often has to work overtime. They both earn good salaries. Answer Key The dialogue is about jobs and salaries. Answer Key Information about the age you have to be and what kind of personality you need to get the job; what the job involves and what the pay is. Elicit from Ss the meanings of the two words and a few examples. Exchanges follow the example in the rubric. Answer Key You saw Brad Pitt at the club yesterday?

You saw who at the club yesterday? Who did you see at the club yesterday? You saw who? You saw Brad Pitt where yesterday? Where are you leaving for? What does your dad do for a living? He works as a teacher. Does he like his job? Yes, he really likes working with young people. How long has he been working as a teacher? For 18 years. Quite good, but the holidays are even better! Answer Key 2 Her sister had mopped the floor. Grammar in Use Suggested Answer Key 1 had Suggested Answer Key 2 Our teacher was angry because we had been noisy.

Explain to Ss that they need to pay attention to a past event that happens before another past event and a past event which results were visible in the past as these are indications of the past perfect. Direct Ss to the emphasis on the duration of the event that happened before another event in the past.

Answer Key 2 He had been looking for his glasses for over an hour before he found them. Answer Key 1 happened 2 was walking 3 spotted 4 started 5 turned 6 grabbed 7 was trying 8 took 9 saw 10 knew.

Ask for feedback from the class.

Spotlight 8 Test 4 (Module 4) ОТВЕТЫ

Suggested Answer Key … when she heard someone crying. She looked inside the well and found a little boy there. He had been crying for help for a long time before Mandy arrived to save him. She pulled him out of the well. The boy was very happy that she had rescued him.

His parents thanked her very much. Emphasise the use of past tenses in their emails. So strange! Hi Pam! Hope you are fine. On Saturday night everything was normal. My cat, Sandy, was sleeping on the sofa when I said goodnight to her and went to bed. As you know, I live on the fifth floor and I never let my cat out. She only goes on the balcony sometimes. Many people go out with friends, wearing green or a shamrock symbol the lucky clover and drinking Guinness, the Irish dark beer.

For one day of the year, it is acceptable — even encouraged! Even newspapers, TV and radio shows often feature fake stories on April 1. Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The legend is that St George was a Roman soldier who killed a dragon to rescue a princess. Beltane or Beltain is the Celtic festival of fire, which celebrates fertility and marks the start of summer. Many people in the UK give their father a card or gift, have a meal together or go out for drinks.

The ancient monument of Stonehenge in Wiltshire has its true moment in the sun as people celebrate the longest day and shortest night of the year. This is a chance to hear Welsh music and literature, see dance and theatre performances, shop for books and crafts, and much more.

Any type of performance may participate, across theatre, comedy, music and dance, and many students visit Edinburgh to put on their own shows. Around 1 million people go to see colourful floats and dancers in flamboyant costumes, hear music from salsa to reggae, and taste Caribbean food from street stalls. Bring your party spirit, enough cash and a lot of patience — it can be very crowded. The important thing is to dress up as gruesomely as you dare! November All month — Movember. Today, it is commemorated with spectacular displays of fireworks.

Each year in the UK, November 11 is a memorial day to honour members of the armed forces. The aim is to remember those who lost their lives in battle, so many peace campaigners also support the event. There are many events across Scotland, including traditional meals, poetry readings, bagpipe music and country dancing. This is a great opportunity to go to a ceilidh — a party with Gaelic folk music and dancing. Look out for events advertised in local magazines and at your school, college or university.

In addition to a traditional Christmas market, this huge site features carnival rides, two circuses, an ice skating rink, fake snow and an exhibition of ice sculptures… and enough hot chocolate and mulled wine to keep you warm.Card C shows someone with a birthday cake and presents. Ss can check in Word List for meanings. Let us know how we can help you! F Rewrite the sentences in the causative form. The key features of this book are: There are 18 units covering the entire Class 8 syllabus.

Grammar in Use Suggested Answer Key 1 had E sound Before I came to this school I went to a smaller school. Suggested Answer Key Fred Flintstone is tall, overweight, and has thick, straight hair. I showed it to my mum and she told us it was German.

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