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Stories of the Prophets. Al-Imam ibn Kathir. Contents. 1. Prophet Adam. 2. Prophet Idris (Enoch). 3. Prophet Nuh (Noah). 4. Prophet Hud. 5. Prophet Salih. 6 . tories of the Prophet Written by Al-Imam ibn Kathir Translated by Muhammad Mustapha Geme'ah, Al-Azhar Stories of the Prophets Al-Imam ibn Kathir Contents 1. Its an excellent book on the Prophets of Allah, by the classical Islamic scholar Ibn Kathir (Allah have mercy on him). Whats good about the pdf.

Stories Of The Prophets Ibn Kathir Pdf

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wan-Nihayah (The Beginning and the End) relates the stories of Allah's prophets are already detailed in Ibn Katheer's other book Stories of the Prophets. One. Islamhouse is the biggest website for Islamic dawah in world languages. It contains free items in more than languages, items like: books, audios,videos, . The stories of the prophets, peace be upon them, are our guides to understanding the Divine Guidance found in the Qur'an. Their stories are.

Before he received the Revelation, he followed the rules revealed to Prophet Seth , the son of Adam. When Idris grew older, Allah bestowed Prophethood on him. During his lifetime all the people were Muslim; no one associated partners with Allah.

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Afterwards, Idris left his hometown of Babylon because a great number of his people committed many sins even after he told them not to do so. Some of the Muslims left with Idris. It was hard for them to leave their home.

They asked Prophet Idris: "If we leave Babylon, where will we find a place like it? They saw the Nile River. Idris stood at its bank and mentioned Allah, the Exalted, by saying: "Subhanallah.

For three days of the week, Idris would preach to his people and four days he would devote solely to the worship of God.

Exegesis narrates that Idris was among "the first men to use the pen as well as being one of the first men to observe the movement of the stars and set out scientific weights and measures. Ibn Arabi described Idris as the "prophet of the philosophers" and a number of works were attributed to him.

In his commentary on the Quranic verses , the commentator Ibn Kathir narrated "During the Night Journey, the Prophet passed by him in fourth heaven. So Idris wanted to increase his deeds and devotion. I use this book as part of my curriculum for teaching.

Very informative Customer R. My mother who is not Muslim enjoys reading this. She has learned things that she never knew being Christian.

Stories of the Prophets & Stories of Companions & Wives of SAW

Must have Customer R. You get to know so much about the Stories of previous Prophets. And you also get to learn so many good lessons from their lives. A must for every Islamic Library.

My oft-read book Customer R. Dar-us-Salam's publication and translation of 'Stories of the Prophets' is superb quality.

Amazing and great book Customer R.


This is simply an amazing and great book for those who wish to learn the accurate stories of our Prophets [peace and blessings of Allah be upon them]. The book uses portions of the Quran and Ahadith to discuss issues surrounding the Prophets.

Isra iliyat [Biblical stories] are frequently mentioned, but Ibn Kathir carefully describes the status of authenticity of most of them. It is a must buy for Muslims wishing to know our Prophets in further detail. Wassalamu Alaikum.

Extraordinary perspective Customer R. Interesting facts, great investigation put it in a single book.The period between the birth of Noah and the death of Adam was years.

Afterwards some people of the tribe of Hurhum saw some birds while passing through the bottom of the valley and that astonished them. The head of the family was not even an ordinary idolater, but was one who totally rejected Allah and who used to make the idols with his own hands.

It was also said that they knew that no one would be created on earth who would not be wicked and shed blood.

Ch These six days are calculated as Allah the Almighty's days. They have disobeyed me, and followed one whose wealth and children give him no increase but only loss. All we are told is he was a man of truth and sincerity, and a prophet, and that he had a high position among his people.

What is he going to do with the animals? In their arrogance they mocked Salih, but he warned them: Sarah thought she and Abraham were lonely because she could not have a child.

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