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1 Subin Bhattarai - Summer Love - 1 - Shruti-Sambeg - Summer Love is a Nepali Novel written by Subin Bhattarai. This is his first novel and is very popular among Nepalese. To ask other readers questions about समर लभ [Summer Love], please sign up. Popular Answered . Even though this was my first experience of Nepali novel. Subin Bhattarai is the author of समर लभ [Summer Love] ( avg rating, Nepal . Website. Twitter. subinbhattarai1. Genre. Fiction, Romance · edit data · Combine Editions · Subin Bhattarai's books.

Summer Love Nepali Novel Pdf

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Summer Love is a Nepali novel by Subin Bhattarai published by Fine Print in Bhattarai's Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Nepali Novel Summer Love is written by Subin Bhattarai. Saya is sequal of Summer Love which also by Subin Bhattarai. Audio Book of Saya. Download Saya Novel - Sequel of Summer Love. Download Saya Novel. Here we have Summer Love also on Audio Book. If you didn't listen it.

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So, next time, I ordered 'Summer Love' with my grand parents. I must say the writer did great job in putting two books together.

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Once you read both books, you Every time I have someone coming from Nepal, I ask for some Nepali books. Once you read both books, you can really see all the pieces falling into place but there were some things that didn't really make sense to me somehow. He sees her name in the list of entrance topper and immediately gets smitten by it.

It was kind of cute and reminded me of the love story of a popular Nepali singer Sugam Pokharel and his wife. They have a similar story. His wife found his name so unique that she called him to talk on phone.

That's how their story started. So, going back to 'Summer Love', Atit is already in love with Saaya even before he saw her.

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Once they meet each other, the first introduction turns into friendship and friendship turns into love. Then comes the role of their family who have to come in between them. The problem of Atit and Saaya is mainly due to their caste difference but I bet even if they were from the same caste, there would be some other problems.

My View: Although the story is ordinary and addresses every problem a Nepalese couple go through, you are kind of confused thinking why it happened the way it happened. In the middle of the story, Saaya is completely changed and you have no idea why and just to find that out, you have to read part 2.Plot summary At the beginning of the novel, Mona's sister, Lindy, is getting married for the second time. Summer Love is now available in English.

Nepali Novel Listeners. The lingo of the youngsters, their thought processes, the way they gorge on pani puris, chiya and churot, log onto Skype at the drop of a hat, shoot pictures for a Facebook profile, spend nights texting each other, drink wildly before an amorous night — it is so now, so today, so us.

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Atit falls in love with the entrance topper Saya, while he ranked the lowest in the list. Due to events in known places like central TU and Some parts of India Due to one month long India tour, those places were no more unknown to me I became able to make image about each and every places in story.

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