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The Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries and of other reference titles published by Houghton Mifflin Company are trained lexicographers with a varied . The American Heritage Book of English Usage: A Practical and Authoritative Guide to Contemporary English [Editors of The American Heritage Dictionaries] on. For the first time, the editors of the acclaimed American Heritage(R) Dictionary have applied their efforts to word usage as its own subject. The result is this.

The American Heritage Book Of English Usage

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The American Heritage book of English usage. byEditors of The American Heritage Dictionaries. Publication date Topics English language. This book discusses current problems in English usage in an attempt to explain words, the opinions of the American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel, a group. The American Heritage Book Of English Usage book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. For the first time, the editors of the acclaim.

The King's English: A Guide to Modern Usage.

Practical English Usage: International Student's Edition. Basic English Usage. Basic English usage.

International English Usage. A Practical English Grammar.

Using German: A Guide to Contemporary Usage. There are many things about the tradition of usage commentary that I dislike.

The books tend to belabor a simplistic insistence on following rules. Sterling Leonard published the first, Current English Usage, in Raymond Crisp conducted his own surveys for his dissertation, "Changes in Attitudes Toward English Usage," completed in In William and Mary Morris produced The Harper Dictionary of Contemporary English, which reported the results of usage ballots similar to those used in making the first edition of the AHD, on which William Morris served as editor in chief.

In fact many of the Harper panelists served, and some continue to serve, on the panel of the AHD. The Morrises' book is thus derived in method at least from the AHD If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE.

The paperback dictionary might have been the first of these, but in the s and s dictionary departments produced dictionaries for children at various levels, dictionaries for the office products market, vest-pocket dictionaries, large-print dictionaries, notebook dictionaries, and related books like thesauruses and guides to good writing.

Making a book on English usage was one of a variety of derivative projects that had been proposed at Houghton Mifflin over the pre- Joseph Pickett vious decade.

In fact the idea had been suggested several times during my tenure beginning in It was a logical step for us — The American Heritage Dictionary AHD has a long-standing reputation for addressing usage issues, and it only made sense to try to build on this reputation by producing a useful stand-alone volume. The only circumstance that prevented us in the past was the fact that our staff at Houghton Mifflin was busy creating or reediting a number of other spinoff products, such as our College dictionary and our dictionary for middle-school students.

I wanted to make a book that covered traditional usage issues and provided information and advice that I knew from my days as a writing teacher at the University of Michigan needed to be repeated. I also saw the opportunity to include information from the usage ballots we had conducted since the publication of the Third Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary AHD3 in Finally I wanted to bring to the genre of usage books more enthusiasm for the language.Synonyms: book, bespeak, engage, reserve These verbs mean to cause something to be set aside in advance, as for one's use or possession: will book a hotel room; made sure their selections were bespoken; engaged a box for the opera season; reserving a table at a restaurant.

A Guide to Modern Usage.

The AHD is also somewhat innovative in its liberal use of photographic illustrations, which at the time was highly unusual for general reference dictionaries, many of which went largely or completely unillustrated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. More Details I cannot say I approached this material with enormous enthusiasm for the genre.

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