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Iron Fey_Call of the Forgotten 02 The Iron Traitor Iron 02 The Vampire Gene · Read more · Iron. Read more · Iron · Read more · Iron Hulls Iron Hearts. 5 days ago Forgotten 2 Julie Kagawa [PDF] [EPUB] Free download or read online The Iron Traitor pdf. (ePUB) (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten Series). 3XcF4RfDeS - Read and download Julie Kagawa's book The Iron Traitor in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa.

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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 8 Up-Try as he might, Ethan Chase cannot escape the Fey. They kidnapped him as a child and now, at The Iron Traitor book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the real world, when you vanish into thin air for a week, pe. Iron Fae - epub call of the forgotten. Ash's letter to Megan. Julie Kagawa - The Julie Kagawa--The Iron KB.

Magic and power always come with a price. Not yet. Ethan knows loss, and he is willing to put up with loss, because Ethan knows some prices are higher than he is willing to pay. Damn it, Ethan. You are this close to being my 4th book boyfriend, and this feels so wrong, considering I've watched you grow up from a scared little 5-year old boy. Let's get one thing straight, I love his character while hating him. It is one thing to despise a character for his actions while still being able to appreciate his complexity, his impulses, his motivations, and I understand and sympathize with Keirran, even if I cannot overlook his contemptible behavior in the name of love.

Keirran is in a lot of pain. He is his father's son, through and through, and I kind of went "awwww" at the little father-son moment of bonding within the book. Keirran is haunted. My stomach lurched as our gazes met. Cold ice-blue eyes stabbed at me from beneath the hood, and bright silver hair fell around his face, the only spots of color to be seen. Beneath the cloak, he was dressed in black: black shirt, pants, boots, even gloves.

I remembered the smiling, easygoing faery from just a week ago. The hard-eyed creature dressed all in black, staring at me in this den of shadow and fear, seemed like a stranger. He is driven almost insane by desperation in his quest to save Annwyl.

So many times within this book, I found myself wanting to scream with frustration at Keirran and his foolhardiness. Ethan was right. Keirran will pay "any price" for Annwyl's life, and really, it's just too much.

The boy cannot see beyond himself and his wishes. Annwyl herself is so much stronger than Keirran. I adored her. She is deceptively soft, gentle, lovely as a gentry of a Summer court Fae should be.

However, underneath Annwyl's fragile, ethereal appearance lies a backbone of pure steel. Annwyl knows what Kierran is willing to pay for her life, and she knows better. She does not want to be the cause of such sacrifice, and she would much prefer to Fade away in peace. Her green eyes flashed as she stared the prince down. You did not ask me what I felt about this plan—you just disappeared without telling anyone. We meet Grimalkin, Robin Goodfellow, etc. This is not their book.

This is not their story. As much as I love them, Grim, Puck, etc. This is Ethan and Keirran's book. Sep 19, Dorreh rated it really liked it.

You know what? Julie Kagawa is an evil genius. I'm a little stunned this time around because I'm left wondering how she'll manage to end this thing in the next book. You'll have to excuse me if this review seems a little scattered, but the last few pages blew my little socks off into next Tuesday.

It's interesting that I'd have such a strong You know what? It's interesting that I'd have such a strong reaction to this installment because for the majority of the novel, I didn't feel it was as strong as Kagawa's previous works.

The tone is more subdued, the witty banter is not as frequent and the overall novel just feels, for a lack of a better word, low.

But it's also more than that, I realize. I knew this novel carried heavy implications for the characters. The title itself clearly gave that away as did the foreboding mannerisms of the original trio: Ash, Puck and Meghan. However, even going in knowing this, I'm still impressed that Kagawa went there.

I realize that this review is not being very helpful, so allow me to backtrack and give you a little something about the book. But it's probably not a good idea to read the rest of this review if you haven't read The Lost Prince. What I loved: As usual, Kagawa writes fun, relatable characters. I always know when I pick up one of her books that I'm going to laugh and fall in love with her cast. It's unavoidable and lovely. Ethan just wants a normal life with his girlfriend, Kenzie, the girl who is dying.

He'd like nothing more for the fey to leave him and, more importantly, Kenzie alone. But Kenzie wants to live the rest of her life free from restrictions and craves the adventures the Nevernever provides. After trying his hardest to keep her away from Their world, they set out to look for Keirran, who has not returned to the iron realm after their last adventure.

As always, there is a prophecy involved that neither Ethan or Keirran is aware of, one that has the potential to bring an end to everything. Ominously awesome, right? I loved Keirran especially.

He's mysterious, broken, tortured and b-b-bad to the bone.

Well, not really that last one, but I just wanted an excuse to say that. That is, unfortunately, the impression that he gives everyone, including Ethan, who internally struggles with his feelings of both resentment and family duty. The dynamic between Keirran and Ethan allowed for two deeper messages in the storyline, more so than I remember in Kagawa's other novels.

How far do you go to help out a family member? There's no doubt that Ethan has the most to lose and little to gain from helping Keirran. Ethan blames Keirran's existence for the reason why he lost his sister Meghan to the Nevernever. Interestingly, while he remains deeply bitter about the ordeal, he always comes through for Keirran when he needs the help, even against better judgement. How do you let the one you love go? What I didn't expect to find in this spin-off was the underlying message of letting loved ones go.

Ethan and Keirran aren't so different. They are both outsiders and in love with girls who are terminally ill. It's a terrible situation to see one character in, let alone two. In case you missed it, please refer to my second sentence: The difference between the two guys is their readiness to let their love interests go.

I'm not entirely convinced that Ethan is ready, but there are certain lines he has made clear he won't cross, even if that means prolonging Kenzie's life. The same can't be said for Keirran, who would destroy the world if that meant he could spend just an hour more with Annwyl. There's no doubt in my mind that the next book will make me cry a river, but I'm left wondering: At whose loss? How can any of this possibly end well? At least with The Iron Fey series, you had an idea of how things could conclude, though, of course, Kagawa didn't go that route.

There's only one thing left I can do: Hold out until the next book and hope my heart can take whatever Kagawa decides to dish.

Thank you! No monies or gifts were exchanged for this review.


I am genuinely a Kagawa fangirl! More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. That ending was so evil and clever from Julie Kagawa!

For some reason, although Julie is known for writing genius plot-twists and breaking the hearts of her readers on a daily basis, I didn't expect Call of the Forgotten to take this heartbreakingly cruel route.

And how I was wrong, because Julie did it once again! One of the best things about all Kagawa's books are her amazing characters AND the imaginative world-buildings she creates. I love the unique world of The Iron Fey. I love Nevernever, all the courts Summer, Winter, Iron and how the world is nicely immersed in an actual faery mythology.

The descriptions of the world and its creatures were so beautiful, magical and lively. While most of the characters in this spin-off series didn't shine for me as much as the ones from the original series - The Iron Fey , there is one character which does interest me but don't mistake it for love, it's more like a fascination in Call of the Forgotten.

And that is Keirran. He isn't exactly a lovable character, he has some problems, messes things up and makes impulsive decisions. He's a tormented, broken soul and on his good way to be a villain. It was not only your darkness rising to the surface. And anger is not the only emotion that can force us to consider terrible things. There is only so much a soul can take before it is broken.

Both of them have girls they love and would do anything for, and both of them have girls who are, although in a different ways, dying.

But Ethan has his limits, there are some things he knows are wrong and some lines he wouldn't cross, even for Kenzie. Destroying the world is one of them. Keirran, on the other hand, can't stop until Annwyl is safe, he wouldn't stop before anything to save her.

Even if it means a betrayal. With this series, I'm not sure how things would end. If there is even a chance of at least some of the main characters making it out alive, and maybe it's better that way. Yes, I'm nice person like that. He's a cat after all. The silly fae and humans can't reach his level of awesomeness, obviously - from The Iron Fey , will be safe. His dark gaze met mine. Final rating: The thing is, i freaking loved this book - enough to originally want to rate it 5 stars There are several reasons and most of them include some particular chara Final rating: There are several reasons and most of them include some particular characters and some points of the story.

Which is why i took 0. I couldn't wait for this sequel to come out, and as soon as i saw it was out, i was so happy that i just had to start reading it right away.

Generally, i was not disappointed, it was strong sequel and not just a bridge book. It was full of action and idioticness and crazyness, and scary parts and so on and on Unfortunately, the killer ending almost slaughtered my feels, and the next book, which i btw hope won't be the last too, cannot come out fast enough.

Story continues where it left off in the first book But some time later Ethan returned to school and life there was the same as it was before. Until he finds out that his actions and "adventure" lead Kenzie straight into a hospital bed But, his life gets even messier when he goes to find Keirran, who went missing - with one goal in mind - to find a cure for Annwyl who is slowly fading into nothingness To make things worse, the forgotten are slowly rising and it threatens all the worlds.

But no one is realizing it If you have read The Iron Prophecy you know why it wasn't right for Keirran and Ethan to meet each other. This time, you will understand why. Ethan still struggles between hate toward all Fey and helping out his nephew Keirran. He just wants to do what is right, but sometimes doing the right thing may cost him everything. Ethan is the same character as before, although i have to say that he improved a lot. At least he is more open up with Kenzie and he tries his best.

And his relationship with Kenzie is interesting, and their interactions are amusing as always. He may have overreacted sometimes, even though he had only best intentions in mind, but some of these actions made him look selfish - but, he redeemed himself. I swallowed hard.

This woman is amazing character. She wants to live her life the way she wants it to be, and for everything to be on her terms.

She does not agonize over her sickness, she is quite aware of what is going to happen to her - but she never stops being optimistic and wonderful. She rises up the whole atmosphere, and Kenzie is worth it. Because she is strong,brave and kind. Their relationship and love was kind of flat out for me. Probably because it was written off pages, and we didn't really see them interact so much Which is why i don't like him anymore.

The iron traitor epub books

There are bounds you can and can not cross. Serious — really - spoilers: I don't know if i should hate him for saving the one he loves, but he did it in cold blood and also unleashed ALL the forbidden Now they can return in full form and the Veil is thorn, as far as i have understood. He did something completely undespicable for someone he loved to live. He went dark side and i dont like that at all. The worst thing is that he is going to have some kind of redemption and he is going to get HEA.

Well, i hope he doesn't. He doesn't deserve it for what he has done.

Unless Kagawa convinces me that it is alright to forgive him. Meghan and Ash appear only for a few pages, but Grimalkin and Puck stayed far more. Oh, i cannot explain how much i love Puck and his comments, and how much i love that Meghan got stronger, and that she is not the same mindless and naive girl she was before.

Ash irritated me what can i do, i started to hate him after the first book, and i don't really understand how he had changed, because he didn't. And i loved it although the certain things like Keirran and the relationship between him and Annwyl put me off, but definitely looking forward to the next book.

I just can't wait. Call of the Forgotten, 3 This review can be found on my blog: View all 18 comments. My review can also be found at Reading Lark: I never thought I'd ever The Eternity Cure came so close Not because I hated it but because I loved the story SO much and yet, in the last two pages of the book, Julie proceeded to tear my heart out and eat it for dinner.

I would answer that question with a resounding and emphatic NO!!! Why, you say? It is totally worth enduring the cliffie! I swear! And in The Iron Traitor, Julie continues to write pure epicness. Along with the worlds and adventures we get to experience through her highly imaginative writing, her characters are the driving force for me So angry with the fey for ripping apart his family, he perhaps drew some misconstrued conclusions over the years.

As truths came to pass in this installment, and his feelings for Kenzie deepened, we saw Ethan soften just a bit while still staying true to his core. We got glimpses of what Ethan might have been like had he not had the fey so intricately woven into his life. Who knew he had a sense of humour and can be incredibly sweet and sexy rather than always brooding and angry?

Of course, Kenzie had a huge role to play in that. She provided another perspective in which to view the fey She continued to be a breath of fresh air, and the voice of reason in this story. I adored her character Her devotion to Ethan and who she considers her friends earns her huge favourite character marks in my books! We also got to know a bit more about Annwyl. YES to both! Lots of ties to the previous stories and their connections were stronger than ever before.

Were there consequences Not everyone is going to like Keirran in this installment He so desperately wanted to do the right thing and save those he loved from harm But he lacks their experience.

Not everything was as it seemed as some answers not all were finally revealed pertaining to why Meghan and Ash decided to keep Ethan and Keirran apart. But more puzzle pieces were turned upright in this installment, revealing some of the mysteries, but not all.

Iron Fey fans will also be happy to know that Meghan, Ash, Puck and Grim all continue to participate in this story.

And so But I repeat DO NOT wait to read this for fear of that nasty cliffie. You will be missing out on some awesome story-telling Or at least, we can hope her editors, once again, are working to convince her of that much. Update October Just completed the audiobooks of this and The Lost Prince to refresh my memory and put me back in this world I so love.

The audio book was awesome and helped me to not only refresh my memory but I picked up some things I had either forgotten or missed upon my first reading.

Iron Fey_Call of the Forgotten 02 The Iron Traitor

The narrator did a good job as well. View all 25 comments. Keirran, you bad prince! I hope Ash would freeze you near death. Not cetrain death because you are Meghan and Ash's son and I adore them. Plus, you'd suffer more if you stayed alive and watch your kind treat you as a traitor. Oct 31, Ferdy rated it it was ok Shelves: Spoilers I enjoyed this more than the first book, which I found absolutely rubbish.

Not that this was great but it did manage to be somewhat entertaining in places. So yea, that was something at least. His faery girlfriend Annwyl is desperate to find him, she asks Ethan and Kenzie for help, they agree. Time is running out for Annwyl though, s Spoilers I enjoyed this more than the first book, which I found absolutely rubbish. Time is running out for Annwyl though, she's fading from existence because she's been exiled from the Nevernever.

Ethan and co set out to reunite Annwyl and Kierran, whilst doing so they angst, whine, and act idiotic. They eventually track him down — he's been running around trying to find a way to stop Annwyl from fading because he wuvs her so much. Bratty Kierran then teams up with Ethan and the gang, and they jump from place to place, and encounter various bad guys, learn each others secrets, generally act like silly angsty teenagers, and oh noes!

Betray one another. Yea, just like Shakespeare only lamer, stupider, and more boring. I still thought he whinged and angsted loads, but he wasn't quite as douchey as before. He also seemed a little more intelligent but maybe that was just in comparison to Kierran, who was a dumb fucky fuck.

She only had a short time left what with her cancer, and instead of wallowing, she embraced any chance she got at adventure. She deserved to have the last few months of her life be something memorable, epic, and worthwhile. I hated how Ethan tried to stop her from getting mixed up in fae business, he knew that she wanted to experience as much as possible, and he knew that she hated people trying to control her life but he still tried to dictate her life.

Yea, I get he was trying to protect her but she was dying anyway, and he was well aware of her desires to live as much as possible before she dropped dead. Why did he not get that she wanted a fantastical time instead of an unremarkable time before she died? She told him so in the first book. I know a lot of readers don't like Kenzie, but I thought she was a decent character, she was exactly what Ethan needed to get him out of his many pissy moods.

There was nothing really epic or romantic about them. He was stupid, selfish, entitled, and cruel — he didn't care about anyone else as long as he got what he wanted. Yea, it was nice that he wanted Annwyl safe and healthy but that didn't mean he could behave however he wanted. He put Ethan, Kenzie and so many other people's lives at risk just so he could get his own way. And he was so fucking ungrateful about it all. I knew he would turn on Ethan at the end, he chose to kill him and there's no coming back from that.

I really hope Kierran's murdering ways aren't glossed over as him just not being in the right state of mind because of that dark ritual he did to save Annwyl.

That would be a cop out. He killed Ethan because he was an evul, selfish bastard, and he can't be redeemed. But I'm guessing all his bad deeds will be forgotten since Ash who did much worse things than him ended up getting an undeserved HEA… So I'm sure Kierran will too.

The worst that will happen to him will be that he loses Annwyl, and like Ash he'll act like a dick for centuries until some virginal teenage girl catches his eyes. So yea, I have no doubt he'll somehow get his HEA. Probably because their romance was mostly done off page. I preferred them over Ethan and Kenzie's lacklustre relationship though. Yea, I could have done with an Annwyl or Kierran POV, that way I might be more convinced of their romance — as sweet as their dedication was to each other, I just wasn't completely sold on them as a couple.

I didn't care about Ash though, he's one the worst YA characters ever. But because Ash was a selfish git, and did whatever he pleased, he fucked up the fae way and caused the Forgotten fae problem. If anyone should end up dead to restore the balance, it should be him.

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He hasn't changed at all — he still has the same powers, he's still ageless, he's still just as strong and respected as before. What was the point of his supposed transformation when he hasn't changed at all?! Yea, she was still grieving for Meghan but she could have been a little more supportive of Ethan. And no doubt Kierran will learn his lesson, and he'll be forgiven everything. I think Kenzie will die and Ethan will move on… I hate all these female characters that just end up dead so they can teach the hero some important lesson about life or something.

All in all, The Iron Traitor was mostly unremarkable - Ethan somewhat improved as a narrator, but the plot was still repetitive and dull, and most of the characters were unlikeable. I'll probably be reading the next book but only because I'm attached to the world and certain characters Meghan, Kenzie, and Puck. View all 6 comments. Dit is weeral een schitterend deel van deze serie! Julie Kagawa weet echt hoe ze de aandacht van de lezer bij het verhaal kan houden.

Haar schrijfstijl leest lekker vlot. Toen ik eenmaal in dit boek begonnen was, kon ik het moeilijk weg leggen. Het duurde wel eventjes voor het verhaal op gang kwam, maar daarna was het razend spannend! Dit was een zalig boek en ik kijk er al naar uit om het Dit is weeral een schitterend deel van deze serie! Dit was een zalig boek en ik kijk er al naar uit om het laatste deel te lezen!

I have finished the book around a month or two ago when I got my dirty paws on the silvery ARC. And since then, considering how my mind tends to deceive me into remembering every little thing, I still am overwhelmed by the emotion The Iron Traitor left in its aftermath. In a very rare occasion I end up liking all the characters in a book, and it was one case where I felt connected with each of the four MCs. I felt their ego, their sentiment, their anger and desperation, love and hatred.

I wanted I have finished the book around a month or two ago when I got my dirty paws on the silvery ARC. I wanted to cry with Kenzie, slap some senses into Ethan, both kiss and kick Kierran at the same time for his desperation which was stupid but brave and hold Annwyl from fading. I felt a lot of thing and they are ineffable. The story began with Ethan and Kenzie, back in his normal life, was trying to make through it. Ethan soon got a surprise visit and warning from his sister Meghan and Annwyl regarding Kierran.

On the other hand Kierran was on a hell bent mission to find a cure to stop Annwyl from fading. So once again Ethan was pulled into an unwanted quest to help Annwyl and stop Kierran from making a serious mistake before it was too late.

A character can truly be judged based on their action and reaction in different situations. Both were on the brink of losing their love.

And where Kierran could go to any extent to save his, Ethan would rather cope with it than bargaining with faeries. Here comes the difference between them, and I accept, until this point, I was leaning towards Kierran, despite his decisions were thoughtless and actions desperate, but all he did, he did them for Annwyl. It was the madness of unconditional love, the heat, the passion and the intensity that drove him out his senses.

But…but until the very end, he truly crossed the line between thinkable and unthinkable, sanity and insanity. Where I rather felt pity for him than anger. Ethan showed much more maturity than his nephew.

He knew the cost and consequences that might led to further trouble. My likeness for Ethan was not an easy one. The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa only gets interesting after awhile, where readers are thrown into the whirlwind of adventure once again. He was first featured in an alternate universe, where his personality is different and altered. He is immortal and ageless Ethan knows the limit of his sacrifices, and despite the fact that his girlfriend is dying from cancer, he refused to make a bargain with the faeries to keep her alive any second longer should the time come.

Now, that is something I applaud; his bravery to let go instead of hanging on to something inevitable. Another brownie point for Ethan Chase. Keirran, on the other hand, did the most terrible thing just so that he could keep his love, Annwyl, a former handmaiden to Queen Titania who was banished and exiled from the Summer Court alive when her existence is threatened by the forgotten. I felt that what he did was not justified at all.

All we know about Keirran and Annwyn is just a tidbit here and there. And to make it worst, it was revealed at the end of the story that Annwyl was commanded by Queen Titania of the Summer Court to get the attention of the said Iron Prince and seduce him before betraying him. Though we come to understand later that Annwyl really did fell in love with Keirran for real afterwards.Somehow I will manage to wait a year for the next book, but I have no idea how.

In the meantime, reading the Call of the Forgotten series so far has been completely enthralling. Burn, burn! It's a novel that I would highly recommend, and I'm definitely looking forward to the next book.

It's interesting that I'd have such a strong reaction to this installment because for the majority of the novel, I didn't feel it was as strong as Kagawa's previous works. Also, it was pretty obvious from the title and cover that he was going to end up doing something horrible at some point. Iron Fey Lovers!: She continued to be a breath of fresh air, and the voice of reason in this story.

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