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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Neville Jason's approach, he says Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Children's eBooks. The Sword in the Stone - Kindle edition by T. H. White. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . your feedback! Click here. cover image of The Sword in the Stone. Read A Sample. The Sword in the Stone. Essential Modern Classics. by T. H. White. ebook.

The Sword In The Stone Ebook

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All our eBooks are FREE to download, but first you must sign in or create an draw the marvelous sword from the magic stone and become the King of England . "Come, sword," said the Wart. He took hold of the handles with both hands, and strained against the stone but nothing moved When the wizard Merlyn comes . The sword in the stone. [T H White] -- Schoolwork becomes a lot more fun when Merlin arrives to tutor Kay and Wart, but Merlin has special plans for Wart.

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Kay had given him the nickname. Kay was not called anything but Kay, as he was too dignified to have a nickname and would have flown into a passion if anybody had tried to give him one.

The governess had red hair and some mysterious wound from which she derived a lot of prestige by showing it to all the women of the castle, behind closed doors. It was believed to be where she sat down, and to have been caused by sitting on some armour at a picnic by mistake.

They found out afterwards that she had been in a lunatic hospital for three years. In the afternoons the programme was: Mondays and Fridays, tilting and horsemanship; Tuesdays, hawking; Wednesdays, fencing; Thursdays, archery; Saturdays, the theory of chivalry, with the proper measures to be blown on all occasions, terminology of the chase and hunting etiquette. If you did the wrong thing at the mort or the undoing, for instance, you were bent over the body of the dead beast and smacked with the flat side of a sword.

This was called being bladed. It was horseplay, a sort of joke like being shaved when crossing the line.

Kay was not bladed, although he often went wrong. Happiest time of me life. Pass the port.

He attributed to this weakness the fact that he could never get beyond the Future Simple of Utor. It was a third of the way down the left-hand leaf, he said.

He thought it was leaf ninety-seven. He passed the port.

Must have been a good twenty-five miles as he ran. Help yourself to port.

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I wonder if the Bible has an similar law to Godwins law in Fantasy book threads -1 vote The only thing worse than a Terry Goodkind book is a Terry Goodkind ebook. You can't burn an ebook.

I didn't mind L. Modesitt, Jr books - Saga of Recluce, I like the way they also tell the other side of the story bad guys?

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Terry Prattchet also has good books but a lot of people don't get the jokes in it..Community Reviews Sign up or Log in to rate this book and submit a review. Swords whined venomously about him, but death passed him by breathless margins.

Fellow that lives by the Burbly Water. One by one, all who oppose me will die—by fire, or steel, or those deadly wines you know so well how to brew.

Merlyn magically turns Wart into various animals at times.

Edward Stratemeyer.

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