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There is no easy way to do it in the PDF format, because it was not built for such tasks. If you only have access to the PDF then export it to. This is the great list of 60+ add-ins for Word to unlock your full potential. Find the perfect tools to give you a huge productivity boost!. Wordbee has developed an Instant Translation Tool, a free Add-in for Microsoft Office that let you translate emails, text and documents on the fly.

Translate 12 Pro Add-in Fur Pdf

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We have an article titled “Add SEO To Your PDF Document”. this to friends in Romania, it would be nice to translate it into Romanian for them. Translation in Mozilla Firefox, [KB11] Translation of PDF Documents, [KB12] Translation in Modify date: 12/06/ pm The PROMT Translator tab with translation functions will appear in the Microsoft Office application ribbon. Select Add-Ins and make sure that the PROMT for Microsoft Office add-in is not . Translation in Mozilla Firefox, [KB11] Translation of PDF Documents, [KB12] Translation in Modify date: 09/12/ pm The PROMT Translator tab with translation functions will appear in the Microsoft Office application ribbon. Select Add-Ins and make sure that the PROMT for Microsoft Office add-in is not .

Professionals will make the translation at a given price. You can then ask them to make changes if you need before validating the order.


The plugin allows you is available directly from SharePoint so you can send any file directly. Spreadsheet - Free l Although initially designed for Excel, Spreadsheet is now a Word add-in as well. Instead of starting a document from scratch, pick up a template in their library. The templates include financial statements, budgeting, payroll, invoicing, time sheets, checklists or inventory management templates. This add-in is however not supported on Mac computers. Documents need first to be configured for working with the Document Wizard.

This tool works only on Word and later versions, for Windows and for Mac. You can securely sign yourself documents, or send it for a colleague or client to sign it. You can also store all your signed documents in a dedicated OneDrive folder. DocuSign meets legal standards.

Search Citation - Free l As the name suggests, this add-in lets you search for citations without leaving your Word document. If you are writing academic documents such as thesis or publications, you will love this tool.

Just type your keywords and the add-in will search in various reputable sources such as indexed journal, conference proceedings or text books. You can then insert your resources in your document with a single click.

You need an existing ImageVault server and credentials before you can use it. Wikipedia - Free l This app for Office lets you quickly access Wikipedia content for your Office documents.

It also makes it simpler to reference text and images. Search results will appear in a task pane, and you can choose to show text and images, or just images. This is clearly meant for students, academics or researchers who are writing papers with many references. The app is available on Word on Windows and Word for iPad.


Collins Dictionary - Free l Check definitions, synonyms or translate text in over 50 languages instantly within your documents. You can also listen to the audio pronunciations of words thanks to this add-in. It is available on Word, PowerPoint and Excel versions or later on Windows, as well as the Mac version and the Online versions. A subscription is required to use the service.

Translator for Microsoft Edge

Qorus requires a subscription to use the service. It is available on Word or later for Windows. Qorus is not available on Word for Mac.

You can use this tool to make searches, get cited documents, verify quotes, manage citations format and more. Word to website - 3. Images can be previewed from a task pane, and you can search pictures, icons, 3D or moving images without leaving your application. Although the app is free, you will need a subscription if you want pictures to be in HD.

Qorus Document Builder - Free l This productivity app helps you save time by saving and reusing content.

You can combine content to create documents, monitor how content is used over time and sync content with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. It lets you go through a rhyming dictionary to find the rhymes that will sound just right with your words.

You can search by senses as well. Abbreviation List - Free l When working with Word documents, it is usually a standard to make an abbreviation list at the beginning of your document, to give their meaning once and for all.

Finding your abbreviations after you have written pages and pages can be a real pain. So the Abbreviation List add-in will scan your entire document and find abbreviations.

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It's simple and genius, and the result is a Table of Abbreviations with the definitions you have used for them in your document. It only works for Word or later on Windows. Paletti - Free l Paletti provides top color palettes, with colors that work well together. The plugin works with Word or later on Windows, as well as the Mac version and Word Online.

It is not supported on Mac iOS. PROMT Dictionary and Translator - Fee l Make sure you don't use an unwise word that will cause some incident, by getting the exact definition with this add-in. The dictionary also provides translations with multiple choices of words, and translations can be inserted in your documents with just a click.

It requires an Internet connection to work, as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Project version or later, or the Mac version.

Word Facebook Integrator - Free l This add-in is made for heavy Facebook users or community managers who need to change their Facebook status on a regular basis. Word My Status will let you update your Facebook status from a Word document by using the selected text of your choice and hitting a button. The app works on Windows only, with Word or later. Code Format - Free l If you are developer, this plugin will let you edit your code in a Word document following the properly formatted syntax.

Highlight your code and select the coding language, and your code will be formatted to look just like in any code editor.

This app works with Word on Windows, and on the version for Mac and Online. Use this to add a design layer to your work and illustrate it with vivid visuals. And the best of it is that all pictures are available under Creative Common CC0, i. IMG Effector - Free l Once you have inserted images in your document, you might want to rework them a bit to give them nice visual effects. This free tool can apply 15 different effects to images in your documents.

It works on Word or later on Windows only. The app works with Word or later on Windows and on Word on Mac. This add-in requires Word or later on Windows. It is not supported by Mac iOS. Enter your data and the Curriculum Vitae Builder will make the design for you. This Word app requires version or later on Windows or Word on Mac.

Font Finder - Free l Looking for that fond you used the other day, but you can't remember it's name? Don't worry you are not the only one to whom this happens, but now you can find it with Font Finder, an add-in that will let you keep track of the fonts on your device. Salesforce DDP administrators can tag template documents in the task pane.

Emoji Keyboard - Free l This funny app lets you insert smileys for various emotions in your word document with a single click. You can get your document read in real time.

Consistency Checker - Free l This add-in scans your document and detects consistency mistakes in your text. It's always good to run a little consistency check before you submit your document!

The app works on Word and Excel or later, the Mac and the Online versions.

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The app works on Word or later on Windows and on Word on Mac. What you will see is the original PDF file.

So what happened to the translation? Scrolling down the document will provide you with the answer. You will see the translation here.

We want to present only the translation so we will delete the English portion. We do this by clicking on the original language portion of the the translated PDF and press the Delete key. You may also wish to get rid of the separator line by deleting that too. Now you will see the translated version of the document which will automatically be saved to your Google Drive.

You are not yet done, as the translated document is in a Google document. Go to File Print and choose Save File in the pop-up window.Microsoft Excel.

Many new games originating from Europe and Russia often only have user manuals in their native language until they get the time to translate them into other tongues. It works on Word or later on Windows only. Use Able2Extract Professional to sign PDFs with signature images and digital cryptographic certificates and add an extra layer of security to your confidential documents. This add-in is not available on Mac.

It provides you with a tree view of those links, can find suspicious links, and let you edit or remove them.

I have been playing with it all afternoon. This is the process whereby an image of a paper document is captured and the text is then extracted from the resulting image.

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