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Vrees me, Breek me, Vertrouw me, Verwoest me, Versplinter me (Dutch Edition) - Kindle edition by Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Teen & Young Adult. 'Je kunt me niet aanraken,' fluister ik. Ik lieg, maar dat zeg ik niet. Hij kan me aanraken, maar dat zal ik nooit vertellen. Raak me alsjeblieft aan, is wat ik wil. Vrees Me Tahereh Mafi Epub Books -- Download the Ebook Free Download Fracture Me, Shatter Me Series Book EPUB Ebook.

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Vrees me My Books, Read Books, Books To Read In Your Teens, I. Visit Ignite Me (eBook) Peculiar Children, High Stakes, Read Books, Books To. Tahereh Mafi's New York Times bestselling Shatter Me Shelves: e-book, for-a -challenge, young-adult, , angst, dystopian, annoying-female-protagonist. Hier een handig overzicht met websites waar je gratis ebooks kunt Het is me ook gelukt om een bedankje te zetten bij een van de.

So I did. Eventually you just sort of get used to the over use of metaphors that barely make sense. Its a typical dystopia, world gone wrong little group of rebels out to save everything.

Shatter Me Complete Collection: Shatter Me, Destroy Me, Unravel Me, Fracture Me, Ignite Me

Except this group of rebels all have magical powers. It struck me as badly thought out. And Omega Point rebels really cool little hideout just seems to be used as a stage for Juliette and Adams relationship if you can even call it that drama.

I mean come on!


So much potential to make me fall in love and be dying to go to Omega Point and its just tarnished by stupid arguments. This at least is pointed out by the fantastic Kenji, who straight up lets them know that they are being dumb.

Kenji is fab btw. In the first book Juliette is annoying whiny and childish. Adam has the personality of a potato. An especially bland potato. He is boring and dull and all he has going for him is his ridiculous insta-love for Juliette. He treats her like some kind sweet innocent little flower that he needs to protect.

Juliette is tough under all her whining, anyone could see that. She needs to be pushed and challenged to wake up the real Juliette inside, not coddled.

I get Juliette instant attraction to Adam, first person to be able to touch her her whole life? Shes gonna feel something. The only redeeming quality to Adam is his love for is brother James. I do love it when YA shows some good sibling relationships. As for the other characters; James is adorable and funny, loved him.

Kenji is fantastic, seriously fantastic.

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Id give him his own book. Barclay, Linwood - Vrees Het Ergste.

Baricco, Alessandro - Oceaan van een zee. Barker , Clive - Angst.

Barker, Clive - Duivelsspel. Barker, Clive - Weefwereld. Barnas, Maria - De baadster.

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A DRM capable reader equipment is required. Internet could beShatter Me is my favorite series, is has it all, in over the A thousand pages! Speaking of relationships, I thought it was a tad dramatic, but then you had Kenji and his comments poking fun at the drama.

When I first saw "Shatter Me" on Goodreads as I was looking for books to read, I didn't think much of it because of the tremendous amount of bad ratings the first book had.

Ik vergat nog een paar sides met gratis e-books te noemen: With Omega Point destroyed, Juliette doesnt know if the rebels, her friends, or even Adam are alive. Writing was interesting - the first two books had an odd style which I think was done on purpose to emphasize Juliette's mental instability - she is the narrator after all.

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Mijn apparaat wordt niet herkend door calibre? Wellicht leuk voor degene die ook een eReader hebben.

Even then, even then, you are not even close.

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