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Now it's time to see the story through Travis's eyes. Walking Disaster - Jamie KB. Walking Disaster - Jamie ecogenenergy.info2. Walking Disaster (Beautiful #2) Can you In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground [1] Beautiful Can you love someone too much? Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder. In Walking Disaster, the life of.

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May 4, Beautiful Disaster 02 Walking Disaster - Jamie - Google Drive. How much is too much to love? Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight ecogenenergy.infoy, the highly anticipated. In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and Walking Disaster (epub)] [DOWNLOAD A Beautiful Wedding (epub)].

Comparing Abby to crack. I couldn't get enough I'm addicted I need more At least I could understand some her actions through her thought process in BD. In Travis' POV, her indecisiveness was infuriating. She has no redeeming qualities besides being pretty. She was just there, being controlled by Travis. Not a good heroine at all. Travis' Arrogance. He acts like God's gift to women. There's really not one girl besides Abby that couldn't resist a tattooed, chain smoking, alcoholic, violent manslut?

I would rather him use fucked, screwed, laid, humped Why was sex referred to as bagged God I seriously wanted to throw my screen at times. What really drove my dislike home was: What in the world? I am Travis' age and nobody I know uses the terms flock, baggable and females in the same sentence. He honestly speaks like an immature virgin with no sexual experience whatsoever. Now the thing that made me want to punch Travis in the face His Misogyny I'm a fan of Contemporary New Adult, therefore I've read the whole reformed player story a million times before.

Usually the heros love sex and they love women. Just not sex with one woman. Travis is a whole different story. Actually not just hates women, he despises, loathes and abhors them. Yes despite having no standards and sleeping with everything that moves he is the most misogynist, sexist pig I've ever had the non-pleasure of reading about.

If you've had sex with him If you've had sex before the first month If you even showed interest in a guy you're not dating It's repulsive. That and the way he treats women. His attitude towards them directly corresponded to their sexual behaviour.

To say he was bitchy and judgemental is an understatement. I just didn't get it. So yes, as you can tell, I did not like this book. I will not be finishing this book.

I will not be reading anything else by Jamie McGuire. The slut shaming in BD, I could deal with. The degradation of women in this book I could not. This read like a bad fan-fic. It felt lazy, designed to maximise profits for the author and her publishing company. It was not what should've been written by a NYT best-selling author. View all 52 comments. View all 6 comments. Jul 30, Ava rated it did not like it Shelves: This review contains unmarked spoilers.

Can you despise a book but still enjoy reading it? It's not quite a train wreck that you can't look away from - more like staring at a naked man peeing in a plaza fountain.

Wait, that's not particularly enjoyable. Actually, ignore that. I'm drunk. A little. Not really. Not at all. I've just had a rough fucking week, okay? McGuire isn't going to win any awards for her gorgeous writing style; that's for sure. It's really quite meh; on a scale of E. James to Laini Taylor.

There's not a lot to say about it, besides being endlessly average. The whole story is just a bunch of angst and slut-shaming and bagging vultures. Oh, I should probably explain. Travis calls every woman except for Abby who shows an interest in him a vulture, and instead of saying "we had sex" or "we banged" or even "we fucked", he goes for the charming "I bagged her".

I mean, there's also the I-murdered-her-and-stuck-her-in-a-body-bag kind of bagged, but I really wouldn't put it past him. Travis wants to sleep with Abby. Abby says no. Abby sleeps in Travis's bed and does a bunch of questionable things that make Travis think they're more than friends, but no.

Abby goes out with a guy named Parker sometimes. Travis beats the shit out of people. They get together. They break up. Travis bangs and throws out women like trash.

Walking Disaster

Wash, rinse, repeat. Gangsters and Vegas and tattoos and really unrealistic fighting. Babies and a stupid ending. The story of Travis and Abby is one of complete and utter chaos. At times, Abby could be a strong, likable female character who wouldn't take any shit from Travis. But more often, she submitted to Travis' controlling demands and partook in the slut-shaming of the very women she had often defended.

I felt like McGuire couldn't get a grip on Abby; her personalities and actions were so different. I had a hard time believing it was all the same character. She's pretty much the definition of hot-and-cold.

If I ever had the chance to speak to Travis - to tell him only one sentence - it'd be kind of obvious, seeing as my hatred for him knows no bounds.

Okay, I know Petyr Baelish probably isn't the best person to tell someone to go fuck themselves, but give me a break. Travis is literally one of the worst male characters I've ever encountered in all my years of reading. Actually, he's probably in the top five. I genuinely cannot understand how anyone could have an ounce of respect, admiration, or love for this violent, awful misogynist. He tore apart an entire bedroom, smashed furniture - just because Abby had left without telling him.

Travis is a fucking psychopath. He treats everyone - even the people he supposedly respects - horribly, and he's more of a mother to Abby than a boyfriend. Abby, you can't wear that.

Abby, you can't do that. Abby, you can't be a fucking person and stand up for yourself. He reduced her to his pet. By the way, since when does the FBI recruit unstable, uncontrollable, dangerous men? Travis begins working for the FBI. It's funny, I think, because in a lot of new adult books I read, the main characters end up successful from careers that are not suited for them at all. Kind of a "fuck it, let's make the male love interest into a gang-busting government worker!

Hell, the only person I didn't want to strangle was. No one. America, Abby's best friend, could be really smart at times like when she slapped some common sense into Abby and told her to stay away from Travis but she also shipped them and encouraged them to get back together, even after witnessing all the shit Travis had put Abby through.

Her boyfriend, Shepley, Travis' cousin, is also annoying as hell. Even Parker, supposedly the 'nice guy' and Abby's boyfriend, was a disrespectful asshole at times. To be fair, I'd take Parker over Travis any day, but still. I can count, with one hand, the amount of women who weren't 'sluts', 'whores', 'vultures', or 'skanks' by the definitions of every fucking person in this book.

Not even Travis' bartender friend, who he had no desire to sleep with, was safe from his frat brother's attentions. So, basically, this book was shit and if I write any more, I'm going to get incredibly frustrated and end up breaking someone's face.

This whole book felt like it was McGuire's subtle-but-not-subtle-enough response to her critics, defending every negative thing we had to say. View all 47 comments. All the waiting for the cover, blurb, excerpts, pre-order and arc openings. It's all so worth it. Two years. I waited two long years for this book to finally come out! To say I was excited was an understatement. I was beyond excited! Walking Disaster follows exactly the plot line of Beautiful Disaster but the new lines and dialogues and parts makes my reading experience seems like I was reading an entirely new book.

The Prologue was pretty powerful. I guess this is the part that I loved the most. Just from the Prologue you could immediately understand where he's coming from and as the story progress you get to see the meaning behind his actions.

Reading this story in Travis head opens me up to understanding his anger management issues, possessiveness, fighting, his perception about love and relationships and his hot and cold feelings about Abby - which leads me into the conclusion that Travis Maddox is indeed a Softie - vulnerable and can feel things and could easily be hurt.

Upon reading this I get to see the side that we see only glimpses on the first book — the parts where she inflicted great pain to Travis. I ache for every thing that this girl does and says that causes our guy to be miserable - the continuous push and pull on their relationship is too much.

Mostly, I ache for those simple gestures that Travis does for her that seems nothing to her but very much a big thing for him. Oh and how he's secretly this hopelessly romantic guy. You would also get to know his TRUE story here. The Maddox Family rules this book! I love their manly bond with each other - From their father to the sons.

They quite picked up my interest after reading this one. Why Travis is head-over-heels in love with Abby? I know he finds his peace with her and stuff like that but I don't think the story justified as to why Abby really caught the heart of Travis. I only get to see her not so good side here. Then why does it feel like I get to hear Abby here from time to time?

I know the other side of the story is there but the voice of the story pretty much sounds like Abby I feel like it since I do a review reading of Beautiful Disaster before reading this one The Epilogue - Honestly I'm gushing over it!

I like it in a very good way but I'm pretty much skeptical about it in another. I was satisfied ye but I just can't quite figure out why the sudden opening of that epilogue. Even though the ending screamed the end already? Travis Maddox is one of those characters that made its mark on me and would surely and always have a space in my heart - he's forever etched into it.

I believe that it is possible to love Travis Maddox more after reading this one! You would surely, laugh, smile, swoon, ache but definitely enjoy every minute of it!

I just love Travis Maddox! View all 10 comments. Aug 05, Christy rated it it was amazing. If you loved Beautiful Disaster, you will love this!

But Travis has been towards the top of the list since I read BD around a year ago! I just love him!!!

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A good one that takes place years after BD ends!!! View all 88 comments. Jul 11, Rose rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Initial thoughts: Some of you are probably thinking "Ye Gods, Rose, you said you weren't going to touch this one, so why did you read it? Curiosity is not my best friend. It nags at me until I relent, even for books that I sometimes, not often say I will put them down and not have anything to do with them EVER again. But when opportunity presents itself - I swallow my qualms and break my own boundaries. You put a book in front of me, it's like putting a saltine cracker in fron Initial thoughts: You put a book in front of me, it's like putting a saltine cracker in front of one of my good friends from my undergrad uni days - you're asking me to pick it up.

I surfed NetGalley Friday morning, looking at some of my approvals I think I upped a review that day as well. I saw "Walking Disaster" listed and went to look at the description. I did not know that NG had the first grab. I didn't get a chance to look at the email until after the fact and by then, it was over.

McGuire and I do not have a fond history as far reading her work is concerned, and I'm mindful of so many controversies surrounding this series, and I think Travis is an abusive jerk and So I was one of the first people to get this galley, though on what end of that scale, I've no idea. Afterwards, I started to have regrets, but not just for the content of the book.

I thought people would think I went into this to "hate read", but honestly it was more academic okay, maybe a little bit for the snark and pending train wreck, but not primarily. One of the things I wanted to do in this pre-review was write a fanfic-ish dialogue between characters that I would consider my "book boyfriends" trying to determine why Travis wouldn't make it into a formal "Order" of sorts. In the same breath, I wanted to use that to examine the intricacies of "book boyfriends" in a humored, constructive, and introspective way.

And I knew I could write in those voices because I know the characters very well and could hear them chattering in my head, complete with humor lines I think anyone would be able to appreciate, regardless if they've read the works they're from or not. Then I realized I'd probably get into trouble with that because of having to put a disclaimer, asking permissions from some of the creators of these characters, and then facing the utter mortification that people would not get what I was trying to do with it.

Thinking it would be too long for the review space as well, I scrapped the idea. Instead, I'll keep with the academic nature of this review and give you a song that jumped in my mind the minute I finished this book.

The song's called "Paralyzed" by Rock Kills Kid. If you can listen to the song, even if it's not your chosen genre, try it.

Listen to the lyrics especially or read them if you care to. Some of you may already know it because it was the ending theme to the horror movie "Prom Night". Tell me seriously that the lyrics in that song don't have some tie to Travis Maddox when you think about him and his reckless actions - in a sensual way, in a destructive way, in a way that seems blind and repetitive and full of being stuck in the same emotional place.

McGuire really could've used this book to do so much introspection with Travis's character, but for anyone who's read BD - that wasn't likely to happen.

BD was all about the trainwreck, the so-called whirlwind romance, the crushing on the tattooed, damaged hero and the girl who loves him, the in-fights, the shock factor, the drama.

So now with "Walking Disaster", we're reading the same story, but from the hero's perspective. What do we learn? I could answer "next to nothing", but that wouldn't be entirely accurate. We don't learn that much more about Travis's family than in the first book except for the prologue , some scenes are rehashed, some scenes are new, some are expanded slightly.

Instead I'll say that on Travis's part, from a mental perspective - Travis barely owns up to his mistakes. He is not a male mind I want to walk through in any capacity, and I'm a bonafide sapiosexual - I like walking through minds and digging into what people know.

Travis still shames people for who or how often they engage their sexuality slut or virgin , he makes no apology for ordering Abby around he defends telling her what to wear , he engages in reckless behavior without real remorse for what he's done except maybe a few times, one of which had a spark of which I could give McGuire credit for , and he's generally a jerk for all of the book.

We also learn that Jamie McGuire cannot separate herself from negative reviews surrounding her work, because the level of authorial intrusion in this book is worse than the first book, and it's more blatantly panning certain criticisms that were of the first work. My take on this: Focus on the story that you're trying to tell. Even if it has its problems, there are still people who may recognize its problems and still find enjoyment in it to a certain degree, but for all intents and purposes, glorifying the problems further that you had previously, acknowledging them and then proceeding to DEFEND them, does no one any favors.

And it never helps to screw with your critics, because you might end up learning something from them. Full review: And it's not just on the note of its tattooed "hero" with a penchant for violence. Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox could not be any further from a romantic hero in the healthiest sense of the term. He's careless, manipulative, misogynistic, angry, needy, violence glorified. I had to wonder on so many levels exactly why people were so drawn to him.

Why people consider him to be a "book boyfriend" among other things. You might recall I proposed this very same question in my reading of "Beautiful Disaster. I wondered if McGuire would delve into the kind of things that shaped Travis to be the person that he was in present terms, and to figure how he could treat some of the people he loves the way he did. I think more are attached to the "image" rather than the actual projected realities that are often attached to "bad boy" characters.

That can be problematic because in some details, people think the characters can get away with these things. That it's simply "fiction" and that supposedly has no bearings on the reality of what people want in their relationships.

But then I have to ask - if it's not what people really want, why are these tendencies portrayed as being desirable? Is that not contradicting? People may consider a "bad boy" and think of a cocky swagger, a teasing smile, tattoos on a chiseled body, a washboard torso you can run your hands down, strong embraces or overarching physical strength in general , but underneath those ideal physical and visual cues exists a damaged man, one at the end of his rope.

While he may lash out at the wrongs the world has dealt him in ways that one may not always agree with, there exists some spark of kindness, some measure of redemption that lies beneath that hurt and he actively works towards that.

Some of us, as readers, want to tease it like a stray thread from a tapestry and unravel it, hoping that it can reveal the person underneath. Someone good, strong, warm, careful yet assertive in his explorations, sweet, sexy, savvy, funny. Travis Maddox isn't any of these things.

Not from the portrayal that this book gives him, not by his actions, his thoughts, his overarching disrespect and disregard for anyone he loves or cares about including himself. The author also lacks ability to use any faculties in this retelling to truly delve and shape the character into anything that might invest into building the sort of character Maddox is. To be blunt, I couldn't help but feel this respective retelling was a lazy effort in its entirety because it really didn't bring that much more to the table than the previous book, and if anything made certain aspects either worse for wear, or taking a turn towards the absurd the ENDING especially.

You guys already know the story, so I won't give a recap of events. Rather, I'll speak on what little new information this novel offers. In the prologue, Travis speaks upon the death of his mother as being the aspect that spurred him to "keep fighting" in the scheme of his life.

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

I think many would say it's a difficult thing to lose a parent so young, and with a prolonged illness. Especially in the measure of having to say goodbye I had to say goodbye to a grandmother who had complications from a massive stroke in a similar way. But the problem I had with McGuire's prologue was that there were many details missing as well as contradictory for the count.

There's no indication of the illness Travis's mother suffered, how long she suffered, how old Travis was when he lost her though it was implied that he was very young , and further - I did not understand the measure of fighting in the context of his mother's final words to Travis. I could understand - you know, a mother in desperation telling her son to live and experience all the things that this life has to offer, but the "fighting" bit never did make sense, especially with the overarching novel to consider.

I believe that is the only true explanation as to why Travis turns out to be an "angry" person, but even then, it's not substantiated because we never get an idea of what Travis's life was like with his mother, why he revered her so much, and how that played into his relationship with Abby. It's further confirmed by the fact that Travis justifies his mistreatment and stances in many forms. His voice comes across as bitter for much of the narrative.

He hates on Shep and America's relationship because they're happy and doesn't hesitate to call Shep a "pussy".

He hates on Parker because of his wealth and propensity to pick up the damaged girls that Travis leaves behind which really isn't given any kind of specificity in this work. He hates on America for her weight and tendency to follow Shep around like a puppy, only "without the poop. And it's interesting that the most frequent subject of Travis's controlling, patronizing ways often ends up being the professed love of his life, Abby.

Something of an image of purity though he criticizes Abby for being a virgin, which apparently he thinks is unheard of for a college age woman. He also shames her not so subtly for knowing where to find condoms. In a more mature narrative, you might find that there are dimensions that might try to address how a person like Travis would exert his crudeness in the false belief that it conveys love, but WD is not any measure close to that.

It plays upon the drama, the conflict for the sake of conflict, without any true resonating factors or details. Travis is desired in light of his negative traits, and while WD could've used the space to expand from BD, where it was a problem, it managed to make the entire measure worse. I think part of this was McGuire's inability to separate her narrative from her critics and properly expand details.

The authorial intrusion in the previous novel had more to do with pushing along the story narrative and glorified elements that were problematic for the sake of drama, often bending characters into positions where desire, which would normally not be a part of the equation, suddenly was. Yet in this form of the story, Travis actually defends many of the actions he takes against the surrounding people in his life.

He calls out "sluts" for what they wear or how they deserve to be treated after one night stands, thinks virginity among any college student is unheard of, and even berates Abby for what she's wearing and has the audacity to say "Call it sexist, but it's true. No matter the darned package it's wrapped in. It's a backhanded insult to try to justify it that way. And there have been many critics who have called McGuire's narrative on these problematic elements, including the fact that Travis seems like a psychotic character, and there were a few references in this narrative that sounded eerily close to justifying his behavior in that way - from his own voice.

Travis has issues that would be intolerable if he were an actual living, breathing person. There was one moment in the narrative when Travis has a one-night stand in a drunken stupor that he completely blanks out on and is full of utter remorse, especially when he has this disconnect in the grocery store when he's trying to buy things for Abby in apology.

To control her, to possess her. He even buys a wedding ring thinking that they will be together eventually after the biggest screw-up in their relationship to date. His rampage after the Vegas trip was just as disturbing as the first book, only we see a little more of the depression that he goes through in Abby's absence.

I'm still weary of saying that was a worthy portrayal, but at least it was somewhat addressed. The biggest telltale sign that McGuire was flipping off her critics, and also a sign of further contention for the problematic elements in this work - the epilogue, which takes place 11 years after they're married. I didn't expect to be laughing as hard as I did when I read the ending because it's not only so far from the plane of belief, I was also trying to offset horror at the implied notations behind this particular set of scenes.

I do not know how anyone can take those resulting measures seriously. Travis, with his respective issues, would never be an FBI agent - his anger is too far along the scale for that, even with an 11 year window to change within. The fact that their children would be predispositioned to enacting violence at school, defending their mother from crude commentary, and one of the children beating up another girl for having a crush on her brother is just sad to me, because it automatically negates any growth that Travis might've had for his supposed former disposition to violence.

I think in putting this book down, I'm done with reading any future works of Jamie McGuire. For reals this time. Because her storylines are far too removed from the measure of anything realistic, desirable, or worthwhile that I could personally find in this. I will say that on the measure of having "book boyfriends" - I think we'll all have different tastes in what we find attractive in people, and that's something worth respecting.

Reviews of : Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire PDF Book

Some of us are turned on by different things - personalities, interests, physical features, emotional bonds, things of that nature. For me, Travis would never be a person I follow in his purported image because his thoughts, actions, rationalizations and sense of person are truly disturbing to me, and so far removed from reality and placed in the sake of drama that I could not support that, nor could I tolerate it in this respective narrative.

Overall score: View all 56 comments. Jul 20, Annejhoyce marked it as to-read Shelves: Jamie McGuire , you're killing me here girlfriend. I decided a long time ago I would feed on the vultures until a dove came along. A pigeon. Even though I was reading the same story being in Travis head was an amazing experience. Travis for the first time in his life is getting overwhelmed by a girl. She is brave , intelligent and beautiful but he knows that she is hiding something from him. In the beginning his only pu I decided a long time ago I would feed on the vultures until a dove came along.

In the beginning his only purpose is to get into her pants but she made it clear to him. She wants to be only his friend. Obviously, the friend-thing never works. The more they spend time together , the more he is falling in love with her. Abby is innocent and damaged and he is scared to date her because she is different. She's different , Shepley. She's good. However Travis has learned a few things in his life.

He is willing to change for her and fight to win her love.

The change is not easy when you have to compete someone like Parker but when you have an ally like America nothing is impossible. You Mad Dog are exactly what I came here to protect from. Even with your epic fuck up , you might just be what she needs.

Travis is hot tempered and impulsive. Being with Abby is what he needs and even if he hasnt admited his feelings for her it is pretty obvious that he is madly in love with her. Here is the part where Abby annoyed me. They were acting like a couple and yet she wouldnt admit it that she loved him. It takes her a while to understand it and then they are finally a couple.

Around her he feels a whole human being instead of an angry man. Yet Travis keeps fucking up things but it's not always his fault. The book's prologue was heart breaking.

Walking disaster and beautiful disaster will stay with me forever. It's hard to forget Travis and Abby after these books. A middle finger to everyone who thought we wouldnt last. Even though we'd pull each other through hell we'd found heaven. View all 83 comments. Jun 06, KAS rated it it was amazing. Having already fallen head over heals for Travis, this read was a no brainer for me. Travis is so adorably adorable it is insane. This flawed, beautiful man proved time and time again he would go to any lengths to prove his love.

Ahhhhh, the deepest sigh!! We also get a more in depth view into his relationship with his father and four brothers. Luckily this series has been out for a few years, so all the books are available. Catch you later, as I have four more delectable Maddox brothers waiting in the wings to swoon over!! View all 49 comments. Wait, this is gonna be a series? After the absolute fucking train wreck that was Beautiful Disaster, there is seriously gonna be another one.

Excuse me, I've gotta go throw up. What the actual fuck? Well, fuck. Book one was fucked up enough. Now we get book two. Travis is a sick fuck. He is psycho.

He is a stalker. He is obsessive. He is in dire need of anger mana Wait, this is gonna be a series? He is in dire need of anger management. Dear Travis, Sincerely, Me. Abby doesn't give a fuck about Travis' controlling nature. She doesn't stand up for herself. She doesn't give a fuck that he bashes the fuck out of people for money. Hell, she bets on his fights. She doesn't care that he has fucked the entire female population and continues to fuck chicks even when she's present.

She doesn't even care that he calls her the most God-awful nickname, Pigeon. She lets Travis control her. Kill you, that is. But hey, you should thank me. I mean, it's only a matter of time before Travis bashes the fuck out of you. My killing you will actually save you. So, you're welcome. Sincerely, Me. Abby would be better off filing a restraining order. Her relationship with Travis is never going to last.

He is FAR too controlling. He barely gives her space to breathe. But hey, he fucked her up. Basically, this is going to be the same book, just from someone elses POV. There will be all the elements from the first book; sex, alcohol, gambling, more sex, beating the fuck out of people etc, etc. Congratulations Miss. Your lovely sorry excuse for a book got picked up by a publisher, made into a trilogy, and movie rights sold. Your absolutely disgusting behaviour has been rewarded.

So for that, I congratulate you. But I'll let you in on a little secret Karma is a real bitch. Girl, you have got some nerve! I've never been one of those people to highlight into oblivion while reading, but girl, did I regret not highlighting the fuck out of Beautiful Disaster!

Let me point out that I read it a couple of months ago and only read it once. Apart from the memory of reading a book walking the thin line between something I am indifferent to and something I hate, there is nothing else about this book that lingers in my mind.

So, imagine my frustration when I start reading Wal Girl, you have got some nerve! I blink in confusion for a while until I realize that my subconscious is aware that I have actually read this before.

Anyways, I quickly thank God for all the technology stuff I own and load both books on two different devices and there it is: The ultimate proof that Jamie McGuire did nothing but copy and paste. Girl, you have got some serious nerve doing this and calling it a new book. It's fine by me, I'm not even going to finish this lazy-ass book-wannabe. But think about all the people who actually liked Beautiful Disaster and became your fans.

I will shed a tear for these people. I refuse to accept that someone has slightly changed a story they've already published and are now selling this shit as a separate book. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say story because we all already know that the author did not push even a couple of thousand of her brain cells into creative thinking. I actually have a sweet small example here: Beautiful Disaster: He dried the last dish and set it in the rack and then led me down the hall, holding my hand a bit too tight.

I dried the last dish and set it in the rack, and then reached down for her hand to lead her down the hall. Don't you think I know they did the dishes together with Toto at their feet? It was supposed to be different from Travis' point of view; people are different, they are impressed by different things and observe things around them differently.

Like I said, I don't have a kind of highlight madness or something, but believe me when I say there are a lot of examples like that. Actually, the whole Walking Disaster is a sum of slightly re-written Beautiful Disaster text.

This I call milking at its finest and don't and will not tolerate. I am so pissed I spent several from my precious hours on this planet to read this, I am going to eternally hate myself for my stupid issue with series. View all 12 comments. Jul 15, Vishous rated it it was amazing Shelves: I waited so long to be in his head and it was verra verra good! I must say that I was expecting something more.

I don't know was the reason to that the reason that it was the same story but from his POV, but I did miss something. Nothing much, but I had a feeling like it was more like narration of the story and less how he felt. Again I repeat myself, maybe it was only because I knew the whole story and there arc courtesy of netgalley in exchange for an honest review! Again I repeat myself, maybe it was only because I knew the whole story and therefor maybe I experienced it differently: But that doesn't change my rating and I did find it amazing because I was finally in his head!

I read so many reviews of "Beautiful Disaster", lots of them bad and lots of them good. The main problem with bad reviews was that people start to experience the book to intense.

Just because I like to read about obsessed psychos doesn't mean I will look for them in my private life. But I also repeat myself that this is fiction and your actions must never be under influence of book characters. The reason I am telling this is because when you read "Walking Disaster" No, some of his actions are not normal for a young man in college, or any age, in a relationship, and no it is not good sign if he brakes everything around himself when they break up, and no it is not healthy to be obsessed with someone so much, but I repeat this is fiction and in this fiction I love this bad boy that needs to be fixed: Jan 06, Mischenko rated it it was amazing.

This book is featured on Throwback Thursday https: As Travis grows older he endures many stuggles including an alcoholic father. As a college student he dates plenty of women, but never falls in love, until the moment he meets Abby.

His world turns upside down as he tries to figure her out and win her heart at t This book is featured on Throwback Thursday https: His world turns upside down as he tries to figure her out and win her heart at the same time. Maybe it was just me and her. Maybe together we were this volatile entity that would either implode or meld together.

Either way, it seemed the moment I met her, my life had been turned upside down. The characters are so full of depth and emotion, you become part of them. Jamie McGuire remains one of my favorites and I want to read everything she writes.

Travis Maddox… Gosh, how I missed ya. Seeing the story of him and Abby through his eyes was like chocolate cake for my shipper heart. I was missing angst—that feeling us girls yearn for in every romantic movie or book.

Oct 09, Marina rated it really liked it Shelves: It all started quite a few months ago when I was quietly going about my business. Until something hit me like a sledgehammer in the head. Then of course half the reading community seemed to hate it, so obviously that seemed to be my call.

That resulted into one day of obsessive reading till I was stumbling my way through normal people activities the next day: And all-day fantasies about bare-chested, tattoo-clad, gorgeous, manwhore year-old fighters: While desperately trying to cl So.

I forgot. You grabbed a Before we left. I opened the door, trying to keep my voice casual. We can hit a pizza place.

That might have been too eager. She looked down at her sweat pants. She had no idea how beautiful she was. That made her even more appealing. My thoughts were usually more relaxed on the bike. Almost a relief. The weird urge I felt around her was disorienting. I decided to get my shit together. Abby might be a pigeon, but she was just a fucking girl. No need to get my boxer briefs in a bunch. Besides, there was something under the good girl facade.

No way was she a slut, though. Not even a reformed slut. I could spot them a mile away. My game face slowly melted away. I barely knew the girl, and the thought of some jackhole hurting Pidge infuriated me. Abby associating me with someone that would hurt her was even worse. I gunned the throttle as I pulled into the Pizza Shack. I imagined that was how she looked first thing in the morning, and then had to refer to the first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan to keep my dick from getting hard.

Visible intestines.

More blood. I held the door open. It was a damn shame; she was the first girl that I had ever wanted to open the door for.

Chapter 8 Teaser Shepley walked out of his bedroom pulling a T-shirt over his head. His eyebrows pushed together. Quit being a cry baby. Do you remember last night?

Walking Disaster: A Novel

Invite some of our friends over and have America take her out for a while. Anything else? What are we going to do with a dog?Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Romance Be silly"-her eyes glossed over-"and you and your brothers take care of each other, and your father. Abby, you can't do that. Pigeon, though. Megan lay on my couch lazily, watching TV. I only get to see her not so good side here.

Other books in the series. Other editions. Some of us, as readers, want to tease it like a stray thread from a tapestry and unravel it, hoping that it can reveal the person underneath.

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