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9 ফেব This is most important pdf answer key for all the Candidates of WBCS Exam . WBCS Preliminary Exam full answer key available. WBCS Preliminary Examination Solved Question Paper by admin» Sun WBCS Preliminary Exam Question Paper Solved -Set B by admin» Sun. / Common. NB: This question paper is of one of our student's. So marked answers are of his own. These may be correct or not.

Wbcs Preliminary Question Paper Pdf

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, WBCS Preliminary Examination Question Paper (Bengali). WBCS Exam 28 Jan, Preliminary Question Paper Download,pdf book download, Bengali PDF book download for Competitive exams. Previous Year Questions WBCS previous year question with answer key 16 pdf file download link provider can download the.

The eighty-sixth Amendment of the Constitution of India altered a Directive Principle of the Constitution to provide for. Which Article of the Constitution of India guarantees to all citizens the freedom of speech.

According to the Constitution of India it is the duty of the President to present which of the following on the desk of the Parliament - 1. Recommendations of Union Finance Commission. Report of the Public Accounts Committee. Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General. Report of the National Scheduled Caste Commission. Mark the correct date and year in which the Indian Constitution came into being.

It is an economic cooperation for the China led free trade. It is a counter cooperation for the Americaled trans Pacific partnership. In the countries involved in this cooperation Indian Professionals wil have job market.

WBCS Exam 28 Jan, 2018 Preliminary Question Paper Download

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:. With reference to Hausla , consider the following statements: It is an initiative of Ministry of Minority Affairs. The power to increase the number of Judges in the Supreme Court of India is vested in.

The fundamental object of 'Panchayati Raj' system is to ensure which among the following? The ideal of 'Welfare State' in the Indian Constitution in enshrined in its. What will follow if a Monetary Bill is substantially amended by the Rajya Sabha?

WBCS 2019 Preliminary Exam Full Answer Key | Question Paper PDF Download

In the Constitution of India, promotion of international peace and security is included in the. Which of the following district was not in West Bengal at the time of Independence of India?

Mention the name of the state which has larger boundary with West Bengal among the following states of India. In India, which type of forest among the following occupies the largest area?

The sum of the incomes of A and B is more than that of C and D taken together. The sum of the incomes of A and C is the same as that of B and D taken together. Moreover, A earns half as much as the sum of the incomes of B and D.

Whose income is the highest? A result of a survey of persons with respect to their knowledge of Hindi H , English E and Sanskrit S is given below: Arrange the following words according to dictionary arrangement: If the first and third letters in the word NECESSARY were interchanged, also the fourth and the sixth letters, and the seventh and the nineth letters, which of the following would be the seventh letter from the left?

How many meaningful words can be made by changing only the consonants in the word MEAN so that each of the consonants is replaced by the previous letter in the English alphabet, by using each letter only once in each word?

In the following series, how many such odd numbers are there which are divisible by 3 or 5, then followed by odd numbers and then also followed by even numbers?

How many 3s are there in the following sequence which are neither preceded by 6 nor immediately followed by 9? Which of the following interchanges of numbers would make the given equation correct? Arrange the following in a meaningful squence: Arrange the following items from general to particular: A man has a certain number of small boxes to pack into parcels.

If he packs 3, 4, 5 or 6 in a parcel, he is left with one ; if he packs 7 in a parcel, none is left over. What is the number of boxes he may have to pack? Choose the best alternative as the answer Q.

Placement Paper. I need last 10 years solve paper of wbcs Want PDF How does the writer describe Just solve all the previous years' question paper Questain paper pls Title Type gnm nursing question paper with answer PDF sample question and answer paper PDF Model question papers and previous years old question papers Find model question papers and previous years question papers of any Which one of the following crops witnessed the maximum rate of increase of production due to the Green Revolution in India?

Which state of India has the largest installation of wind power? Which one of the following sea ports has natural harbor?

B a state government organization of West Bengal. C a government organization represented by both the central India and the state governments of West Bengal and Jharkhand.

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D an organization of the state governments of West Bengal and Jharkhand. C more barter transactions. D more foreign exchange transactions.

B the public sector. C the tertiary sector. D the industrial sector.

The largest contributor to the gross domestic savings of India is A the household sector. B the private corporate sector. C the public sector.

D the foreign sector. In India non-agricultural income tax is A levied by the Centre and fully distributed among the States. B levied by the States. C levied and appropriated by the Centre.

D levied by the Centre and shared with the States.I will meet you at the train station. B to reduce fiscal deficit. In the Constitution of India, promotion of international peace and security is included in the. Which Magadha ruler was known as 'Seniya'?

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Pick Your Own. In India non-agricultural income tax is A levied by the Centre and fully distributed among the States. Visit us today!

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