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Birth of Kanakadhara stotram: Sankaracharya realized the womens devotion irrespective of being poor. praying her to by divinebrahmanda in kanakadhaara stotram in kannada. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. 23 ಮೇ Kanakadhara Stotra in Kannada / ಕನಕಧಾರಾ ಸ್ತೋತ್ರ. ಶ್ರೀ ಶಂಕರಾಚಾರ್ಯರು ರಚಿಸಿರುವ ಕನಕಧಾರ ಸ್ತೋತ್ರ ಶ್ರೀ. Kanakadhara Stotram In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1 Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link Kanakadhara Stotram In Kannada: Source 1.

Kanakadhara Stotram In Kannada Pdf

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Devi Stotram – Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram Lyrics in Kannada: . Devi Lakshmi Stotrams Kannada, Kanakadhara Stotram Adi sankaracharya Kannada, . SHANKARACHARYA'S STOTRAS IN KANNADA. All of these stotras or prayers have been compiled into Kannada PDF format. Please Kanakadharastotram. Kanakadhara Stotram(Kannada) Kanakadhara stotram in telugu - _ Stotras in Telugu ecogenenergy.infouments · Shiva Mahimna Stotram.

Kanakadhara Stotram(Kannada)

The God of love could only reach , The killer of Madhu, Through the power of her kind glances, Loaded with love and blessing And let that side glance , Which is auspicious and indolent, Fall on me. Capable of making one as king of Devas in this world, Her side long glance of a moment, Made Indra regain his kingdom, And is making Him who killed Madhu supremely happy.

And let her with her blue lotus eyes glance me a little. To her devotees and those who are great, Grants she a place in heaven which is difficult to attain, Just by a glance of her compassion filled eyes, Let her sparkling eyes which are like the fully opened lotus, Fall on me and grant me all my desires.

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Please send your mercy which is like wind, And shower the rain of wealth on this parched land,, And quench the thirst of this little chataka bird, And likewise ,drive away afar my load of sins, Oh, darling of Narayana, By the glance from your cloud like dark eyes. She is the goddess of Knowledge, She is the darling of Him who has Garuda[14] as flag, She is the power that causes of death at time of deluge, And she is the wife of Him who has the crescent, And she does the creation , upkeep and destruction at various times, And my salutations to this lady who is worshipped by all the three worlds.

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No ads displayed on the blog Priority support and feedback! Kanakadhara Stotram Lyrics in Kannada Language Shree March 15, at 4: Again and again return, those glances, Filled with hesitation and love, Of her who is born to the ocean of milk, To the face of Murari, Like the honey bees to the pretty blue lotus, And let those glances shower me with wealth.

He immediately started singing twenty one slokas praising Goddess Mahalakshmi , praying her to bless the poor women by driving her poverty and grant her riches. As you sow, So you reap : Mahalakshmi replied that the lady has not done any good deeds helping others in charity in her previous birth.

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Adi sankaraya accepted it but said though the poor lady din't do any good deeds in previous birth, in this birth, she has such a kind heart that irrespective of being poor, she gave this little amla fruit to him and this good deed alone is enough to bless her with all prosperity. Goddess Mahalakshmi's grace : Listening to Sankaracharya's beautiful stotra and his arguement that the poor women must be blessed for her good deed in this birth offering of little amla fruit , Mahalakshmi was moved.

Friends, here comes the greatness of this Goddess. She really is for devotion and purity of heart.

If we always involve in good deeds , always chanting Gods name, we will surely be blessed by Mahalakshmi. As Sanakaracharya was singing Kanagadhara stotram, Mahalakshmi showered Golden amla fruit like rain infront of the poor womens hut.

Imagine, rain of golden fruit showering from sky.Log into your account. Post navigation Prev Post.

One will be blessed with the capacity to work ahead of time, he relieves us from debts, pave way for contented income, improve financial status and makes us live with respect. Download Kalbhairav Mantra pdf. When no amount of hard work could give relief, the only way to secure wealth is the wink of luck from the eyes of Goddess of wealth and the blessings of the spiritual entities. Lord Shiva is the Manifestation of Kala Bairava.

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