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Some rules mechanics are based on the Star Wars Ruiepioying Gome Saga Edition Core Rulebook by Christopher Perkins. Owen KC. Stephens. and Rodney . 12 - SAGA EDITION - Rebellion Era Campaign Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. 12 - SAGA EDITION. star wars rpg (d20) - saga edition - rebellion era campaign - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide Pdf

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tures to come in your game. Setting a. Campaign in the. Rebellion Era. This section of the presentation provides you, the Gamemaster, with tools for building and. The Rebellion Era Campaign Guide brings the Star Wars Saga Edition rules to the time when tyranny and oppression mark the reign of the. - Star Wars Rules Companion Rebellion Era Campaign Guide D6 CONVERSION.

If you sporting blaster rifle. Ranged Weapons the following: After you resolve a charge attack you can take no further p. The listings for the hold-out blaster. This weapon takes no also use any and all movement for the round as a penalty when firing at targets at short range.

Rapid Shot [rule] p. Will 12 be used with vehicle weapons. Reach 1 square to those onboard. SR Speed 2 squares walking. Add the following sentence to the end of the Cha 7 section on Cost Factor: Burst Fire.

Star Wars Saga - Core Rulebook.pdf

Int 8. Change the end of the last sentence to say. Threshold 18 p.

Con —. For an Replace the droideka stat block with the following autofire weapon. For a burst or splash weapon. Cost Rapid p. Weapon Proficiency heavy weapons. If you are trained in the comlink. FeatsArmor Proficiency light. Mastery II.

Weapon Focus rifles. Replace the text with the following: If you fall from a height of greater than 60 meters. Will Attack or Juke: Defenses should be Reflex 40 37 flat-footed. Dual Weapon Mastery I. If the check Possessions 2 laser cannons treat as blaster succeeds and you take no damage from the fall. On the Defenses line.

star wars rpg (d20) - saga edition - rebellion era campaign guide.pdf

Replace third line of melee attacks with: Wisdom Shyriiwook following: Add the following line below the Abilities line: Special Qualities delay damage. DR 1Threshold Defense or the base skill DC. Official Clarifications Text changes and official clarifications for various items in the Saga Edition core rulebook. Unlike the errata. Gamemasters may also waive this skill. Character Level Sidebar p.

Witnessing a target performing an 1 or higher. These changes are formatted in the same style as the errata in case you want to write the changes into the text.

Star Wars Saga Edition. Change the prerequisite to say. You may not heal yourself with this power. Force stun requires a which are heavy weapons. This grants him activate. Bowcasters are power as well. Combat or cause an attack to automatically miss. The benefits of such abilities apply only to weapons in which you are proficient.

Ion p. All Rights Reserved. PO Box You can ready as a Different CLs. To do so. Under Combining your next turn has begun. A droid with 5 levels of soldier and 3 activated as a single move action if you are levels of scoundrel could be reprogrammed with 3 proficient in the weapon. Yuuzhan Vong treat the Add the following sentence before the last amphistaff as a simple weapon instead of an sentence of the second paragraph: A reaction is paragraph under Nonliving: Wizards is headquartered in Renton.

WA Thus he needs a thereafter. Just remember that anything you see in red in this document can be changed to your liking. You can obviously choose any talent you wish. Expert Grappler as that would then change Therefore these are entirely optional. Every stat block reflect added or subtracted feats.

I based this on the are necessary. They are only listed if from that book has been scoured and all of the errors revealed. Therefore I chose to add and remove things that would have as little a tangible If you find errors from the Star Wars Saga Edition Core Rulebook effect as possible. Dark Side Marauder. For the Dark Side Marauder. Sometimes however.

I chose the talent Devastating Attack. I plan on updating this parts of the stat block that were not originally incorrect. When Also included in this section are a few updates to certain choosing which particular character options I had to add or remove I stat blocks utilizing the various new options from newer kept in mind the rest of the stat block.

I also document until it seems it is no longer necessary. Ref 16 not 14 and flat-footed 15 not 13 Defenses: Fort 16 not 14 Threshold: Remove Use Computer. Ref 18 not 17 and flat-footed 17 not 16 Ranged: Fort 19 not 17 Atk Options: Fort 9 not 8 Grp: Blaster cannon 3d12 not 6d8 Skills: Remove Weapon Proficiency simple Skills: Will 12 not 10 Ranged: Perception is not a trained skill Ranged: Remove Powerful Charge Skills: Will 10 not 11 not -6 Systems: Add Distant Command Talents: Remove Rally p.

Increase all attacks by 1 Defenses: Will 25 not 24 Ranged: Missing 1 feat Ranged: Double Attack should apply to pistols. Ref 40 not 39 and flat-footed 37 not 36 Defenses: Fort 37 not 36 Defenses: Will 34 not 33 p.

Ref 28 not 26 and flat-footed 25 not 23 Skills: Add Weapon Proficiency heavy Feats: Remove Melee Defense Skills: Missing 1 skill. Use Talents: Missing 1 skill p. Remove 1 Force Point Recovery Defenses: Fort 26 not 27 Skills: Add Shake It Off Feats: Remove Extra Rage p. Wis 13 not 12 and Cha 15 not 16 Ranged: Add Field Tactics Talents: Remove Outmaneuver Update Feats: Add Etiquette p. Int 13 not Add Adept Assistant p.

Shyriiwook is understand only Melee: Remove 1 Force Point Recovery Feats: Double Attack should apply to lightsabers. Ref 35 not 30 and flat-footed 31 not 27 Talents: Remove Master Slicer Melee: Remove Coordinate 2 p. Human Melee: Ref 36 not 34 and flat-footed 33 not 32 Ranged: Missing 1 feat Skills: Missing 1 skill Skills: Ref 11 not 12 and flat-footed 11 not 12 p. Ref 12 not 13 and flat-footed 11 not 12 Ranged: Add Coordinated Attack p.

Creatures Character p. Ref 24 not 23 Ranged: Remove Initiative and Endurance Skills: Will 19 not 18 CL: Int 13 not 12 Skills: Ref 14 not 15 and flat-footed 14 not 15 Skills: Ref 23 not 21 and flat-footed 21 not 20 Melee: Add Greater Weapon Focus heavy Talents: Remove Weapon Specialization heavy Skills: Remove Tough as Nails Talents: Add Devastating Attack advanced melee weapons Talents: Remove Weapon Specialization advanced melee weapons Feats: Add Precise Shot Feats: Add Power Attack Feats: Remove Cleave.

This material is protected 4 meters 2 squares under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Edition rulebook to see if your conversion is significantly better or worse U. You'll see a lot of vague references to Production Erik Olsen approximation. For nonheroic characters. Editing Ray Vallese These guidelines are designed to help you convert characters. Damage Threshold: Your damage threshold is equal to your Fortitude Defense unless you are greater than Medium size see Creatures.

Sarli system to another is by definition an inexact science. Sarli the Star Wars Roleplaying Game is by generating new characters. Your Reflex. Though the guidelines provide a foundation for conversion. Design Manager Christopher Perkins The Basics There have been a few simple changes to basic mechanics that apply to virtually every character in the game.

For others. Hit Points: For heroic characters. For the most part. To learn more about the Open Gaming As always. Throughout the process. Frank Parisi always add up the same. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission 2 meters 1 square of Wizards of the Coast.

See the Saga Edition rulebook. Your new speed in 1. If the droid is Large or greater keep the second result. If the species gains a skill bonus of some sort. Prestige Classes Other Abilities: Most other abilities should have a clear analog. Keep in mind that some classes have been merged with others.

Unlike the previous rules. If you have an additional movement type for example. Classes and Prestige Classes. In addition. You gain Skill Focus skill if you are trained Unarmed Damage: Replace the droid's unarmed damage with the in that skill. When in doubt. This if you want them to be hard to hurt or kill.

12 - SAGA EDITION - Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Any subtracting the size modifiers by degree and size Saga Edition rulebook. Jawa and Jawa Trade Language. For Droids are the one aspect of the new rules that are best converted by example. Replace these ability scores with Bothans make exceptionally good spies. Cereans get a reroll and a conditional astromech. Low-light vision and maximizes the degree of customization possible in the new rules. Table 1: You may reroll a skill check for a given skill.

Chapter 2: This is usually reserved for Swim and Climb checks when the species has Classes and a swim or climb speed. Most other systems and accessories time training to achieve that distinction. For mass-produced. Weapon Proficiency advanced melee weapons. This is best for skills where the species is best known for appropriate amount for its size and appendages see Table 11—4. Skill Focus Mechanics if trained in Mechanics. Saga producing highly skilled experts or professionals in a given field.

For unique.

Martial Arts I. Intimidation is now just a part of points and damage threshold see Table 11—2. Saga Edition rulebook. Take 10 Under Stress: You may take 10 at any time with the skill. This is best used for Speed: Determine the droid's speed as shown for species see above. Saga Edition presents a members of the noble class despite having no aristocratic background.

If two ability scores have the same value. For Classes and prestige classes are substantially changed from their example. For Edition rulebook. Kaminoan and Basic. Instead of having predetermined class features that are with Toughness as a bonus feat should gain either Toughness if you granted at particular levels. Note that the new rules generally avoid giving a Starting Feats: Prestige classes should not have starting feats in the bonus to skill checks. If you went over this amount.

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A few specific starting with the lowest until you reach the right amount. Table 2: For other requirements. As Defense Bonuses: Reducing the lowest class bonus first. Prestige classes should grant the same number of hit Class Features: Most class features can be left intact or used with points at each level as their old versions granted in vitality points.

Empower Weapon talent: Jedi Deflect defense Deflect talent: Jedi Deflect extend defense and attack Draw Fire talent: Table 3: Force disciple Force talisman Force Talisman talent: Force adept.

Gimmick talent: Class Features Cont. Demolitionist talent: Force adept Dark side talisman Force Talisman talent: Force adept and Empower weapon talent: Force Trust the Force Hyperdriven talent: Quick Fix talent: Fast Repairs talent: Personalized Modifications talent: Master Slicer talent: Hot Wire talent: Improved Initiative talent: To convert your bonus to skill checks are an exception.

If you have a realized with the Skill Focus feat. Use Table 5: Feats to determine the number of ranks equal to at least half your character level. Jedi Favor Connections talent: Jedi Force secret Force Secret feature: Skills Feats Skills have changed substantially in that there are no longer skill ranks. In most cases. If you run out of trained skills determined by your starting class.

If you have trained skills left over. Table 4: Skills Cont. Table 5: Force Force Flight Flight talent: Feats Cont. Autofire Capability Equipment Most weapons are single-shot only. Table 6: In Damage dice are the same. Accurate and Inaccurate Weapons have a bonus after their damage dice for example.

Determine the accurate or inaccurate Its maximum damage is Improved Force Mind Battle Meditation talent: Jedi Knight Defense Lightsaber Defense talent: Jedi Knight Mind Battle Meditation talent: Force Master Defense Lightsaber Defense talent: Jedi Master Mind Battle Meditation talent: Range Damage Ranged weapons have their range determined by their weapon group. Any weapon before. To determine the range for an exotic weapon. A DF-D1 flechette launcher deals 5d8 points of damage.

Rifles with a multifire setting will Like everything else. Other explosive weapons. Other Equipment Its maximum damage is A shadowsuit might take this a step further and allow the wearer to reroll Stealth checks keeping the second result. All blasters deal 3 dice of damage. In these cases. Vehicle Sizes. Example 2: A DY heavy blaster deals 3d8—2 points of damage. Its Size: Follow the guidelines below damage in the new rules. According to the chart.

Most full-body armor that 31—36 3d10 is. A great force pike deals 3d8 points of damage. Most armor has a Max Dex Bonus equal to of Its maximum damage is At this 1.

All slugthrowers and or add capabilities instead of adding bonuses. Maximum velocity itself does not change. Defense and sometimes Fortitude Defense instead of Damage Reduction.

Other vehicle. Speed starship scale: For airspeeders and starships with a Constitution: The player can only buy a talent on the tree once but can buy it again if it appears elsewhere on the diagram. Each Career Specialization has its own Specialization Tree. When the tree is all filled out, the character cannot buy any more talents from it.

If the player wishes to obtain more Talents for their character, then they must select a new Career Specialization and begin filling out that Specialization Tree. Talents are split into two groups. Some talents have levels and can be purchased more than once. The talent's levels stack, even if they are bought for different amounts of experience points.

Let's say a player bought their character three levels of Grit from one Specialization Tree at a total cost of 45 points. Then they bought one level of Grit on another Specialization Tree at a cost of 10 points. Disadvantages[ edit ] Disadvantages can be taken during character creation to offset point costs. Edge of the Empire has Obligations, something the character is forced or compelled to do.

Age of Rebellion has Duties, something the character wants to do. The number of Player Characters in the group set the base disadvantage number. The smaller the group, the larger the Disadvantage level that each player must bear.

The Game Master rolls percentile dice at the beginning of play to see which character's disadvantage will be used during the session. The character can pay off the disadvantage with experience points in gameplay. Force and Destiny has Morality, which governs how close the Force-using character is to slipping over to the Dark Side.

Unlike the other two games, Morality is governed by a character's actions during gameplay. Conflict is generated whenever they choose to perform a morally questionable action or choose to use the Dark Side of the Force in order to power their abilities. Morality cannot be 'bought' with XP, instead a player wanting to change their alignment must actually role-play a more aggressive character to turn Dark, or perform acts of compassion to become a paragon of the Light.

Motivation is the character's guiding principle a Belief, Personal Connection, or Quest. If the player uses the character's Motivation during gameplay, they get an experience point bonus. Dice[ edit ] The system requires custom polyhedral dice.

The beta version of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire softcover rulebook came with a sheet of stickers to convert 14 ordinary polyhedral dice of the right size to Star Wars dice.

Normally only one success on the pass—fail axis is needed to succeed. There are both positive and negative types of dice, which can be added to a skill check roll to represent advantages or disadvantages. White Die The Force Die sided white die with one or two black or white dots per facet are used to calculate the number of Destiny Tokens granted at the beginning of the session.

It also is used in the game to determine a "Luck" roll when a plot event requires randomness or fate to determine an outcome or when a Force Sensitive uses Force powers. Green Dice Ability Die an 8-sided green die with black markings are based on the character's Attribute level.

They only have Success, Advantage, and blank faces. A Character also gets an additional Green Die for every level of a Regular Skill they have above the controlling Attribute's level. Purple Dice Difficulty Die an 8-sided purple die with white markings are based on the difficulty of the skill roll.

They only have Failure, Threat, and blank faces. Yellow Dice Proficiency Die a sided yellow die with black markings indicate the character's level in a skill. Each level in a skill substitutes a yellow die for a green die in a skill roll. The yellow dice are like the green ability dice, except they have a "Triumph" critical success result on one face. Red Dice Challenge Die a sided red die with white markings are used with an extreme difficulty level. Red dice are like the purple difficulty dice, except they have a "Despair" critical failure result on one face.

Blue Dice Boost Die a 6-sided light-blue die with black markings are used to aid a skill roll due to advantageous factors. Characters with equal or greater skill can take an action to aid another Character who is using a skill to perform a task by granting them a blue die.

Black Dice Setback Die a 6-sided black die with white markings are used to penalize a skill roll due to disadvantageous factors. Character antagonists with equal or greater skill can take an action to disrupt another Character who is using a skill to perform a task by penalizing them with a black die. Percentile Dice Critical Dice a pair of sided dice that are different colors; one color is the "tens" digit and the other color is the "ones" digit; "00" is equal to Blank faces confer no benefit or penalty.

The result depends on subtracting the lower result from the higher result on an axis. A result of 5 Successes and 3 Failures is a Success of 2.

A result of 2 Advantages and 5 Threats is a Threat of 3. Triumph and Despair do not cancel each other out and double as a Success or Failure result. The total results mean that the character made the Skill roll with a bonus of 1 Success, but suffered 3 Threats and 1 Despair as well. The Game Master would interpret the result to indicate what problems and difficulties would happen next.

Destiny Tokens[ edit ] Destiny Tokens are granted based on Force Dice rolls at the beginning of the session. Each player in the party rolls a Force Die and the number of White and Black dots are added up. The Player Characters' party gets the tokens of one color and the game master gets the tokens of the opposing color.

The party's affiliation determines which color they get although players' characters begin play firmly on the Light Side - or are at least redeemable to it - there is a possibility that they could slide, fall or even leap into the Dark Side during play.

Every time a Destiny Token is used by the party or the game master, it is flipped over to change its color. It then awards either a bonus die adding a Green Die or converting a Green Die into a Yellow Die for a character's action, or a penalty die adding a Purple Die or converting a Purple Die into a Red Die to the opposition's effort. This flipped token can now be added to the opposite side's pool. Players have to decide whether they want to spend a point that may be needed later or limit the game master's ability to help a named NPC antagonist or penalize a player character.

They can change the situation or cancel out or re-roll an unfavorable result like a fatal hit or pivotal skill-check failure. Example: "I'm drawing my pistol The Beginner Game rule book is limited and lacks the full gameplay and character generation and development rules from the other three Core Books. No core book, Era sourcebook, or supplements are scheduled to follow.

Accessories Star Wars Roleplaying Dice : A set containing 1 white Force die, 3 green Advantage dice, 2 yellow Proficiency dice, 2 blue Boost dice, 3 purple Difficulty dice, 1 red Challenge die, 2 black Setback dice, and a set of 4 Destiny Tokens.Quick Fix builds on Fast Repairs and gives a techie character a way to restore some hit points to a vehicle that's still in the fight.

It also includes material from the Expanded Universe , as featured in novels and comic books.

Shyriiwook following: Perception skill. Skip Williams. As the co rrupt fo r physical abnorma li ties. Due to the owner's poor choice to siphon money from West End Games into his failing shoe company Bocce Imports, done in a last-ditch attempt to keep it afloat, West End Games went under and lost the Star Wars license.

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