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One-Click Hosters (OCHs) such as Rapidshare and now de- funct Megaupload . users, including categories such as movies, TV shows, games, music, ebooks. Dann nutze unsere extra dafür eingerichtete Kategorie: Bestseller – Ebook Pakete – Sammelpacks Download. Hier gelangt ihr zum Download der großen Ebook Pakete, Spiegel Bestseller, Autoren Packs. ebook sammlung . Die Downloads bekommst du auf sogenannten File-Hoster bzw. One-Click Hostern. Einzelne. Recommended Reading: Best Websites To Download Free EBooks – Part I. Help Us Keep Alive By Buying Atleast One Month VIP Membership or Other Plans. . As soon as someone clicks Your link and registers on our site, this person will uploaded premium link generator and other premium file hoster premium link.

Ebook One Click Hoster

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In other situations, such as one click hosting (e.g. rapidshare or mediafire [3, . Insights into Copyright Infringement in User Uploads to One-Click File Hosters. RapidShare is the world leader in one-click file hosting arena, despite being the movies, music and ebooks hosted on rapidshare and similar services. - Supports almost all major one click file-hosters; Oneclickfiles .com. /magazine-und-literatur-dauerangebote/ebooks-und-mehr- . Use One Click Hosters. Torrent is.

On March 1, , RapidShare. Files hosted on RapidShare. Rapidshare has its central office in Baar, Switzerland In , RapidShare was said to have hundreds of millions of visitors per month and to be among the 50 most popular Internet sites.

No user is allowed to search the server for content. Before 1 July there was a rewards program that allowed the user to trade "RapidPoints" for a selection of products depending on the number of points the user had collected. On June 18, , RapidShare announced that it would stop this program along with RapidDonations on July 1, , to avoid the impression it rewarded its users for uploading copyrighted material.

However, it cannot resume interrupted uploads. It is available for Windows and runs without installation. Skip to main content. Rapidshare Search. Rapidshare Search - Note: Com FilesTube. I find this one to be realy good www. The fastest, No Logs! I think this one is just awesome! No logs and freaking fast! It's best! My favorite rapidshare search engine is rsfind. Please review RapidZilla.

Ebook one click hoster

Enjoy, Roy. Great site! I suggest www. Please send me invitation code so that i can create account. Send me an invitation code too! You forgot about www.

I found www. Hello, just want to added one rapishare search engine I've found that is www. Give some other links please. This way it doesnt only look for matches in links but also on threads on various sites: Im gna go take a dump now. It's a stinker. Here is the best SE for shared files: Here's one with less screen clutter and a short name: P www.

I want to reccomend new rapidshare serach engine with polish uploads: Great List.

Site is gone! Nice list. I use RapidLibrary and http: There is another one: You can see file size too. I recomend www. Some links are already dead or are now parked domains with ads. But sometimes I just use google with the site: New Rapidshare Search Engine with a lot of Rapidshare. I tryed it, it's really nice, usful. Try this search engine too: Rapidshare Search Engine? Megaupload Rapidshare DvD download only at www.

The Best i have yet found is SearchFiles. Enormously FAST! New Rapid Hunter is one of the best Rapidshare search engines. Enjoy here http: Meta search most popular shares rapidshare, megaupload, netload and more http: It Rocks: I am using http: The Best File Search Engine: PLease tel me Nice work!

Thanks Did you know you can easily search thru all filesharing sites at one time? NET is no longer in their list. Try this to really great http: My favourite rapidshare search site is http: Its fast and resultsa are great! Thank you very much My favorite is http: Largest base, checked links. Give it a try!

Top 10 Rapidshare Search Engines

You guys Hello, I would suggest: Time to remove Since they changed the site all that shows up now are pay-for-sites. I've already deleted the bookmark. Too bad, they used to be my "go-to" rs search engine.

I like http: I really like http: Try it! Keep posting stuff like this i really like it. It's clean, fast and ads free.

Also the results are without dead links! This is the best Rapidshare Search Engine. Easy to search All the links are grouped All the link are valid!!!! Ramblings around the topic! Hi chaps, I have tried all of the most recent recommendations, not an exhaustive test but a simple search for 'Personal Stock Monitor' a damn useful soft that I actually own, and no I don't work for them!

Anyway I found these were the sites to give relevant results: Thanks for the great list. Couple of interesting entries there! I use filecrop.

Direkte Links für TorBoox und das neue heißbegehrte Archiv Download

Cheerr Best!! Nice list! Thanks for the recommendations! I'll certainly check them out. Support mutiple languages. For Youtube, both closed captions CC and automatic captions auto-generated subtitles can be downloaded if they are available.

Fast and easy to use. Adds direct.

Popular Groups. Are you sure you want to go to an external site to donate a monetary value? While it is highly appreciated to donate, please check with your countries privacy and identity laws regarding privacy of information first. Use at your utmost discretion.

Close Donate. EasyVideoDownload 7. Jul ' Multi-OCH Helper Oct 'My favorite is http: Rapidshare has its central office in Baar, Switzerland In , RapidShare was said to have hundreds of millions of visitors per month and to be among the 50 most popular Internet sites.

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