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Although suitable for play in any fantasy world, it is optimized for the Pathfinder campaign setting. Table of Contents. Blood of Angels. Variant Aasimar Abilities. PDF: $ Released, July Blood of Angels, a Pathfinder Player Companion sourcebook by Amber E. Scott, was released in July Blood of Angels presents a player-friendly overview of the aasimars of the Will be added to your My Downloads Page immediately upon purchase of PDF.

Pathfinder Blood Of Angels Pdf

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Publié le 16/04/ à par levinsflxhn. E-Book Download: Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of Angels pdf. Author: Amber E. Scott Pages ISBN Thank you for reading pathfinder player companion blood of angels. As you may know, people have search hundreds times for their chosen readings like this. PZO Blood of - Views. 3 years ago. No tags were found READ. PZO Blood of -

Andoran,Lastwall, Mendev, Nirmathas, and Varisia have thehighest numbers of aasimar citizens. Corrupt nationsand ones overrun by evil, on the other hand, attract aasimaradventurers looking to crusade against evil-Cheliax,Geb, Molthune, Nidal, and the Worldwound are populardestinations for aasimar champions, as well as for evilaasimars seeking to seize power and fame.

Listed beloware a smattering of different places where aasimars mightbe encountered, and the treatment they receive in each. Absalom: As a city that trades hard on its cosmopolitan,melting-pot nature, Absalom welcomes aasimars with open arms. The highest concentrations can often be foundin the Ascendant Court, the hub of the city's religiousactivity, and many would-be ascended deities either areaasimars or make a point of having them in their retinueafterall, who better to become a god or start a religionthan someone who already has a bit of angel in him?

Andoran: Many aasimars serve as Eagle Knights inAndoran, seeing in that nation's ideals the closest anysecular organization can come to the purity and love ofthe celestial planes. While petty jealousies and rivalriesoccur in Andoran just as easily as anywhere else, on thewhole aasimars are well respected there for both theirabilities and their ties to goodness.

Perhaps the bestknownaasimar is Captain Alzar Kenton of the GoldenLegion, a cavalier famed for his metallic golden hair andhis white celestial warhorse. Hold of Belkzen: Truly virtuous orcs are hard to find,and thus those few aasimars with ore blood are usually theresult of a union between a half-ore and an aasimar, or elsea much less consensual mating between orcs and capturedaasimar prisoners.

More common in Belkzen are aasimarsfrom elsewhere who travel to the barbaric region in orderto harry hunting and slaving parties from Belkzen. Onesuch vigilante, an aasimar ranger who goes by the nameSwiftarrow, rains death from her enchanted longbow ontoorcs unfortunate enough to pass by her mountain lair nearDeepgate, though the origins of her vendetta are unknown.

Cheliax: Cheliax is home to both aasimars warringagainst the tyranny of the Thrice-Damned House ofThrune and evil aasimars seeking positions of power andauthority in the government and church of Asmodeus. Ironically, however, aasimars in Cheliax often findthemselves ostracized almost as much as tieflings by theoften racist Chelish population.

What's more, unless anaasimar's physical traits are clearly angelic in nature,any oddities about their appearance often cause others topresume they're tieflings and mistreat them accordingly. Geb: Few aasimars are born in Geb, and most of thosewho are come from the living underclass, with the bloodof freedom-loving azatas occasionally showing itself inthe form of celestially inspired leaders of rebellions andslave revolts.

As such, aasimars are often looked uponwith suspicion by the government. The fact that manyaasimar paladins and clerics from around the world seefit to wage personal war against the undead nation doeslittle to improve their standing. Katapesh: While Katapesh is generally friendly towardaasimars-beauty and diplomacy being highly valued insuch a mercantile nation-the sad fact is that aasimars areworth far more than normal humans as slaves, and thusmany unwary aasimars end up kidnapped and shoved intoa ship's hold, bound for the slave pits ofOkeno.

Lastwall: With its righteous fervor and its devotion toIomedae above most other gods, it's hardly surprisingthat Lastwall is comparatively rife with aasimars. Aasimarcrusaders from other lands often end up here, adding theirblood to the mix and increasing the density, with a "touchof the celestial" being a mark of distinction claimed bymany whether provable or not. Those aasimars born hereare highly respected, yet also generally expected to growinto great defenders of the cause, and while they may enjoya pride of place within Lastwall's society, it comes with a great burden of responsibility for those young aasimarswho might wish to pursue other ways of living.

Mendev: Mendev is a popular location for aasimarswho yearn for battle against fiends, and CrusaderQueen Galfrey even counts one aasimar, an intelligentand tactics-minded rogue named Opaline, among hercouncilors.

Unlike in Lastwall, however, crusaders inMendev often look askance at aasimars unless theircelestial provenance is exceptionally obvious or easilyprovable, as this close to the Worldwound most folks viewanyone with unusual or otherworldly traits as potentialdemon-spawn. For this reason, many aasimars form abond with one church or another, allowing the religionto vouch for them through association.

Such trustedaasimars are often viewed as figureheads and good luckcharms by the superstitious locals. Mwangi Expanse: Given the diverse peoples and isolatedcommunities of the Mwangi Expanse, it's difficult to makeblanket claims about the region.

Nevertheless, aasimarstend to be respected among the various tribes and cities,and often rise to positions of prominence. Aasimars seemsomewhat more common in the jungles around Usaro,perhaps representing celestials' battle against the forcesof Angazhan, the Ravener King.

There are also rumors ofa hidden tribe consisting solely of aasimars living in thedeepest parts of the Expanse, but what they may guard orseek is anyone's guess. Nirmathas: Several aasimar druids and rangers maketheir homes in the wilderness of Nirmathas-this isespecially true since the start of its hostilities withMolthune, as freedom-loving aasimar warriors see thenation's resistance as a perfect chance to ply their trade, andoften find a rough but ready welcome among the woodsfolk.

Osirion: Much like Thuvia, Osirion is home to manyemberkin aasimars, and its deep deserts are filled withgovernment-sponsored div-hunters who seek to keep thefiends from crossing the Junira River and entering Osirion. Qadira: Reclusive and rarely seen by outsiders, thenomadic tribes of the Zho Mountains play host to asurprising number of aasimars, almost all of themtracing their heritage back to the majestic garudas, whostories say once watched over their wandering bandsandmay still do so in secret.

Rahadoum: Despite the fact that individual aasimarsmay not have anything to do with established religion, theirhereditary link to the Outer Planes-and the gods that rulethem-means that aasimars and tieflings are both viewedwith roughly equal suspicion in the atheist nation. River Kingdoms: Freedom-loving aasimars often travelto the River Kingdoms to lives unfettered by rules andregulations, and musetouched aasimars with lillend bloodare particularly sought after in art-crazed Pitax.

More than one aasimar sickof life in another nation has dreamed of running away tobecome a pirate, and aasimars here range from abolitionistprivateers to greedy-if charming-scoundrels out to takeby force what they believe to be their "divine right.

pathfinder blood of angels pdf

Because of thelarge div presence in the desert nation, peris are perhapsmore common here than anywhere else on Golarion, andthese beautiful celestials are more likely than most goodoutsiders to recruit and support mortals in their endlessfight against the divs. That these alliances often turninto romantic relationships is a fact well known to thenation's storytellers and balladeers.

Tianjing: In the distant land ofTian Xia, the nation ofTianjing is peopled almost entirely by aasimars, spawnedlong ago by an army of celestials and pious humans andtrusted to guard a dangerous rift to the Abyss and keepqlippoth from surging forth into the world. One of thefew places on Golarion where aasimars are the majority,Tianjing is outwardly an idyllic, utopian land-yet onesecretly hard pressed to contain the horrors that seek toslip past their guard. Varisia: The wild beauty of Varisia draws manyaasimars to its green frontiers.

Aasimars are significantlymore common in Magnimar than in Korvosa, a fact likelydue to the latter's association with devils, and a source ofirritation to Korvosans. However, many of the aasimarswho flee persecution in Cheliax make their way norththrough Korvosa, on their way to a new life in the region'ssmall towns and wilderness.

The Worldwound: Aasimar crusaders and paladinsflock to the Worldwound to test their mettle against theAbyssal monstrosities there, and the River Road runs thickwith the blood of celestials and their kin.

A monument inGundrun-a stack of white marble blocks-is said to be amemorial to the aasimar warriors who have died fightingfiends in the Worldwound, but no one seems to knowwhen the monument was erected, or by whom. Some feel called to seek outa destiny, others hope to help as many as possible withtheir gifts, while still others seek to put painful memoriesbehind them. Many simply feel an indefinable wanderlust. Those who choose to remain in their hometowns oftenserve as the town's religious leader or in a governingposition, such as on a town council.

These aasimars try tolive ordinary lives, yet many are unsurprised to find thatadventure and danger have a way of seeking them out. Aasimars who travel also seem to experience morethan their fair share of unusual events and come intocontact with many extraordinary people as they scatterto distant lands. Whether this is because of some divinedestiny or simply because their unusual appearanceattracts attention, no one knows for sure.

Old AgeAasimars often live slightly longer than other membersof their base race, yet this difference seems much greaterbecause their beauty tends to last as they age, giving themthe outward appearance of aging more slowly. Once anaasimar reaches adulthood, she retains her youthful glowfor decades, and even very old aasimars appear gracefuland vital, with a few fine lines instead of deep wrinkles andelegant silver or white hair that rarely thins or goes bald.

As death approaches, many aasimars return to thequestions that first arose in adolescence. They wonderwhether they have accomplished what they were meantto with their lives, and whether they have conductedthemselves in a manner worthy of their gift.

They examinetheir past deeds and decide whether they are leaving aproper legacy. The strange dreams an aasimar experiencesduring puberty often return in her twilight years. It's notuncommon for older aasimars-even those who chose moremundane lives as shopkeepers or artisans-to sometimesembark on risky adventures or try to eliminate great evilsto ensure they have given their life meaning before they die.

DeathIt is a sad truth that aasimars are far more likely to dieby violence than members of most other races. Aasimarsare few in number compared to other races, and theirunusual heritage often leads them into dangerous,adventuring lifestyles where they come into conflictwith dangerous creatures. Aasimars who embrace theirheritage in full, rather than simply its resulting abilities,often consider it a personal calling to fight against evil,especially powerful evil creatures such as fiends andundead.

In turn, evil beings often consider it particularlyfulfilling to slaughter aasimars. Even neutral and evilalignedaasimars seem drawn to dangerous situations,albeit for different reasons. FaithWhen aasimars search for meaning in faith, they oftenlook for a literal link to their past.

PZO9424 Blood of Angels.pdf -

Aasimars who feeldrawn to a particular deity sometimes read deepermeaning into that connection, naturally presuming thatthey must be descended from agents of their chosen god. On rare occasions, an aasimar champion may even findevidence of this belief-that his god's chosen agents areindeed responsible for the celestial blood in his veinsyetthe simple truth is that the celestial planes andtheir denizens are infinite, and thus the odds of a deitytaking particular notice of a given celestial or mortal areinfinitesimally small.

The traditional image of anaasimar held by most common people-that of a paragonof goodness and virtue-is often inextricably bound upwith the worship of such positive deities. Not all aasimars are drawn to traditional faiths, though. An aasimar with a non-human base race often feels drawnto gods from his race's traditions. Dwarven aasimars mayprefer Angradd, Bollza, or Torag.

Elven aasimars may lookto Findeladlara or Ketephys. Halfling and gnome aasimarsusually worship traditionally human gods, reenvisionedas gnomes or halflings accordingly, though halflingaasimars sometimes worship Chaldira Zuzaristan. Aasimars, particularly those who were raised inVarisian households, are also likely to look to powerfulangels as role models or objects of worship. An aasimarmight also worship any of the empyreal lords, but the mostcommon choices are Arshea, Ragathiel, and Sinashakti.

Aasimars can also be drawn to philosophies rather thanspecific gods, and druid aasimars often follow the tenetsof the Green Faith, as do many aasimars descended fromagathions. Other aasimars might believe in the abstractprinciples of Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law. On occasion, an aasimar grows shining metallic scalesduring puberty. These scales can grow in decorative linesalong the skin or cover the aasimar's entire body.

Theseaasimars sometimes believe themselves to be descendantsof Apsu, the god of metallic dragons, and a group calledthe Blessed of the Way bringer operates out of Absalom,searching for proof of their heritage. Whether they'recorrect in their assumption or simply the results ofunions with lillends remains anyone's guess. Evil aasimars often find themselves not simply ignoringwhatever innate goodness their heritage confers, but actively rejecting it.

As a result, many evil aasimars feelmore called to the religions that actively oppose thegood gods-diabolism and the church of Asmodeus arepopular choices, with aasimars styling themselves asself-righteously similar to the other "rebellious angels"of Hell's aristocracy. Others choose whichever religionoffers them the most power and the highest degree ofrespect as befits someone of their "innate superiority".

And still others are so damaged by their pasts that theygo crazy, turning to Lamashtu, Zon-Kuthon, demonlords, or others who embrace and foster their madness. Regardless of what gods they follow, aasimarsof a religious bent almost always come tosee their racial traits as marks of destiny,resulting in everything from simplepriesthood to a burning messianic mania.

Friendship and LoveAasimars have differing attitudes towardfriendship and love depending on theirspecific heritage, their family lifeand upbringing, and their personalnature. Aasimars descended fromlawful celestials tend to choose theirallegiances rarely and change themslowly. In Mendev, bards still singof the aasimar couple Findalay andMargatha, who met and marriedearly in life and spent the next decadewarring against fiends in the name ofIomedae. When Margatha died in battleagainst a glabrezu, Findalay carriedon alone, painting her likeness on theinside of his shield, where she couldwatch over him.

He struggled on in hissolitary crusade for 30 more years,with her name as his only battle cry,before he too fell in combat. To thisday, lovelorn crusaders sometimesfollow his lead, painting their lovers'likenesses inside their shields.

Aasimars who descend fromchaotic celestials tend to be loyalas well, but their loyalties are morechangeable. These aasimars mayfind love many times in their lives sometimes even simultaneously ,but are less inclined toward marriageand other social contracts-for them,the feelings are enough, and promisesjust get in the way.

As with members of any other race, an aasimar witha relatively healthy upbringing and close-knit familyhas an easier time trusting her heart to others.

Anaasimar who was ostracized, or who was the target ofjealousy in her youth, is often reluctant to develop closerelationships. She holds off on trusting her chosencompanions until time and shared experiencesconvince her of their loyalty and intentions.

Anaasimar badly wounded by a difficult childhood maynever be able to develop close ties to otherpeople, a self-imposed isolation that canlead her down a dark and lonely path.

Aasimars who display unearthly beautytend to attract many admirers and wouldbelovers-sometimes enough to be anembarrassment. Good-natured aasimarstry their best to let these admirersdown gently, but inevitably leave somebroken hearts in their wake, oftencontributing to prejudice and closeddoors. Ironically, many aasimars alsofind that their beauty makes them lessapproachable by those whose favor they'dseek-potential suitors assume that theyhave no chance with such ethereallybeautiful creatures, and thus nevertake the chance.

An aasimar may findherself beset solely by the arrogantand cocksure, while more worthysuitors hang back or set their sightslower. As a result of all this, aasimarswho garner a great deal of attention mayfind themselves attracted to the peoplewho pay them no attention at all, thusspawning a higher-than-average numberof unrequited romances.

ArtAs previously noted, aasimars seempredisposed toward artistic talents,especially those that involve thereactions or participation of audiences. Those who embracethe good or evil traits of their heritages often judgeeach other accordingly, and may target each other firstfor predation or cleansing. In addition, at a social level,tieflings-who are often shunned for their differences,and have to scrabble to survive-have a very real reason todespise the beautiful aasimars, who may seem to have lifehanded to them on a silver platter.

And in return, aasimarsused to beauty and privilege may have little concept of thehardscrabble lives of tieflings. Those who dig deeper, however, may find a moresurprising truth. Both aasimars and tieflings sharemysterious origins, and draw potentially unwantedattention to themselves and their families. They growup different from those around them, fetishized orostracized by "normal" people.

They face stereotypes andprejudice, with everyone having their own theories abouthow they should or will live, based solely on their blood. They struggle to reject or accept their destiny, and areplagued by questions their friends and parents can onlydimly understand. Both are strangers, forever looking inat a society that can never be completely theirs. In this,both tieflings and aasimars may be more similar thanthey are different, and it's not unheard of for membersof both races to find comfort and camaraderie across theimagined battle line.

Under this view, achef is every bit as much an artist as a comedian-shemust gauge her audience's reactions and preferences, andknow when to elaborate and when to stay simple.

This istrue even for arts that may not be pretty-such as torture,or the art of the con. Aasimar visual artists work in any number of media,though aasimars who travel frequently often prefer moreportable forms such as calligraphy, painting, origami,sketching, writing, and woodcarving.

Aasimars who rarelytravel, or who return regularly to a permanent home,may look to media that require more infrastructure, suchas glassblowing, mosaic tile art, sculpting in metal andstone, pottery, or wax painting.

The great aasimar artistEtsua ofTianjing is noted for making her own paper outof mulberry bark and folding the paper into flowers, birds,and stars so realistic they are said to come to life fromtime to time. The aasimar portrait artist Corliar, on theother hand, a lifelong resident ofMagnimar, is moderatelyfamous for putting the same features in his paintings overand over-the curve of a smile, the arch of an eyebrow, theline of a throat-all of which seem to belong to a single,unknown woman whom Corliar never speaks of.

Clothing is an art as well.

Most aasimars have aninstinct for choosing flattering clothes in a variety oftextures and shades that work together in a pleasing way. While each aasimar has individual tastes, most prefer softfabrics such as velvet, satin, and fine wool for their leisuretime, and clean, elegant lines for their armor rather thanprodigious spikes, scrollwork, and other gauche displays.

Most aasimars enjoy accenting their appearance withbrightly colored but tasteful jewelry. Style and setting vary,but aasimars usually prefer gold, silver, platinum, andreal stones, believing it's better to buy a small but valuablestone than a large, gaudy piece of lesser value or quality. While most aasimars possess this innate sense of style,not all obey their instincts. Aasimars who want to blendin wears clothes like those around them, regardless ofhow unattractive the styles might seem.

An aasimar whodislikes her celestial heritage might deliberately dressin a disharmonious way, or adopt the clothing styles ofanother group or nongood church. Likewise, aasimarartists who reject their heritage may create discordant,unbalanced works of art that fill the viewer with uneaseor even disgust. HomeAasimars may identify strongly with their celestialheritage or reject it completely, yet are almost always farmore similar to their base race than to true celestialshardlysurprising, given that few celestials stick aroundto raise their offspring or pass down traditions.

Thus,aasimars live much like their neighbors, in housesof the style appropriate to their surroundings, anddecorated similarly to the homes of their family andfriends. Even the humblest or most depraved aasimarhome looks comfortable and smart, and the wealthiestaasimars usually find ways to display their success withtaste and subtlety, often incorporating angelic themesinto their decor.

Animals that can't pull their own weight are a luxuryon the road, and aasimars with a permanent home oftenindulge by owning a pet. Aasimars who have retiredafter years of adventuring, or who have a home base towhich they return between their travels, often pick upexotic pets from distant lands. Aasimars who travel inthe Mwangi Expanse or other jungle regions sometimesreturn home with colorful lizards, tiny tree frogs, or evensmall dinosaurs.

Ones who venture in northern regionsmight pick up white foxes with ice-blue eyes or snowhares. Travelers to Osirion or other desert areas maymake pets of jewel-like scarabs or snakes with shimmeringscales.

In addition to companionship, these animals can help to subtly emphasize an aasimar's wealth and capability,as well as other key attributes and personality traits. On occasion, an aasimar might encounter a rareand beautiful magical creature that would make aninteresting pet, such as a blink dog. Good and neutralaasimars are conscious of the implications of "owning"intelligent pets and mounts, and generally treat suchcreatures as companions especially if the creature canspeak.

Evil aasimars are less considerate, however, andmay imprison or enslave intelligent creatures for theirown amusement. An aasimar's home is her refuge from a world thatsometimes pays her far too much attention. Most aasimarsguard their privacy, and allow only their closest friendsto visit their homes. These homes almost always reflectthe aasimars' interests, and most devote the majority oftheir space to their projects and hobbies. Many aasimar Pathfinders enjoy travelingin search of lost artifacts, delving into forgotten ruins anduncovering ancient secrets.

Some good aasimar Pathfindersare particularly interested in finding hidden artifacts ofgreat evil and delivering the artifacts safely to responsibleparties who will keep the artifacts out of villains' hands. Other aasimar Pathfinders use their leadershipabilities to run lodges or serve as Pathfinder contactsacross the Inner Sea region. Their personable naturesand trustworthy bloodlines make aasimars natural fitsfor positions of responsibility. During the Westcrown riots after Aroden'sdeath, Coriana fought against the agents of House Thrune,only to fall in battle.

Class RolesAasimars are as varied as any other humanoid raceandperhaps more so, given their diverse ancestries. Nevertheless, the following section presents somethoughts on how they might fit into the various baseclasses. Note that these are examples only-aasimars enjoya wide range of callings and professions, and might takea radically different approach than those presented here. Alchemist: Aasimars with azatas or other chaoticcelestials in their bloodlines make excellent alchemists.

Their natural mutability and volatility fuels theircuriosity about what happens when you mix this potionwith that elixir.

As excited as aasimar alchemists becomeabout their concoctions, most are usually careful notto put their companions in harm's way with theirexperiments. Evil aasimars, however, don't care whothey hurt-in fact, hurting as many people as possiblewith their brews might be the point. Aasimar alchemistsfocused on mutagens often warp themselves into moreangelic-seeming forms.

Barbarian: A barbarian might be a chaotic warrior forjustice, breaking chains and rolling over evildoers in awrathful tide. Such berserker champions often servedeities such as Calistria, Cayden Cailean, or Gorum,and target their abilities against a chosen foe: an enemyof the faith, a particular ideology or nation, and so on.

Evil aasimar barbarians are equally frightening forces,cutting down their foes in beautiful and senseless swathsof destruction. Bard: Aasimars' strong personalities and attractiveappearances make them natural bards.

Some aasimarsbegin their bardic careers seeking out information abouttheir lineage and how their celestial ancestors becamepart of their family trees, and as such, aasimar bards oftenhave at least a passing knowledge of planar lore. Aasimarbards are distinctive as well as talented, so they quicklyacquire reputations and rarely want for work. They mayalso use their mastery of the social arts to become skilledespionage agents or con artists.

Cavalier: Aasimars take naturally to the role of cavalier,leading by example and inspiring from the front. Aasimarcavaliers can be found commanding cavalry divisions inarmies or traveling the land in an effort to serve theircause. Good aasimar cavaliers often serve kingdomswhose ideals align with their own, such as Andoran orLastwall.

Evil aasimars serve a similar role in the armiesof evil kingdoms, or may travel the countryside alone,seeking ways to increase their own power and influenceby any means necessary. Cleric: Aasimar clerics sometimes serve in temples,but can just as often be found wandering the world,spreading the word of their god and working as rovinghealers.

They may be gentle comforters, confidentteachers, or righteous and angelic bastions of their lord'sfury, judging those they come across in order to purifythe world one soul at a time. Evil aasimars who havesuffered at the hands of society sometimes reject all thetrappings of civilization and dedicate themselves to darkgods who more fully appreciate their warped talents. Druid: Aasimar druids feel a strong connection withthe purity and wildness of nature. These aasimars feelmore comfortable on their own, far from the bustle ofbig cities, and may wander freely or dedicate themselvesto protecting a specific region.

They're often intentionalin their avoidance of other humanoids, as it may be thatother peoples' stereotypes and desires regarding theirrace are what drove them to the wilds in the first place. Such aasimars sometimes feel that animals, with theirstraightforward desires and inability to feel jealousy,understand them better than humans do.

Fighter: Aasimars take on the role of fighter for manyreasons. Some work for money as mercenaries, soldiers,hired guards, or gladiators. Yet more often, aasimarsprefer to have a cause to fight for-while this causemay be worthy or not depending on the individualaasimar's personality, and may even simply be theirown advancement, most aasimars feel more comfortabletaking initiative and working toward a goal rather thansimply existing or doing what they're told.

Aasimarfighters who enter the military often rise in rank quickly,and even those who refuse command usually findthemselves thrust into the role of respected sergeant.

Gunslinger: Many aasimars enjoy weapons thatemphasize their own exoticism and uniqueness, and fewweapons are more exotic than guns. Aasimar gunslingersoften tend toward flashy displays rather than carefullylaid ambushes, and though some adventuring groupsappreciate their showboating, such aasimars just asoften make their way alone.

At a practical level, anaasimar's natural wisdom contributes to her skill as acanny gunfighter. Inquisitor: Particularly zealous aasimars may find life ina temple too humdrum and life as a paladin too restrictive.

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These aasimars are drawn to the path of the inquisitor,where they can fulfill their calling to a church through anymeans necessary. Others are less religiously zealous, andinstead simply fixated on weeding out corruption for itsown sake-many good-aligned aasimars are particularlyinterested in destroying fiendish influence, seeing theirheritage as a mark of destiny and responsibility.

Magus: Aasimar magi play the flashy, exotic combatantrole to the hilt, usually preferring elegant, graceful weaponssuch as rapiers or scimitars.

Such warriors are especiallylikely to play up the "avenging angel" trope, using theirmagic to make themselves seem extra intimidating tosuperstitious or guilty-conscienced foes.

Monk: Some aasimars, particularly those descendedfrom archons and other lawful outsiders, take to thepath of the monk. These enlightened warriors directtheir unique energy into disciplined meditation andthe study of unarmed fighting, with their supernaturalwisdom making them quicker to learn than many otherraces.

Aasimar monks can often be found in remoteregions, listening to the silence atop mountain peaks ormeditating on the nature of life in the midst of a barrendesert-or else in more traveled regions, emphasizingthe art in their martial arts and turning every movementinto a work of inspiring beauty. Ninja: While most people associate aasimars' force ofpersonality with diplomacy and the ability to influenceothers, it also makes them masters of the fine art of kimanipulation, which the art of the ninja relies upon.

Good-aligned aasimar ninjas often use their training toserve kingdoms or causes they support, infiltrating andsometimes killing in order to bring justice to the mortalworld, while neutral-aligned aasimar ninjas might selltheir skills to the highest bidder.

Evil aasimar ninjas aredangerous foes who often work as assassins. Oracle: Most aasimars consider themselves blessed,but a small number see their gifts as double-edged swords. Aasimar oracles attribute both their powersand their curses to the intervention of some celestialancestor, and question why they were so chosen.

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Some aasimar oracles believe they are being tested tosee whether they are worthy of their divine ancestry,while others wonder whether their curse is an echo ofpunishment for the sins of a fallen angel. Paladin: Aasimar paladins are some of the strongestdefenders of good in existence.

Aasimar paladinschampion the cause of their god-often Erastil, Iomedae,or Torag-on the battlefield and on the road. Travelingpaladins often ally with adventuring parties, as theyknow well that evil often lurks, hidden, in the ancientplaces adventurers like to explore.

Of course, if aasimarpaladins are some of the most legendary and laudable,aasimar antipaladins are equally terrible. Ranger: Aasimar rangers are often exceptional huntersof demon and devils, tracking their quarry throughthe most impassable terrain and learning all the tricksthey can for felling their prey.

Such demon huntersare especially valued near the Worldwound and in theforests of Kyonin, near Tanglebriar. Aasimar rangersmay also work as bounty hunters on the side of justice,capturing criminals for the reward and to serve the law,or may simply make their existence as master hunters orguardians of outlying communities-in small villages,few callings seem more appropriate for an angel-touchedchild than a life as sheriff or protector.

Rogue: Aasimar rogues who seek subtle careers in theshadows often must find a way to hide their distinctiveappearances, and sometimes do better in flashier positions:diplomat, gambler, investigator, even con artist. Some ofthe best-known aasimar Pathfinders have been rogues. Samurai: Aasimars in Tian Xia sometimes train assamurai to protect their lords, and can be found travelingon missions with other individuals to further their lords'goals.

While several legends of aasimar ronin exist,serving their ideals or seeking revenge for fallen masters,more often aasimar samurai believe their blood to be acalling, and those who believe their lords hold a divinemandate or are also descended from a celestial ancestorsee it as their duty to serve loyally.

Sorcerer: Aasimar sorcerers usually possess the celestialbloodline, but other bloodlines are possible as well. Destined aasimar sorcerers have some great future tofulfill. Draconic aasimar sorcerers may be descended froma draconal, and maestro aasimar sorcerers could have alillend in the family tree.

Aasimar sorcerers tend to bequite powerful, as their strong personalities enhance theirnatural spellcasting abilities. This confusion is compoundedby the fact that many families forget or never learn thetrue nature of the outsider that touched them, or may havehad contact with several different outsiders over the years,resulting in a mixture of traits.

The aasimar presented in the Pathfinder RPG Bestiaryrepresents the most common type of aasimar--one whoselink to the past is subtle enough that it's difficult for all butthe most educated to tell the specifics of her bloodline.

At the same time, however, aasimars are sometimes bornwith a deeper connection to the old blood, displayingtraits unique to their particular breed of outsider ancestor. Some examples of these unique heritages are presentedbeginning on page 20, with the rules presented therereplacing those found in the Bestiary. While an aasimar's heritage influences her abilities andpersonality, a heritage is not a straightjacket.

Variationexists within heritages as much as between themsometimeseven more. Many aasimars go through theirlives without knowing what their heritage truly is, or evenbeing aware that different heritages exist. If you chooseto use a specific heritage, you should work with your GMto ensure that your character's appearance reflects thatbloodline.

Your aasimar may also be likely to come froma specific area of Golarion-see the specific heritageentries for more information on where these bloodlinestend to cluster.

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Blood of Angels pdf Author: As a result, many families cover up suchliaisons, and subsequent generations may never realizethat their family harbors a celestial secret. Less commonhumanoids, such as lizardfolk, catfolk, tengus, and others,can also produce aasimars, though given these races' exoticappearance, members of the more common races may havetrouble telling such aasimars apart from their kin.

What's more, unless anaasimar's physical traits are clearly angelic in nature,any oddities about their appearance often cause others topresume they're tieflings and mistreat them accordingly.

He struggled on in hissolitary crusade for 30 more years,with her name as his only battle cry,before he too fell in combat. An aasimar's home is her refuge from a world thatsometimes pays her far too much attention. It'salso possible for men with the same prayers to findthemselves a vessel for this essence as well, transferringit to the next child they conceive.

Expansive entries on aasimars' origins and upbringings, their psychologies, how others perceive them, and the beliefs such angelic beings hold in the face of their celestial mark. Most aasimar children, however, deal with morecommonplace troubles.

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