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Neetu Singh Geography Notes, Class Notes for Upsc Mains. December 27 Geography Optional Class notes in Hindi Medium part 2 pdf. Geography Optional Nitu Singh Class Notes. optional, Study Materials6,. Click here to download PDF. How can I purchase Neetu Singh’s geography optional notes? Are Neetu Singh geography optional notes available online good? For Geography as an optional subject, is Vajiram coaching good?.

Neetu Singh Geography Notes Pdf

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Download Geography Optional Notes by Neetu Singh for UPSC Exam: We all know the Syllabus for So, This is all about Geography Notes by Neetu Singh. Also read: UPSC Environment I download PDF for Target These are Geography optional notes of a student made in Neetu Singh's Geography optional classroom. The handwriting is good and notes are neat. Neetu. Geography Notes BY Neetu Singh Oceanography is the part of [flipbook pdf=”

Ans: The importance of optional although is in a decline, has still been one of the major deciding factor for being recommended by UPSC at the end of years of patience.


I choose the optional not by any rational decision but because some of my friends opted for it and because I had heard that it fetched good marks.

I swear, I knew nothing more than that earth has 3 layers and that tsunami was a giant wave and had seen India and world map.

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But I would suggest it as an optional because :- It is scientific in nature unlike other Arts optional. Hence, logical and rational.


Good for engineers like me. It is heavily covered directly in GS Paper-1 and also indirectly in many areas of GS Paper-3 Sufficient material is available in the form of books by Indian Authors as well as coaching institute materials.

Ample scope for diagrammatic representation.

Helps a great deal in interview. But make sure you at least attend the answer sessions. The test series just helps you manage the syllabus on schedule. Where from can SIR possibly refer the topics mentioned in the syllabus?

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Ans: These are possibly the sources that I referred to during my preparation. I missed a number of topics for the exam. UPSC is not about learning all that you can, its about leaving all that you should. I am not suggesting to try your luck, must asking you to have confidence to write at least 5 sentences on the topic even if you have not gone through any material anywhere.

Use your GS knowledge extensively in your answers. Please remember a timeline of the various developments in this topic. Then you have tabbed for correct place, Flavido Store is one of the top online portal where students get best of the study guidance from the top learned people from the same industry, with online study material and classes.

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IAS Notes Here in this tab you have many other options like Optional In this option students are able to read the subjects which they choose as their optional subject for example History, Geography, Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, and Hindi Literature. Forum IAS This option too contains many sun options where students can go and study some options to study like 9am brief description, Daily quiz compilation, Editorial Today Compilation, Facts in news and Prelims test series.

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Flavido is one of the best online coaching portal in India which provides study material that is best for UPSC Examination. Geography of India by Majid Hussain and relevant portions from above quoted books. Why Geography?

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Apart from having scientific orientation , easy availability of coaching-materials and the perceived high success rate , some parts of the syllabus like economic , environmental and human geography greatly appealed to me. Besides being helpful in essays and other GS papers I found topics like Human Development , Agri issues , resources distribution very interesting and hence did not mind going the extra mile in these topics specially of Part B of both papers.

Beginning credits go to my class X teacher Mrs. Anita Dey St. Xaviers Collegiate School, Kolkata who had piqued my interest in the subject and I got a gold medal in school J.

These perceptions about easy scoring , high scoring etc can change any year for instance the paper had certain bouncer questions.

In the end your optional needs to be mastered by you if you want to tide over these bouncers and be in the top bracket in your optional. Overall for Geography I would say the syllabus is quite lengthy and needs quite a bit of effort but as said earlier if you have interest in the subject and are willing to work for it do choose it.

Regular updation of current notes on contemporary events and analyzing news from geographical point of view especially for handling part B of both papers.

Test series , answer writing and diagram practice. I guess it was based on certain reviews of a just successful candidate whose blog I found online that I went for Neetu Singh NS. I stuck to this one source and kept on adding information concepts from other sources like internet , test series , reference books etc.

Geography Optional Nitu Singh Class Notes

It served me well for I did not hop from one book to other and just used my time more efficiently to plug the gaps or weakness I found after having established sound knowledge in the subject. I used to consult both the syllabus , previous years papers to look out for missed out portions and covered them accordingly.

Many people get coaching notes from various coaching institutes and in the end are confused what to read what not to. My final take on NS coaching was this : Pros : Lot of spatial examples in most topics which are helpful in maps and makes the answers more comprehensive. To the point coverage on topics. For me in the paper on most topics I had just enough matter for words answers , hence did not have to give much time to sieve through my knowledge.

It was there for me in a condensed form which I reproduced on paper especially for the theory based questions like mountain belts , their origin , plate tectonics etc. Good coverage of map pointing in class.

In the map questions apart from importance of place which you maynot know use your knowledge from climate , soil structure , vegetation and physiography. Good coverage of part B of both papers. I found her coverage of Indian geography comprehensive enough for mains although not so much for prelims for which I used the book by Majid Hussain.

I am also a believer that facts supplemented with data make a more convincing case and madam provided sufficient data like census numbers , forest cover , etc well.

Cons : had to work a lot to make up for them Poor coverage of part A of the topic. For instance landform development theories , slope development , channel morphology , law of sea , marine pollution etc are just a few to name which was poorly covered. I had to supplement them with additional notes of Shabbir Sir , and reference from standard texts. No answer writing practice in my time.

Diagram work is bordering on average-poor in most topics for which you need to refer to standard texts , online material.Geography Most important Pdf Note. However Shabbir Sir test series needs quite a lot of effort and time as you need to read up well and write answers to derive benefit from it. Discussion after test with friends and post evaluation is important. Pros : Good Discussions , timely tests , few bouncer questions as well , and since number of people are less than 50 so you get personal attention as well.

Moreover feedback especially in the full tests is so important , but sadly we never ever received the last 3 papers despite repeated attempts which was a huge letdown for me in the end. Economy Polity Geography.

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