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Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - Free download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. 29 Tháng Mười "-ra;=tri E f =ittf j E:g i€s; s LBr:i#iE i f i i ;1+=isi*::= i{" 2i"ti i7;ifr ;la= = 1 ii'r:!: tz:;E iiiiiil 1 iiii;i, iE 1:it;i"lEE i ;=;sg;=;s = o-O l-.?.! €€:>yi35ic -prtA3. Oxford kiểm tra trình độ Tiếng anh cho CBNV YoungOne Nam Định Tổng hợp 15 truyện ngắn rất dễ hiểu và thú vị, giúp bạn học tiếng Anh không nhàm chán.

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He learned only about hate. Nobody gave him love, so he did not learn about that . A young wolf, White Fang, is born near the Mackenzie River. câu truyện ngắn tiếng anh cho người mất gốc - câu chuyện ngắn tiếng anh PDF kèm phần audio và giúp bạn dễ dàng ôn luyện Tiếng. Tổng hợp truyện ngắn tiếng Anh cho người mới bắt đầu (Phần 4) T ng h p 15 truy n ng n r t d hi u và thú v, giúp b n h c ti ng Anh không nhàm chán. ổ ợ ệ ắ .

The room was cold. And the bed — when I found it - was not dry. That night, I slept on the floor. The next morning, eakfast was small. In the room next to the kitchen I found a lot of books. Inside one of them were some words in my father's writing: To my younger other Ebenezer on his birthday. I couldn't understand it.

The writing was my father's, but it was not the writing of a child. So Ebenezer was the younger other. Then why did he have the family house? Before my father died, he had very little money.

What did it mean? I looked at the books, then cleaned the room.

It was a hot day, and I thought,' There'll be rain and lightning later. But I'll want some papers before I can do that. They're in a box at the top of the stairs at the other end of the house. You can only get to the stairs from the outside. Here's the key' And he pulled a big old key out of his coat. I put my hands on the walls and found my way to the door at the end. The key turned in the door, but not easily. Then I found the stairs inside. I started to climb — higher and higher. I climbed about feet, then the rain began.

Suddenly, lightning moved quickly across the sky. And I saw 2 Specially for Englishtips. I stopped and cried out! There were no more stairs! And it was a long way down! Then everything was dark again. Sometimes lightning lit the stairs, but most of the time it was dark. And dangerous. I came out of the door. Suddenly, lightning showed me my uncle at the other door. He didn't see me. He was afraid of the lightning, and he ran into the house.

When I walked into the kitchen, his face went white. I wanted to ask questions but he said,'I'll tell you about it in the morning. I want to go to bed now. I'm ill — very ill. Then I went back to the kitchen and made a big fire.

That night I slept on the boxes. Chapter 3 The Ship Next morning, I opened the door of my uncle's room. But before he could tell me anything, we heard somebody at the door. I opened it and found a boy outside. Then he gave it to me. It said: Sir, I amnow attheHowesHotel, and myship isready forsea. Do youwantto speaktomeagain? I talked to your lawyer, Mr Rankeillor. Perhaps we will lose money because of this.

You and I can go with this boy and see the captain at the Hawes Hotel. I will put my name to some papers. Then we can visit Mr Rankeillor, the lawyer.

Tài liệu Truyện ngắn tiếng Anh: Gulliver''''s Travels pdf

He knew your father. My uncle never said a word all the way. But the boy talked. His name was Ransome. I asked him about the Covenant. And about Captain Hoseason, he said, 'He's a fine captain. He isn't afraid of anything or anybody. But he isn't a seaman. Mr Shuan, the first officer, is. He can take the ship anywhere in the world. The other people really do have a bad time. These 'other people', I understood, were murderers and other bad men on their way to work in North America.

The rubber ducks float. When Sara takes a bath, her pink duck floats in the water. When Billy takes a bath, his blue duck floats in the water.

One time Billy put a goldfish into the tub. It swam for a while. Then it died. He buried it in the back yard. He was sad. This year Sara and Billy want bicycles. Sara wants a red bike. Billy wants a blue bike.

Mama said she would talk to daddy.

Sara asked mama, "Why don't you talk to Santa? When daddy comes home, he and I will talk to Santa. He will be eight years old. He is in the third grade. He goes to Park Elementary School. An elementary school is for kids. It is only one mile away. He walks to school.

It only takes 20 minutes. When it rains, he wears a raincoat. He used to take an umbrella. But he lost the umbrella.

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His mother gave him another umbrella. He broke that one. His mom said, "You and umbrellas don't get along. He can ride the bike to school. After school he can ride with his friends. He can ride the bike to the swimming pool. He can ride the bike to the library. His mom and dad took him to the bike store.

They asked him to look at the bikes. He looked at all the bikes. He chose a red bike. He showed his parents. Dad said it cost too much. He told Benny to choose another bike.

Benny chose a blue bike. Dad said the blue bike was the right price. She said she was planting roses. Roses are flowers. They are very pretty.

They are usually red. Roses have thorns. His mama said, "Thorns will stick you. Be careful around thorns. His dog Rex was waiting for him. Johnny picked up a stick and threw it. Rex chased the stick.

He brought the stick back. Johnny ran around the house. Rex chased him. Johnny ran through the garden. Rex ran through the garden. Mom yelled at Johnny and Rex. She told them to play somewhere else. She told them to stay out of the garden. Johnny apologized to his mom. He went to the garage and got his bike. He went for a bike ride. Rex ran next to the bike. Dad went outside. He said hello to the mailman.

Tổng Hợp 200 Truyện Ngắn Tiếng Anh Cho Người Mới Bắt Đầu.doc

The mailman said hello. Dad opened the mailbox and took out a magazine and two letters. One letter was from his sister. The other letter was from his brother. The magazine was for his wife. It was a garden magazine.

His wife liked to work in the garden. She grew flowers and vegetables in the garden. Dad went back into the house. He opened both letters. His sister invited him to a birthday party.

His brother invited him to a wedding. Dad enjoyed reading the letters. He enjoyed getting the invitations. He picked up the phone.

He left a message for his sister. He would come to the birthday party.

He also called his brother. He said he would come to the wedding. But sometimes they argued with each other. Sometimes they yelled at each other. Sometimes they pushed each other. Sometimes they hit each other. Sometimes they got into a fight with each other. Bobby was the older brother. Billy was the younger brother. Bobby was older than Billy. Billy was younger than Bobby.

Bobby climbed into a tree. His kite was in the tree. He could not reach his kite. He fell out of the tree. Billy laughed. He laughed when he saw Bobby fall to the ground. Bobby was not hurt.

But he was angry. Bobby said it wasn't funny. Billy said it was funny. Bobby pushed Billy. Billy pushed Bobby. Bobby punched Billy in the stomach.

Billy punched Bobby in the stomach. They put their arms around each other. They wrestled on the ground. They rolled around and around. Their mom came outside. She separated them. She said, "You shouldn't hit each other. That's not nice. Wait till your father gets home. They looked out the window. Where was their mother? She walked into the house. The children ran over to her. She said lunch was coming.

She walked into the kitchen. She opened a can of chicken soup. She poured the soup into a pot. She added water. She put the pot on the stove. She made two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She sliced an apple. The soup was hot. She poured it into two bowls. She put the sandwiches on two plates. She put apple slices on each plate. She put the bowls and plates on the table. The children ran to the table. Then they started eating.

The cat and the dog watched them eat. No Food, No Job I am an adult. I'm not a kid. I'm a grown-up. I need some money. I have no food. I am hungry. I am not thirsty, because water is everywhere. But water has no taste. I want to drink a soda. I want to drink milk. I want to drink coffee. I want to work. Nobody will hire me. Nobody is hiring anybody. Companies are firing people.

Companies are laying off people. Everyone is looking for a job. I cannot pay my rent. I will have to live in my car.

I don't want to live in my car. My car has no bed. Everyone should live in a house or an apartment. Many people don't have a car. They live on the street. A street has no bed. Nobody should live on the street. I don't know what to do. I don't know where to go.

Maybe I will go to church. Maybe I will find help there. New Shoes She is young. Her shoes are old. She wears them to work. She goes to work five days a week. She loves her work. She is a waitress. She works at a restaurant. The restaurant is near her home. She walks to the restaurant. She stands up all day long. She is young and strong. But her shoes are not. They are old. She saw an ad in the paper. All shoes were on sale at the shoe store.

She walked into the store. She looked around. She saw some black shoes. They looked good. She tried them on.The boy can finally study.

He pours water on it. He used to take an umbrella. The farmer picked another apple off the tree. What did it mean? The bus ran off the road.

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