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IBPS Specialist Officer Law Officer Study material How to study for IBPS SO Law Officer Paper Study material required for IBPS Professional. A complete study material for IBPS SO Law officer aspirants. Banking Law Complete study (Size: MB / Downloads: 1,). Home» IBPS LAW Officer Syllabus PDF Download Exam Pattern So the syllabus for the Law officer profile is also different from other profiles. help the candidates to gather the study material to prepare for the exam.

Ibps So Law Officer Study Material Pdf

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IBPS SO Books, Study Material, Preparation Tips, Model Papers, Mock Test Here are some Recommended IBPS SO Law Officer Books-. IBPS SO LAW OFFICER Mains schedule and Planner must be followed rigorously and only then your chances for clearing this exam can be categorized as sure. IBPS-LAW-OFFICER Free Mock Test, IBPS-LAW-OFFICER Online IBPS SO LAW OFFICER Study Materials|; IBPS SO LAW OFFICER

If you are a night owl however, stop wasting the time of the day thinking you will anyway study in the night. But remember not to change it now.

IBPS Law Officer Syllabus-2018 Exam Pattern Topic wise Complete Guide

It will help you control your stress level. For this, wake up daily at that time which you will need to get up on exam day. Take your normal breakfast. This will make you less drowsy and more active on the D day.

Download SBI And IBPS Specialist Officers Preparation Material Free PDF

Practice mock tests during the time your actual attempt will be conducted. Make sure to note down anything that makes you feel drowsy and avoid them on the actual day.

When you study continuously for long periods, you become lethargic. This in turn affects your productivity.

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Fit your breaks between your studies and not vice versa. It means get up from your seat, have some water, stretch a bit and get back to study!

Put a countdown alarm of 10 and be back once it rings. You are engrossed in revising.

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You let your health slip, but does it actually benefits you? Sleep atleast hours daily.

Read a non course related book in dim lights along with some light music before sleeping. This will help you calm your mind down and get a peaceful sleep. As per a research, in any exam, people who are confident have more chance of clearing that examination.

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So my friend, charge your batteries and have some faith in yourself. Friends, we hope the above tips help you calm your mind down, charge your batteries and embark on the final phase of preparation for IBPS Specialist Law Officer- examination.

All the best! Therefore we advise the candidates to take a look at the syllabus. So the syllabus will also be reflected in the profile of SO Officer.

So the candidates should prepare according to the syllabus for this profile. Therefore the preparation according to the syllabus will prove to be very useful in getting merit in the result. Hence we advise the candidates to check the details of the syllabus of the preliminary exam which is as follows.

Preliminary Exam syllabus: The exam syllabus of preliminary is same for all the categories of SO Profile. Therefore the candidates can visit our previous article for the information on the syllabus. This link is a direct link to the preliminary syllabus. The candidates can trust this syllabus as this is authorised syllabus from the convenor of the exam.

As per the authority rules, the quality of the questions will also remain the same for all categories. The candidates should take a look at the basic details of the syllabus for the preliminary exam given below.

These details will help the candidates to gather the study material to prepare for the exam. The advanced details for the preliminary exam will be available to the candidates from the link given in the previous paragraph.

The candidates should open that link to get the details of the syllabus. For the preliminary exam, the sections are as follows. General reasoning section.

English Language section. General Awareness section. Numerical Ability or Aptitude section.

The candidates should prepare from these sections for the preliminary exam of SO cadre. For the details of the chapters of the syllabus, candidates should open the link given above. Information Technology Act, Therefore the candidates can prepare for the exam as per the pattern of the article. The candidates can also visit the previous link to get more details of the exam pattern. Therefore the candidates can check the pattern below. Sr No. Sections of Question paper Total number of question Designated marks Time Allowed to complete exam 1 Professional Knowledge 60 60 45 Minute The candidates can also check the details of the pattern from the official website.

The official website also has this pattern only for the exam.Subsequently it was changed to Banking Regulations Act wef You are engrossed in revising.

Prohibits a banking company from creating a charge upon any unpaid capital of the company. Sleep atleast hours daily. The candidates will have to use the previous year paper to prepare for the exams. The candidates can also confirm the various details of this article from the official sources. Indian Corporate Laws: Exclusive Strategies to Target the Cut Off!

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