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Series: Michael's Kisses, Book 2. Price: Free! Words: 8, Language: English. Published: March 23, Categories: Fiction» Gay & lesbian fiction» Gay. Blocks erotica books from appearing on the home page and in search results. . International #1 Bestsellers in Gay Romance: More Than Friends, Drunk In. Of course, you should be mixing gay books into your to-be-read pile no matter what time of year, but this month, as you celebrate Pride, queer.

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Books shelved as gay-free-online: The High King's Golden Tongue by Megan Derr, The Crown of the Summer Court by Astolat, Blood Red by Cordelia. PDF | 20+ minutes read | This article focuses on the confusion surrounding adult and young adult gay (male) fiction published in America since. All eBooks on the topic „homosexuality“. Discover, download and read free and low-priced eBooks on the subject of „homosexuality“.

I felt something was brewing, but as hostess, I was too busy paying close attention to my scattered thoughts.

Words: 86, Published: June 2, When he meets the wealthy swimmer Santos Rodriguez, both of his secrets are at risk of being revealed when Santos hears his music and talks of record deals and concerts. Wrong Number by J.

Words: 2, Published: May 19, I keep asking myself. And, to date, I've come up with no satisfying answer.

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But, it was spring, a beautiful Sunday morning and, for the moment, I was content with my lot in life. I was toying with the idea of taking a walk in Central Park when the phone rang.

His first mission: capture Thalos at any cost! Words: 32, Published: December 15, by Beaten Track Publishing.

When Dillon—an impeccable-dressed and debonair ad executive—joins the firm, Evan lets his guard down. An office scandal and sexually-overt billboards popping up all over New England bring the two together in this funny yet romantic tale.

Words: 72, Published: January 26, I've already paid to have the comic drawn. So far, I haven't made a profit from this venture. I'm okay with that. I feel it's important to get a positive and authentic gay story out there.

Young people That having been said, I don't want to go into debt because of this project, and I'm facing some serious printing costs. High quality. I could easily upload this book to a print-on-demand service that will take care of production and shipping for me, but none of them offer professional printing.

Their paper will be thin, the colors flat and inconsistent, and the book will wear out quickly. The colors and characters should practically pop right off the page.

The cover will be durable, and the inside pages will be nice and thick. All of this means ponying up a lot of dough to have this done right, and stuffing a lot of envelopes with my delicate little hands, but I know the final product will be worth it.

Not good enough.April 4, Roy never thought that one party with his hot new neighbours would turn his whole life upside down! And surprisingly profound.

What follows is a beautiful novel about love and hardship as Ijeoma is sent home, forced into an unhappy marriage with a man, all the while grappling with her attraction to women.

Words: 2,

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