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Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Approach - Narasimha P.V.R. Rao Mar 18, I may try to edit this book or write a new book in future, reflecting In solar vaia. publish this book. DlmiCATION. This book has been prepared under the guidance and direction of Shri K.N. Rao, who is not only the greatest astrologer of India. books - Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Learn Hindu Astrology Easily LESSON by K N Rao. Uploaded by.

Kn Rao Astrology Books Pdf

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Astrological Days,Signs, Planets and Horoscopes. Days, Signs, Planets This book is being written without dealing with the mathematical part. If you read it step. Here you can directly get it ⇩ ⇰ File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi , ZIP. Download >> Yogis Destiny and the Wheel of Time. K.N. Rao's most popular book is The Nehru dynasty: Astro-political portraits of Nehru, Indira, Yogis Destiny and the Wheel of Time (Hindu Astrology Series) by.

The lagna lord placed in the eighth. Destiny and the Wheel of Time. The malefics are aturn. Here as usual. Then retrograde benefics also lose their natural benefic nature. In this way all the death7inflicting planets can be tabulated for all lagnas. Is the lagna lord afflictedI?. Is the! The child was born in the ma2or period of the un. Though in the nited tates of. The 3agna is afflicted by 'ahu. It is a weak! This child born with brain palsy is unable to walk and crawl.

Two benefics. Mercury and Jupiter but Mercury is debilitated! Mercury is debilitated but with Jupiter! There are many ways of e4amining it. It has been stated earlier that trines are known as 3akshmi sthanas or houses of wealth.

It has also been stated that the lagna lord is the lord both of the trikona and the kendra. Venus in the twelfth house in the birth horoscope and afflicted by Ketu. The fourth lord and the ninth lord. Saturn and Mars! The fourth lord and the fifth lord. The fifth lord and the tenth lord. Directional Strength Gut of the si47fold strength of planets popular in Hindu..

Dhanu or! The ninth lord and the tenth lord. This fact is forgotten by many people who blame the astrologer without being sure that their horoscope is correctly cast. Dasha SeF! The e4change of the e4alted!

The sub7sub7period lord is! The un and! Mars and Venus are in their own houses! This horoscope does not promise birth of children. It being the dasha of his fifth lord his children are also prospering.

JThe -ehru Dynasty —. In her case the second lord gets e4changed with the fifth lord. It is an e4cellent e4change for material prosperity and attainment of high positions in life. Here the lord of the lagna. The second instance under EDE has!

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The second instance is the the fifth e4ample under EDE. It is called! It is a rare planetary position for an emperor. It is known a guru7 chandala yoga. The first prime minister of India. This bad e4change of the fifth and the eighth lord was his misfortune.

The e4change between the fifth lord. In the same report Dr. This is an area of great research. Important Western astrologers came to visit! Totally surprised. He was surprised. I rarely felt satisfied with her results. J "hat amaFed me in. In retrospect I can say that. I had another interesting e4perience when I did on phone the reading of a well7established psychiatrist that he had second wife who was beautiful and perhaps an actress.

It was India she said. If Ingrid is such a fine intellectual it is because of her early unbringing under a scientist father and artist mother which. Gne was that she had a spell of a 2ob in a foreign country. It stunned her completely. I will only mention some other readings of mine which she liked. It was precisely a difficult eighteen month period. In his day long class he showed in detail the psychology operating in the charts of the -ehru family.

To do it. M" Mother1s! The starting point of this is the e4amination of the! Why the 4oon A n the north ndian style of birth charts if the Moon is a house other than the lagna. Gther planets, i. The un is the soul. Then understand it again in a less broad but general way by using the birth7star. Broad 7nderstanding of 4oonHs "nfl! His thighs are generally thicker. Has enough dynamism to win recognition in high circles. Is afraid of water. Makes generally a strong personal presence!

Is keen on en2oying life se4ually. Respects his parents! Soft and cultured in his speech! Very kind mostly and therefore gets cheated! Moon in! Most sincerely spiritual. Respects his mother! Succeeds in winning the respect of beautiful women! Knows most of the tricks of cheating! Is a born scholar. Has a bad health. Is miserly. Has a tendency to grow rich. This was followed by the dasa of Moon. Again Moon as aspecting the 9th house from movable sign. Dasa of Mars followed.

Observe the placement of malefic in the 4th house. Her father is posted in Singapore at a high post. When she was 3 months old she was taken to Singapore to join her parents. Main Features: Ketu in 7, mean foreign travel, Mercury is lord of 12th in 12, again foreign. Sat Moon Ketu D. This boy was born in Jupiter-Venus. Jupiter is aspecting 12th house. Venus is 7th lord in 5 with Rahu-Ketu axis.

Children Parents Tahulated Results of Research and some clear observation lion. I Jupolcr is in 6 12 a. In Navamsa Moon IS in9. Lagna lord is in 12tlo 20 i Rahu onlagna I, 7. Venus is 71ord wilh Kahu-Kctu. Conclusion Dasha balance at birth has connection in with 12, 9 or 7 or Rahu Ketu Axis.

Lagna Lord has also some connection with these houses. Foreign trips started in Jupiter-Rahu in and through Saturn and Mercury dasas. This is excellent Yoga for professional: Connection of 12th with lOth lord show foreign connection. Rahu is in the lth house, the house of foreign journey. Rahu ti Unless one is an imposter, his 9th, 5th and lOth houses should be very strong and interconnected.

Secondly, invariably in the married life of the person concerned there would be a break. So, following features would be called for. Sun for fame and strong lagna lord to withstand the rigours of life in foreign countries. Saturn or Mars or both would be aspecting it to take the mind away from worldly affairs. Calcuua lluruscope No.

Note the Raj Yogas formed by exalted Sun with a combination of powerful 5th, lOth, 9th and 4th lords. This combination has association of 12th lord foreign in movable ascen9ant. Powerful 'Dhan Yogas' are formed by the association of 2nd and 7th lord with lagna lord in the fortified second house. Jupiter has 'Dig Bal'.

Saturn has neech bhang Yoga and Ketu in the 12th promises salvation. Gaj Kesari Yoga would give her fame and vargottarn Ketu would assure her salvation. Mercury in the 12th and Moon in kendra in a movable sig mean travel to foreign country. Native travelled to. Comhination of Jupiter 1rd Sun means estahlishment of temple. See the placement ofKetu in 12 fmm Satum. This has following features. Mercury in 8th gives fame. This combination has the aspect of 1 upiter 2nd and II th lord aspecting I Oth house.

This combination in the 8th house of travel has also the aspect of lagnesh from house of gains. Rahu is aspecting the 9th house of travel. In Navamsha Moon is in the 12th and Rahu is aspecting lord of 12, Mars in 5. In Dasamsa Rahu is with 5th lord in the 8th. House of travel by sea. Asd IG! Krishnamurti Rasi Rao "Awake, arise, having approached the great teacher, learn the road is difficult.

He was described by George Bernard Shaw as most beautiful human being he had ever seen. He was chosen by Mrs Annie Besant, to be a new World Teacher, a new Messiah to bring a new order in lle world and trained Krishnamurti in the role of a "chosen one". Yet twenty years later he disbanded the order he was head of. In the great Vedic tradition, he proclaimed that to arrive at Truth, you may choose any path whatsoever.

On August 3, , he dissolved the Order of Star and gave freedom of conscience to "seek and find". He was blessed with a magnetic personality which attracted people in thousands and brought peace to hundreds of troubled minds. He was taken out of India, as early as , when he was only 17 years old, and stayed in U. Yet his heart was in India, and he used to proclaim that there is some special form of "Energy" in India which would manifest one day. The main events of his life are as follows, which we would try to explain astrologically Aug Nov Went back to England Aug broke all shackles by dissolving the order Mrs.

Annie Besant had created.

He made U. A his permanent home where he established a new foundation Krishnamurti Writings Inc with headquarter at Ojai at California. A The arguments in favour of Aquarius lagna must be established first: He was promoted as a world teacher in the dasha of Venus his 9th lord after Annie Besant had adopted him. There was a prolonged court case between Annie and father of Krishnamurti, Sun - Saturn opposition in the birth horoscope confirms this legal battle.

Saturn, here being the 12th Lord, it was a foreign woman who had adopted Krishnamurti. Strong 5th house shows the prodigious authorship of Jiddu. The afflicted 3rd house in drekkana, show the tragedy of his younger brother which helped him make up his mind to turn against his mentor Beasant. Saturn in the 9th house as in the case of Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Anandrnoyee Ma is the Sanyas Yoga of this horoscope.

Note the aspect of Jupiter on Saturn. The combination of lOth lord with 9th lord in the 5th house aspected by 2nd and eleven lord is a formidable "Raj Yoga". Moon is being aspected by 5th lord.

Sun and Saturn are exalted and Jupiter is very strongly placed in the 5th. Rahu in lagna, Mercury in fourth and Moon in the lOth promise foreign travel. Lagna lord and h lord are in the 9th. Watery signs are all afflicted, lord of Cancer is deblitated, Scorpio has the 6th lord aspected by 8th lord. Pisces is having "Pap Kartari Yoga". Moon is in kendra in a watery sign. He first travelled to Europe in the dasha of Ketu.

Ketu is in 7. Most of the planets are placed in movable or dual rasis. Asd D. Main features: All are pointers to Raj Yogas in the house of mystery, occult studies, sudden gains, travel across the seas, and residence abroad. This has the aspect of lagna lord. In Dasamsa Moon is in Kendra. Sun is aspecting 12th house. In Navamsa Sun is with 12th lord Mars. Moon is with Rahu Keto axis. Rahu in 9th Interconnection of lOth, 9th, 51h, 12th 1st house with Rahu Ketu axis is clearly established.

Since this involves transfer of residence one or two malefic influences on the fourth house are necessary. Sometimes there is affliction to the 4th house also from Moon.

Normally, the movement takes place in the Dasa of Rahu, the 'mlechha' planet. Alternatively, it takes place also during the dasa of a planet associated with Rahu. The role of Bhagya 9th lord is also important. It generally shows a connections with 12,9,8 or 6 houses. From Pad Lagna Same position is confirmed by applying Jaimini's principles. Pad lagna is the house removed as far away from lagna lord as latter is away afrom lagna.

This is also known a "Arudha Lagna". There is normally an affliction to the 4th house from Pad lagna and connection of 9th with, 12th, 6th, 8th, 9th houses or lords. Ket Let us demonstrate this by illustrations. Malefic in the 4th house.

Fourth from Moon, i. Rahu Dasa was operative in when he left India for settlement in Canada. Moon in 12th in Taurus is exalted. Moon is also 2nd lord in 12, which means making good money in foreign countries.

Fourth lord from lagna Mercury is with 6th lord of movement. From Pad Lagna i. Chaturthamsa i. Dasamsa The travel was in Rahu-Venus Dasa. See Venus is placed in 9th from Rahu.

Travel to Kuwait took place in the dasa of Rahu-Moon. Rahu is in tl: Saturn is afflicting the 4th house. From Pad Lagna 4th from Pad. In Chaturthamsa Rahu-Moon is in the 9th, house of travel. From Dasamsa i. The 12th lord Jupiter is in the Ascendant. Majority of planets are placed in dual and Movable Rasis. Moon is in Pisces in lagna. Lagna lord Jupiter is in the lOth with 12 lord Saturn aspected by Mars 9th lord. Fourth house from lagna and Moon has the affliction of Mars ind Saturn.

Fourth from Pad lagna has Saturn with the aspect of Mars. Venus is in 3, aspecting 9tt house. Saturn is lord of In Dasamsa lOth lord Mercury is in 8th aspected by 12th lord Mars. Venus is again with 12th lord.

The native of this chart migrated to U. Main features are; i. Venus in 12th. Moon in Kendra. First journey took place in the dasba of Venus-Venus. Venus, lord of 2nd and 9th is in 12th bouse. Planets I louses Dasa Rctmrks No.

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Venus Conclusion: Affliction to 4th house and role of 9, 12 house is clearly established. See the Rasi Chart Jup I. Moon is in Pisces aspecting 12th house. Marriage occured during dasba of Venus Rabu. Rabu is in the Rasi of Mars 7th lord placed in the 12th bouse. Mars here is the 7th lord as well as Dara Karka. Fourth bouse from Moon bas Sawm, even though it is Yog Karka. Pad lagna is 9th bouse with Gemini Rasi. Fourth bouse from Pad lagna bas the affliction of Mars and 12 from this lagna bas Ketu Rabu axis.

Lord of Nine Bbagya lord is in Venus is in 8th with the 12th lord. Moon in Cancer. She left in the dasha of Venus and Bhukti of Ketu.

Venus is the 12 lord. Pad Lagna is 9th house. This has affliction of Mars. Venus in lagna is with 7th lord Mars. It is also with Bhagya lord Saturn. Rahu is in 9. The 4th house has the affliction of Mars, lord of MooD Yen Sat. Asd Mars Horoscope No. Ohu Asd Horoscope No.

Rahu is in the 12th house and Mars aspects her 7th house. In Jupiter-Jupiter she married this boy. Jupiter the 5th lord is aspecting Venus the 7th lord who is also the 12th lord with Rahu placed there. In Dasamsa Venus is 12th house. There is inter-connection of 7th house, 7th lord with 9th and 12th houses.

Rao in U. I Here is a small study of the careers of air hostesses. Their job involves flying, movement from place to place foreign journeys. So apply the following parameters. The 12th, 9th or 3rd houses which are the houses of journeys. Have they any connection with Rahu which brings one in contact with foreigners. Joined in the dasha of Rahu on Aug. Case 2. Joined in the Dasha of Rahu in the 9th house with the lOth lord on October 1, when the 12th lord Venus was in the lOth house.

Joined in the Dasha of the Moon in the. Joined in the Dasha of Mercury the 12th lord with the lOth lord, Mars on March 26, when the 12th lord Mercury was in Pisces, the 9th house. Rohu Sal! Sat Asd R Case? Transit of 12 lord Mar. Joined in the dasha of Rahu with the 12th lord Mars in the lOth house on August 24, when Rahu was in Sagittarius and Mars from Taurus aspected it.

Mars is the 12th lord. Joined in the dasha of Mercury m the 12th house on March 26, when the 12th lord Mars was in Acquarius the lOth house. Delhi Jup joined On the day she joined, the sub lord Satum was in the 9th house and the sub-sub-lord Venus was in the 3rd house. The 12th lord was aspecting the 9th house and the 9th lnrd. SE OR: OT co.. Applies Io seven cases straight.

Summary and Observations 1. If we were Io apply blindly Ihe principles of Iransits withoui considering the changed meanings of modem life, our interpretation boih of dashas and! The interpretation as is being done in many astrological journals Qf given in the so called standard books are now out of date. The principle should be extended to Iransits. Lot of flexible approach is absolutely necessary. RAO, I. Time it was when an Indian who crossed the seas had to do penance for having committed the "sin"going to the country of the mlecchas.

But these days, particularly after the impact of the industrial revolution and technology, going abroad, particularly to the western countries, is looked upon as a piece of good luck mainly because the West has come to be regarded as the land of opportunities. Indians going abroad or foreigners coming to India are in millions. We have in our collections hundreds of horoscopes of Indians going abroad and foreigners coming to India.

Broadly, not exchaustively, they fall into the following categories: The green card in U. He has been the centre of controversy for two years now having supposedly taken up foreign citizenship in Switzerland where he, according to his detractors, even bought property. Is it all true? Let this be examined astrologically. The lords of these houses play a vital role in promoting foreign interests.

As it is, the Moon represents water and Pisces in which he is posited again represents water. Ajitabh's inclination to go abroad deepened in Moon Dasa which started in All these again show strong foreign connections.

All these must also get a confirmation from the Dasamsa which is as follows. Here the 12th lord. All those details cannot be given in the narrow space of an article. But two conclusions are clear: Ajitabh has to have income from foreign countries and also residence abroad which it appears to us will run into serious difficulties in future years.

Narsimha Rao. His horoscope is as follows: The Sun as the 12th lord gave him the exalted position of India's Foreign Minister. It is the 7th house which also represents foreign countries.

Same facts should be got confirmed from Dasamsa. Here again Sun and Mars are in the lOth house aspected by the 12th lord Jupiter. In turn Jupiter is involved in a Gajakesari Yoga in Dasamsa. Here we want to make it clear that we apply Dasas and Yogas to all divisional horoscopes. Before we pass on to the next example we would like to draw the attention of the readers to another similarity between the horoscope of Ajitabh Bachhan and P. In both cases the lOth lord from the Moon is aspecting the 12th house, or is posited in the 12th house, the lOth lord in both cases being Jupiter.

We will now take up two horoscopes of foreigners to whom the principles we have discussed so far apply squarely to them.

The first Chart 3 is the horoscope of Mr. Here it will be seen a The I Oth lord is in the 7th house denoting relation with a foreign job specially because it is conjoined with the 12th lord. Rahu it should be noticed has been mentioned by Parasara for foreign journey repeatedly. Contact of Rahu with the lord of a particular house brings into that house foreign relationship. Merimee's wife is a foreigner and he is in the French Foreign Service.

Appendix 2 Asd: As soon as Sun-Venus began , he was selected for the foreign services.

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Here the Sun is aspecting the 12th house and Venus is the 12th lord. As soon as his Moon Dasa started he got postings outside his motherland, France. The Moon in his 3rd house aspects his 9th house and lord and is in turn aspected by the 9th lord. As usual we must seek confirmation of this in the Dasamsa. The 4th horoscope is slightly different from the preceding one. The noticeable features are: Exalted Jupiter from the 12th house aspecting the lOth lord shows priestly, missionary connection.

Confirmation of this in Dasamsa is a repetition of the promise of the birth horoscope. Summary It will be seen that in all the four horoscopes lOth and 12th lords are interconnected. But there is a shade of difference in these connections showing foreign profits; in the case of P.

N the connection of lOth lord with Mars shows his position of authority as Mars invariably represents authority; in the case of Merimee again the lOth and the 12th lord connected with each other aspected by Mars represent authority; but in the last case of the Australian it is Jupiter that is aspecting the lOth and 12th lord conjunction showing not a position of authority but genuine spiritual interest.

The Australian is a very sound astrologer also and he has studied Hindu Astrology very deeply. Conclusion We have many other methods of cross-checking foreign postings and connections.

Invariably the connection of the 7th, 9th and I Oth Appendix 2 lords with 12th lord leads to foreign connections and positions. In the Dasa connected with J1e 12th house or lord or alternately the 7th and 9th houses or their lords foreign postings take place.

But Moon and Rahu have a very dominant role in foreign postings II Unless one is caught up in the toils of the emotions of a father one may not appreciate the emotional intensity of the Apparently there was no problem. Yet it became a problem, the filial reaction to the possible departure of the only son, also the only issue, to a far-off land, U.

Our friend Chander Gupta gave up the horoscope of Anant Gupta whose parents' horoscopes have been in our records for more than eight year now. The specific questions were there. Chances existed of the boy getting in a university in U. Would it materialise? Being the only son the parents were orm between two emotions, going abroad would create the void that separation creates, such emotional vacuity as becomes unbearable when the bond of love and affection is so deep, so real.

Lastly when the boy's admission was assured, there were objections from the U. Embassy in India. Would this last minute hitch be overcome. The first question could be answered at once in the affirmative because: The 5th lord with the 12th lord in the lOth house with other planets showed the promise of education in a foreign country.

The Dasa is of Venus and the Antardasa that of Mercury, the 12th lord. The second question was easier to answer without Astrology. The parents were so rich and kept visiting foreign countries so often and there would be telephonic contacts which would fill the emotional void. It was not like ancient times when news about the loved ones, after he departed, never or rarely reached you.

The romance of separation is a fiction in our age of fast communications. The third question about the objection by the U. Embassy was easy to answer The Moon, in transit, in the 3rd house of the boy was showing travel, being in Virgo which as will be seen is the 12th house in the Dasamsa. On 31st December he left India when the Moon was in Virgo, the 3rd house from birth Lagna and the 12th house of the Dasamsa.

The following features will be prominent in the Dasamsa: The 7th, the 9th and the 12th houses or their lords, it has even been stated earlier, must have some connection with the lOth lord for work outside the country and in this case, with the 5th lord for education or alternatively the 9th house which represents higher education. Mercury, the Antardasa lord, is again the 12th lord promising a foreign trip.

The horoscopes of the parents showed foreign trip of their only son. It is not being discussed here. Now a question may arise as to why we have chosen the 5th lord for education. The first reason is that Maharishi Parasara refers to Yantra- manrra latha vidyam when he discusses the 5th house.

It is our experience that the north Indian astrological practice of treating the 5tl house for education is sound and has the aut! In the August issue of The Astrological Magazine the horoscope of Vishwas Madhav Sabnis was discussed and it is being reproduced to show how and why ll"e success of the boy in education in U. Ketu In this case the information available was that the boy was already in U.

Now see that in the birth horoscope the 5th lord is in the 12th house and from the Moon, the 5th lord aspects the 12th house while the 12th lord from the Moon Jupiter aspects the 5th house. In Dasamsa the 5th lord is in the 9th house a foreign house with the 9th lord representing higher education as well. Similarly we have already discussed in the May issue of The Astrological Magazine the horoscope of Sanjay Katyal p.

See it. He topped in the competitive entrance examination in Chicago as was our prediction to him. From the Moon, the 5th lord is also the 12th lord and is with the I Oth lord.

In Dasamsa, the 5th lord is with 12th lord in the lOth house confirming our prediction to the boy, San jay Katyal. Variations of the Theme It is one thing to say that a person would go abroad for education and another to participate in a seminar. Since a difference exists between the two it can be seen in a horoscope whether a person would go abroad to participate in a seminar or for education.

We shall discuss two horoscopes of Russians, now that the Soviet society has undergone revolutionary changes and has shed off communist iron curtain and has decided to enjoy perestroika how long? Bongard Levin of the Institute of Oriental Studies Academy of Sciences, 12, Zhdanova Street, Moscow, a very famous Indologist, took special permission and came accompanied by other Russians to consult us astrologically.

Since Mr. Levin also believes in the efficacy of ayurvedic treatment he had taken special permission both for ayurvedic treatment and astrological consultation through the good offices of the iben Indian ambassador in USSR Mr. Nurul Hasan. Rao, Kalpana, Surama, Meenakshi Raul etc. Jup Rahu Sat Rahu Dr. Levin DASA. Saturn Dasa from March, I III Who is lucky in life?

He who has a lot of wealth but poor health? He who has everything except children? One can keep posing questions but on the balance it would appear, in the world in which we live money ensures many comforts, gives a sense of security, a general feeling of well being but above all these days when allopathy dominates as the best system of treatment, going abroad for treatment. It is the planets that take one across the seas even for medical treatment. To predict it a lot of data is necessary but as usual we are giving a simple method of making such predictions on fairly reliable basis if such a question is put.

We are not talking of the prasna horary but only of the horoscope, the natal, to prove our point. The first is a very serious case in which the best of Indian and US doctors not merely got panicky but had given the boy a very brief tenure of life in I To begin the story from the very beginning when we were taking Astrology classes rather K.

Rao was teaching astrology to four students including Mr. Saigal l. One day he heard us discussing a case where a woman was declared a patient of cancer when astrologically nothing fatal was indicated at all. We insisted, if the horoscope was correct, that nothing fatal was visible.

Subsequently it turned out to be a case of either wrong diagnosis in Delhi or another patient's biopsy report being passed as this woman's. Having therefore seen how Astrology works Mr. Saigal one day brought the horoscope of his nephew and also of his elder sister to ask whether the boy would be taken abroad for treatment and whether there would be an operation. The horoscope and the Dasamsa of the boy are as follows: Asd Asd Sun Rahu.

Jup Sat: The medical case history was: In doctors had found something wrong with the kidneys of the boy and after performing a minor operation in Delhi advised that the boy be taken to London for further treatment. He was then running Mercury-Saturn.

The influence of the Dasa and Bhukti lords along the six-twelve axis conlirmed treatment in a far-off place, in this case London. In when again medical diagnosis in India was that the boy needed urgent desperate and immediate treatment, preferably in the Appendix 2 ItO USA we were asked to answer Je two questions, astrologically; Whether the boy would go abroad and would he be operated upon surgically.

Astrological Analysis Jupiter of the boy is in mrityu-bhaga and in the 12th house. Foreign travel was indicated. Ketu with the I 2th lord Saturn confirmed it. But further analysis indicated that there would be no operation. This is done best in a different way, including the transiting Mars when the decision about operation is to be taken.

The parents returned with the boy to India after two medical diagnoses, each costing one lakh rupees per day and showed us the repon.

The law of torts in the USA being what it is, the doctors wrote cautiously that it would be doubtful how long the boy could be kept without dialysis.

Our reasoning was that the 8th lord or a planet in the 8th house if he is not a Yogakaraka would create the need for dialysis and most likely in Venus-Sun period of the boy in or thereabouts. The boy had dialysis six years after in , contrary. Not six months as the US doctors said but six years later only. We will not disclose here why we insisted that it would be either at the fag-end of Venus- Venus or beginning of Venus-Sun. Our timing was more or res! Those who know Dhana-yogas conferring fantastic prosperity on people can see in this horoscope why the lady whose horoscope is given below is rolling in such opulence.

She belongs to one of the twenty top 1 ich families of India. But in indu astrology you must know your! So the answer can be!

See the chart on nakshatras! These are called mahadashas. This is the aspect of planets. These aspects are general and special. It can tabulated thus. Take up any horoscope and see which planets, un,! This must become a natural habit with you. Three planets! How this , is applied is being shown here. Why yo! In the state of ttar ,radesh there is a special branch of police known as PA8 created to control communal riots.

In all horoscopes first of all see how the lord of a particular house is placed. Thus lagna lord is both a kendra lord and also the trikona lord. Points to Remember n understanding the meaning of 0!

In the e4ample horoscope, kendras are anya, Dhanu,! It will be good if a reader gets used to these terms after understanding how these terms come into a writers articles in so natural a way that the writer does not know that they may appear foreign to many. The permutations and combinations of these, lords of kendras, trikonas, panapahars, apoklimas and upachayas are used for predictions.

In social life,! Mercur" n astrology Mercury is the prince! In modern age,! True, aturn represents, trouble, sorrow, old age, sickness. Gld, dilapidated houses specially made of bricks. Society If the un is the aristocrat, aturn is the democrat while! Society The foreigner, the engineer, the architect, the space engineer, the politician, air hostesses, aeroplane pilots and manifold new technical and semi7 technical professions fall in the domain of 'ahu.

These days when people learn computer it naturally falls under etu because there is computer language to be learnt. If planets combine, aspect each other in certain houses from the lagna, the meaning of this should be interpreted with an open mind. To understand it, the our ,urusharthas of classical Indian tradition should be understood.

In such a case the health may be bad. It is in rare cases that a person with ill health but strong sense of renunciation can be spiritually e4alted.

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See the planets particularly Jupiter, Venus, Mercury without affliction to e. The third house also is to be seen for short and 6uick pilgrimages. In the case of a yogi it can represent pranayama or breath7control. More often than not these take a person away from the desired spiritual path!

This house also is for father, who is one of the early gurus of a child.Fifth house strong having "Budha-Adithya Yoga" and lagna lord combining with lords of 2nd and 11th.

The sacredness ofjyotisha, as one of the Vedangas was never questioned and doubted. Horoscope No. But they have o be modil"icd, expanded, as Rao has done in his usual pioneering spirit. They discouraged the use of different da. It led to a great astrological revival.

According to Jatak Tatwa it Moon is placed in a kcndra, the native travels much, both in-land and in foreign country.

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