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BAHASA INDONESIA (EDISI LENGKAP). In Tafsir Fi Zilal Al-Quran on June 5, at am. DI BAWAH NAUNGAN AL-QURAN. right click → save link as →. IN THE SHADE OF THE QURAN right click → save link as → download 1) Al- Fatihah 2) Al-Baqarah 3) In Tafsir Fi Zilal Al-Quran on June 5, at am. TAFSIR FI ZILALIL Qur'an Sayyid Quthb English pdf.

Tafsir Fi Zilalil Quran Pdf

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All Vol In 1 Pdf - Quran Tafsir In The Shade Of The Quran Sayyid Qutb Eng of the Quran, Fi Zilalil Quran, Fi Zilal Al Quran, Fi Dhilal Al Quran. Fi Zilal al-Qur'an is a highly influential commentary of the Qur'an, written during by . Fi Zilal al-Quran (); Tafsir al-Manar (); Maariful Quran (–); Tafhim-ul-Quran (); Tafseer-e-Quadri. Tersebut dalam Sohih Muslim dari hadith al-'Ala' ibn Abdur Rahman Maula yang tidak mendukung zilalayatpilihan Tafsir Fi Zilalil Quran.

He goes throughhis life on earth without ever losing consciousness of the Day of Judgement. Healways looks up to his Lord, hoping for His grace. True knowledge is not a host of pieces of information that clutter themind without leading to any understanding of the fundamentals of existence.

Those who limitthemselves to individual experiences and superficial vision are no more thancollectors of information. They will never attain the rank of people with knowledge. Those whodo good in this world will have a good reward. Those who arepatient in adversity will be given their reward in full, beyond reckoning.

They are added to remove confusion. The Prophet ismerely the means by which the address is given. It is seen in the bright picture drawn in the previous verse of adevout worshipper, full of humility.

To stick to your place of habitatin such a case could present an opening for Satan. It could become a form ofattributing equals to God, even though it might not be felt in this way. This is a finepoint indicating that polytheism can subtly creep into our hearts. No one can deal in this way with the human heart exceptthe One who created it and knows what has an effect on it and how. This is not an easy thing for anyone. He opens forthem what compensates for land, country, family and relatives, giving them a rewardwithout count.

All praise is due to God who knows all that affects a human heart and is fullyaware of every thought that finds its way into his mind. Such is the ultimateloss. These are the ones whom God hasgraced with His guidance, and these are the onesendowed with insight.

Can you rescuethose who are already in the fire? Never does God fail to fulfil Hispromise. He further declares that he, a Prophet and a Messenger of God, dreadsthe consequences of any deviation from it.

He unequivocally states his determinationto follow his course, leaving the unbelievers to choose whatever method they want tofollow, outlining the results to which each of the two ways leads. Say: Indeed I would dread, were Ito disobey my Lord, the suffering of an awesome day.

Tafsir Fi Zilalil Quran

He does not exceed that position. Thus the two concepts of Godhead and servitude are well established and clearlydistinguished. There can be no confusion between the two. Oneness is clearly seen asan attribute of God alone, in which no one else has any share.

You can worshipwhatever you please instead of Him.

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Say: True losers indeed are those who shall havelost their own selves and their families on Resurrection Day. Such is the ultimate loss. Verses Once more the Prophet announces: I am unwavering in following my way,addressing all worship to God and submitting myself to Him alone. As for you, youcan follow any way you want, worship whomever you wish, but this will lead you tothe worst imaginable loss: a loss of oneself as one goes to hell, and the loss of familyand kin, be they believers or unbelievers.

They are seen within these layers as they close in on them from all sides. Yet theselayers are fire. These are the ones whom God has graced with His guidance, and these are theones endowed with insight.

They arethe ones who turn to God, stand in front of Him and worship Him alone.

These havegood news issued to them directly from on high. One quality of such people is that they listen to whatever is being said, but theirhearts and minds pick up only the best of it and discard the rest. A good soul is always ready to receive good words and respond tothem, while the one which is foul receives only what is foul. Guidance comes only from God. Anyone who does not follow the waythat ensures such safety appears to be deprived of a sound mind and insight, whichare blessings given by God.

Who cansave them from its fire, then? Can you rescue those who are already in the fire? If he cannot save them from the fire, whoelse can? They are pictured here as if they are already in the fire, since the sentence ofpunishment has been passed on them. Juxtaposed with this is the image of those whotruly feared God:As against this, those who are God-fearing will have lofty mansions raised uponmansions high, beneath which running waters flow.

Never doesGod fail to fulfil His promise.

Verse 20 The scene depicts mansions raised upon high mansions, with streams flowingbelow. To them, they were not mere promises or threats issuedfrom afar, speaking about a distant future; they were a reality they saw and felt. Hence, they were truly influenced by them. Their lives on earth reflected the realityof the Hereafter which they felt and almost experienced while still extant in this life.

He then bringswith it vegetation of different colours; and then itwithers and you can see it turning yellow. In theend He causes it to crumble to dust. In all thisthere is indeed a reminder for those endowed withinsight.

Woe, then, betide those whose hearts harden atthe mention of God. These are most obviously inerror. It causes the skins of those who stand inawe of their Lord to shiver, but then their skinsand hearts soften at the mention of God. Yet much greater will be the suffering of thelife to come, if they but knew it! Canthey be deemed equal? All praise is due to Godalone, but most of them do not understand.

It urges people with insight to reflect on this comparison.

It gives aninspiring description of the response of those whose hearts are open to it, and howthey experience a mixture of awe, fear, comfort and reassurance. The two cannot be equaland cannot hold the same position, in the same way as two slaves one serving onemaster and the other having several masters, who are in dispute with one anothercannot be considered the same.


Rain Bringing LifeHave you not considered how God sends down water from the skies, and then causes itto travel through the earth to form springs? He then brings with it vegetation ofdifferent colours; and then it withers and you can see it turning yellow. In the end Hecauses it to crumble to dust. In all this there is indeed a reminder for those endowedwith insight. Its familiarity, however, tends to make people overlook it.

Yet it is remarkablein every step. The water that comes down from the sky: what is it,and how does it descend? This is a remarkable phenomenon, but we tend not toreflect on it because it is so familiar. The very creation of water is indeed a miracle. We know that it comes into existence when two hydrogen atoms combine with oneoxygen atom under certain conditions.

In fact, without water, no lifecould have emerged. Thus we see how a series of measures culminated in theexistence of water and the emergence of life.

[PDF] In The Shade Of The Quran Fi Dhilal Al Quran Sayyid Qutb 18 Vol.

It then forms springs or wells. Look at the young shoot as it splits the earth andremoves the heavy layers above it, seeking space, light and fresh air, and growingslowly and gradually. Man stands in front of this with great awe, aware that he cannot produceanything like it.

It is now ripe for harvest. Woe, then, betide those whose hearts harden at the mention of God. These aremost obviously in error.

God has bestowed from on high the best of all teachings: abook that is consistent within itself repeating its statements [of the truth] in manifoldforms. It causes the skins of those who stand in awe of their Lord to shiver, but thentheir skins and hearts soften at the mention of God. Verses Just like He sends water from the skies to cause vegetation of various colours andforms to grow, God bestows from on high a reminder which is received by heartsthat are alive, and that open up and react to such life.

By contrast, hardened heartsreceive it like a rock that cannot embrace life. God opens to Islam those hearts thatHe knows to be good. These hearts receive the light of Islam and they shine andradiate. These are most obviouslyin error. It describes how they blossom, becoming fresh and radiant. Italso describes the other type of hearts which are hard, dark and lifeless.

The gap between thetwo is enormous. They are repeated at different places for a purpose that can be bestserved through such repetition. Those who stand in awe of God maintain an attitude that mixes fear of God withhope of His mercy. This is a very vivid imagegiving in words a description that is full of movement and action. It paints a very depressing picture at the time when results are given:How about one who shall have nothing but his hare face to protect him from the awfulsuffering on Resurrection Day?

In this case, however, he cannot use his hands or legs to save himselffrom the fire; instead, he uses his face for protection, which describes a case of greatconfusion and hardship.

God gave them a taste of humiliation in this world. Yet muchgreater will be the suffering of the life to come, if they but knew it! Verses Such is the outcome faced by the unbelievers in both lives, in this world and thenext.

God cites the case of a man who has for his masters several partners at odds witheach other, and a man belonging wholly to one person.

Can they be deemed equal?

Allpraise is due to God alone, but most of them do not understand. Verses God draws an analogy citing the examples of two of His servants: one believes inHis Oneness and one ascribes divinity to others beside God. He compares them totwo slaves: one is owned by several people who are at odds with each other aboutwho owns him; he is caught between them, while each of them requires him to docertain things.

He is at a loss, not knowing which way to turn and cannot manage tosatisfy them all because of their contradictory orders. The other is owned by onemaster, and he knows what his master wants and is clear about his desires andrequirements. The one whohas one master enjoys consistency and knows what is expected of him. His energy isspent in a consistent way and the road ahead of him is clear. The other, who hasseveral masters, is always suffering anxiety and worry.

He does not feel settled. He isunable to satisfy even one of his masters, let alone them all. Thus his way is straight.

He knows one source for life,strength and sustenance; harm and benefit; grace and deprivation. He sets on hisstraight way to this source, strengthening his ties with it.

He is assured of his singlegoal and does not lose sight of it. His feet are set firm on the ground while his gaze looks to God inheaven. This telling analogy is followed by a comment praising God who has chosen forHis servants what gives them comfort, safety, security and contentment.

Yet theydeviate from the truth, and most of them do not even know it. It addresses human nature withsimple logic. In it there is no ambiguity, equivocation or deviation. Is not there in hell a proper abodefor the unbelievers? He will requite the liars as they deserve and give generous rewardto the people of the truth. Indeed you are bound to die, and they too are bound to die; and then on the Day ofResurrection you all will dispute with one another in the presence of your Lord.

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Verses Death is the end of every living thing. Only God remains. This is followed by stating what comes after death, because deathis not the final end: it is a link in the chain of life that has been so ordained that nopart of it passes in vain. On the Day of Judgement people will stand in front of Goddisputing with one another over what they used to claim, and how they reacted tothe guidance God sent them.

Who could be more wrong than one who invents a lie about God and rejects the truthwhen it comes to him? Is not there in hell a proper abode for the unbelievers? Verse32 These are facts stated in the form of questions.

This is unbelief, and in hell there is a proper abode for allunbelievers. The interrogative form given to these two statements makes themclearer and more emphatic. This is one party to the dispute. The other party is the one who brings the messageof truth given him by God, believes in it and delivers it fully convinced of its truth.

Sharing with him in this description are all earliermessengers of God, as well as everyone who advocates this message, fully convincedthat it is true.

These are indeed God-fearing. The verse states that this is theirs, ready for themwith their Lord. Thus their gooddeeds are made to grow and become preponderant. He has committedHimself to do this, giving a promise to this effect.

Thus, it is a fact of which the Godfearingare certain. Yet theywould try to frighten you with those who areinferior to Him. Is God not mighty, capable of inflictingretribution? Or, if He wills that mercyshould he bestowed on me, could they withholdHis mercy? Whoeverfollows its guidance does so for his own good, andwhoever goes astray shall do so at his own peril. You are not responsible for them.

Hekeeps with Him the souls of those whose deathHe has ordained and sends back the others untiltheir appointed time. In all this there are signs forpeople who reflect. Originator of the heavens and theearth!

It is Youwho will judge between Your servants concerningall that over which they differ. For God will have made obvious tothem something they have never reckoned with.

It is but a test, yetmost of them do not understand. Similarly, the wrongdoers among these presentpeople will have the evil of their deeds recoil uponthem. He goes along his way firm andreassured about his destiny.

It is God who has power over them in allsituations. They have no one to intercede with Him, for it is to God alone that allintercession belongs. The form and appearance may have changed, but the nature and means remains the same. The Muslim world has often faced problems as a result of Jewish conspiracies ever since the early days of Islam.

History has recorded the wicked opposition of the Jews to Islam right from its first day in Medina. Their scheming against Islam has continued since then to the present moment, and they continue to be its leaders, nursing their wicked grudges and always resorting to treacherous schemes to undermine Islam. Conservative author Paul Berman stated that "In Qutb's interpretation, the sins and crimes of the Medina Jews in the seventh century have a cosmic, eternal quality -- rather like the sins and crimes of the Jerusalem Jews in some of the traditional interpretations of the Gospels.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Commentary on the Quran. Islam portal. Com Fi Dhilal al-Quran", Kalamullah. Retrieved Salahi and A. Shamis, Vol. I Markfield, Leicester, and Nairobi, Kenya: The Islamic Foundation Tafsir Novin? List of tafsir works. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles containing Arabic-language text All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from April All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from November The link to Al-Qalam is not working.

It carried me through and offered me solace during that period. Thus we see how a series of measures culminated in theexistence of water and the emergence of life. These are the ones whom God hasgraced with His guidance, and these are the onesendowed with insight.

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