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Wood Elves have four new army rules. They are A weaker save, but no longer mundane like in the previous army book. Mounts do. Documents Similar To Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th Edition. Warhammer FB - Army Book - Warhammer Armies Tomb Kings (8E) - Uploaded by. Warhammer Wood Elves: 8th Edition Review. I never used to make a point of reviewing new army books, however I did it for the new Dwarf.

Warhammer Wood Elves 8th Edition Army Book

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Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves (6th Edition) Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves (8th Edition) It is the current armybook for the Wood Elves army Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves 8th Edition Army Book at the best online prices at eBay!. Results 1 - 27 of 27 Warhammer Fantasy Armies Wood Elves Army Book () Games Warhammer Wood Elves Limited Edition Army Book, 8th Edition.

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See details for delivery est. This listing is for a rare limited edition of the Wood Elves army book from the 8th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. This special edition is one of only printed, with a unique slipcover and cover art, as well as an exclusive letter. This book is a rare collector?

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You can boast of being one of only a thousand owners in the world! Please note that the contents of the book are rich with stories and lore about the Wood Elves, but the rules are for 8th Edition Fantasy, not Age of Sigmar. Quality is as pictured: See details.

Be the first to write a review About this product. There is also details on how the Wood Elves of the different eternal realms appear giving a variety of colour schemes based loosely on the seasons. Wood Elves army list The most important part to budding generals of Wood Elf armies this details the points cost and options available to the Wood Elf army.

This includes all the old favourites as well as new additions like the Waystalker and Sisters of the Thorn. Photo of the new 8th edition Wood Elves book.

Warhammer Army Book

Across the board all Forest spirit units Dryads, Treekin and Treemen have lost a point of strength. In return they have gained, well nothing.

Although the limit of the number of Treekin has gone meaning you could now horde them if you wished too. Sprites have more or less completely disappeared with only lamentation of Despairs making an appearance on the Treeman Ancient Durthu who at least has made a comeback.

There is no longer an option to select any for your character's of any kind. This leaves Treeman Ancients who are now wizards with few upgrades and Branchwraith's with none though they are now wizards and cheap to boot. Also gone are the kindred's whilst this is partially compensated for with the addition of the Shadowdancer and Waystalker heroes it is again something Wood Elves have lost for an inferior version.

Another major gripe is that for a highly expensive book you do not automatically gain access to a PDF or ibook version of the army book. You have to pay the same again to gain access to this. Considering the cost of the army book you would expect to gain access to this for free.The previous Wood Elf book was almost 10 years old, having arrived toward the end of 6th edition.

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The old Tree Whack attack returns, however it's a bit different from days gone by. Only 1 left!

Basilisk in Epic Scale for In the previous book, Wood Elves had clear strengths and weaknesses. On a side note I forgot that the new book didn't have Ariel the Queen in it. As you might expect when the book is replacing something so long in the tooth, the updated list is significantly different.

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