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Download NISM Study Material PDF and Workbooks like Mutual Fund, Equity nism mutual fund distributors study material, amfi exam study material. FREE DOWNLOAD PREPARATORY NOTES GUIDE NISM SERIES VA MUTUAL FUND DISTRIBUTOR EXAM (MFD). offers Online Mock Test for NISM, Insurance & Banking Exams. Modelexam website provides ONLINE Mock Test for NISM, Insurance and IIBF exams. NISM V_A Sample Questions - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) NISM STUDY MATERIAL FOR MUTUAL FUND EXAM - EARLIER AMFI.

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While the NISM Certification examination will be largely based on material in this . Appendix 2: AMFI's Code of Conduct for Intermediaries of Mutual Funds. needs to study the scheme properly, before presuming that an income will be. Can any body tell me about study material of AMFI mutual fund advisor module. problems any body help me two time i cant do this exam please help brothers my mail il is - my cell no is Financial Market study Download NISM Work Book Guides free, Simplified Study material pdf format.

The returns in a debt portfolio are largely driven by interest rates and yield spreads. If the portfolio manager expects interest rates to rise, then the portfolio is switched towards a higher proportion of floating rate instruments; or fixed rate instruments of shorter tenor. On the other hand, if the expectation is that interest rates would fall, then the manager increases the exposure to longer term fixed rate debt securities.

This additional return offered by a non-government issuer, above the yield that the government offers, is called yield spread. Better the credit quality, lower the yield spread. Benchmarking is a form of relative returns comparison.

It helps in assessing under-performance or out-performance. Choice of benchmark depends on scheme type, choice of investment universe, choice of portfolio concentration and the underlying exposure.

The value of gold in India depends on the international price of gold which is quoted in foreign currency , the exchange rate for converting the currency into Indian rupees, and any duties on the import of gold. Unlike gold, which is a global asset, real estate is a local asset.

It cannot be transported and its value is driven by local factors. SEBI guidelines govern disclosures of return by mutual fund schemes. Loads and taxes pull the investors returns below that earned by the Scheme.

Investor returns are also influenced by various actions of the investor himself. Risks in mutual fund schemes would depend on the nature of portfolio, its liquidity, outside liabilities and composition of unitholders. Fluctuation in returns is a measure of risk. Variance and Standard Deviation are risk measures for all kinds of schemes; beta is relevant for equity; modified duration and weighted average maturity are applicable for debt schemes.

Sharpe Ratio, Treynor Ratio and Alpha are bases to evaluate a fund managers performance based on risk-adjusted returns. Quantitative measures are based on historical performance, which may or may not be replicated in future.

Scheme evaluation is an art, not a science. The sequence of decision making in selecting a scheme is: Step 1 Deciding on the scheme category based on asset allocation ; Step 2 Selecting a scheme within the category; Step 3 Selecting the right option within the scheme. While investing in equity funds, a principle to internalize is that markets are more predictable in the long term, than in the short term. So, it is better to consider equity funds, when the investment horizon is adequately long.

In an actively managed diversified fund, the fund manager performs the role of ensuring higher exposure to the better performing sectors or stocks. An investor, investing or taking money out of a sector fund has effectively taken up the role of making the sector choices.

As the economy recovers, and investors start investing in the market, the valuations in front-line stocks turn expensive.

NISM STUDY MATERIAL (Simplified workbook notes)

Arbitrage funds are not meant for equity risk exposure, but to lock into a better risk-return relationship than liquid funds and ride on the tax benefits that equity schemes offer.

Although these schemes invest in equity markets, the expected returns are in line with liquid funds. The comparable for a liquid scheme in the case of retail investors is a savings bank account. Switching some of the savings bank deposits into liquid schemes can improve the returns for him.

Businesses, which in any case do not earn a return on their current account, can transfer some of the surpluses to liquid schemes.

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A single investment gives exposure to both debt and equity. Investors need to understand the structure of the gold schemes more closely, before investing. Debt investors would ensure that the weighted average maturity of the portfolio is in line with their view on interest rates. Investors in non-gilt debt schemes will keep an eye on credit quality of the portfolio and watch out for sector concentration in the portfolio, even if the securities have a high credit rating.

Any cost is a drag on investors returns. Investors need to be particularly careful about the cost structure of debt schemes. Leveraging is taking large positions with a small outlay of funds.

Treasury Bills are short term debt instruments issued by the RBI. Certificates of Deposit are issued by Banks for 91 days to 1 year or Financial Institutions for 1 to 3 years. Commercial Papers are short term securities upto 1 year issued by companies. Governments and public sector companies tend to issue bonds, while private sector companies issue debentures.

The difference between the yield on Gilt and the yield on a non-Government Debt security is called its yield spread.

A scheme should have a minimum of 20 investors at any point of time. However MF cannot invest Borrowed amount Amongst index schemes, tracking error is a basis to select the better scheme.

Lower the tracking error, the better it is. Similarly, Gold ETFs need to be selected based on how well they track gold prices. Mutual fund research agencies assign a rank to the performance of each scheme within a scheme category ranking.

Some of these analyses cluster the schemes within a category into groups, based on well-defined performance traits rating. Indeed, the costs associated with switching between schemes are likely to severely impact the investors returns.

The underlying returns in a scheme, arising out of its portfolio and cost economics, is what is available for investors in its various options viz. Dividend payout, dividend re-investment and growth options.

Dividend payout option has the benefit of money flow to the investor; growth option has the benefit of letting the money grow in the fund on gross basis i.

Dividend reinvestment option neither gives the cash flows nor allows the money to grow in the fund on gross basis. Taxation and liquidity needs are a factor in deciding between the options.

Issuance of physical NCFM workbook is discontinued w. Interested candidates who desire to purchase Workbooks. Taxmann's Mutual Fund Distributors in Hindi incorporated mutual funds, fund structure, investor services, scheme selection, fund distribution and channel management practices.

Results 1 - 16 of Commercial Book international.

Yashashwi Book Center. Topper Mart. Mittal Books. RR Books.

See more. We, at Dishagyan. Tags: amfi certificationmock test for mutual fund distributors certification examinationmutual fund distributors certification examinationnism certificatenism certification coursesnism examnism study. The purpose of this test is to help you get familiar with the AMFI test format and to test your knowledge about Mutual Funds. Short Description. Enroll Now.

Established by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Page 1 of 3. Concept and Role of a Mutual Fund. Recruitment, training, certification and performance review of all personnel engaged in. Register for study material, Test and more.

Study Materials 4. Mock Test 5.

NISM STUDY MATERIAL (Simplified workbook notes)

Know more about Amfi examination. Get all the details here in this article.

Courtesy www. Simplified AMFI. This means to develop a broad least knowledge standard for all persons. A: imgbd. Q: How can I prepare for the exam? However, if the. Easily share your publications and get. When do you get the results? The test is given online and you can see the results immediately. What does the program cover? Mutual fund structures; Legal and. Mutual Fund Mock Test, Take free online aptitude tests and reasoning questions for competitive exams and certification courses.

Make yourself prepared before the final entrance interview and placcements. The institute offers academic programmes, training programmes, capacity.

Online coaching, practice tests and classroom trainings for various NISM exams, including CPE of mutual fund distributors empanelled by NISM ; Module-wise classroom training programs - conceptual with practical applications. Training workshops. Online Courses. Curriculum created by.


Insurance Institute of India has developed this course material for the pre recruitment test for life insurance agents in consultation with the industry.

In the context of the multiplicity of products and practices among life. Flash Card. Quick Reckoner covering key course highlights and important pre-exam reads. Can be downloaded as pdf. View Sample.A mutual fund may transfer investments from one scheme to another u. Investments are subject to a fixed lock-in period of 1 year, and flexible lock-in period of 2 years.

False Scheme-wise annual report of a mutual fund need not be q. The book covers basics of the interest rate derivatives, trading strategies using interest rate derivatives, clearing, settlement and risk management as well as the regulatory environment in which the interest rate derivatives markets operate in India.

A call provision in a debt issue allows the issuer to. Diversified debt funds on the other hand, invest in a mix of government and non-government debt securities. Gold and real estate are attractive investment options only in high inflation economies cc. March

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