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Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 8 Up-The countdown has begun. "Zero Hour" is a mere three months away. Unless Jamie Carpenter and the. The pulse-pounding sequel to DEPARTMENT 19 – “The best action horror story I have ever read” according to Bookzoneforboys. Or 91 days to pray for Department 19 to save you. After the terrifying attack on Lindisfarne at the end of the first book, Jamie, Larissa and Kate. Department 19 has 17 entries in the series. 19 (Series). Book 5. Will Hill Author (). cover image of Department 19, The Rising, and Battle Lines.

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Will Hill James Bond meets Dracula in these deliriously addictive action books about a teenage vampire hunter. Department 19 by Will Hill. The Rising by Will. Jamie joins Department 19, only to discover the dark secrets of the underworld. Can his VAMPIRE RISING (ALEX VAN HELSING, BOOK 1). Author: Jason. explored in great depth in my book Men, Women, and Relationships: Making Peace with the. Opposite Men are from M.

Interweaving the stories of Jamie, Dracula, Frankenstein, and a mysterious man wandering the American desert, this book is closer to the elaborate works of Stephen King than many vampire novels marketed to teens. Even if that means facing down Dracula himself. This riveting second book in the Department 19 series is packed with cutting-edge gadgets, international locales, and daredevil action that tumbles ferociously across the page—perfect for fans of Darren Shan and Anthony Horowitz.

Department Now Jamie is pulled into a secret organization responsible for policing the supernatural, founded more than a century ago by Abraham Van Helsing.

Department Nineteen takes us through history, across Europe, and beyond — from the cobbled streets of Victorian London to prohibition-era New York, from the icy wastes of Arctic Russia to the treacherous mountains of Transylvania. Share on Facebook. Related Titles. Other Series By Will Hill.

About Will Hill.

More about Will Hill. Other Series You Might Like. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! Or a harden veteran in the war against vampires?

This is a well written series that may be geared to a YA audience but this ole reader enjoys the series so far and I plan to continue on reading about Department This was a digital library copy.

I have a big old hardback version of The Rising. But I jus Action Packed! But I just can't get around to reading these almost page thick hardbacks anymore. Dec 27, Wal. Jamie ist zum ersten Mal akzeptiertes Mitglied einer Gemeinschaft. Das liebenswerte Monster war schnell zu einem Vaterersatz geworden und deshalb wiegt der Verlust umso schwerer. Gleichzeitig sollen nicht alle gefangenen Vampire umgebracht werden.

Vielleicht besteht ein kleiner Funken Hoffnung auf eine Heilung.

Die Ungewissheit, ob der Graf jemals besiegt werden kann, steigt. Sep 28, Garrett Pope rated it it was amazing. Personal Response: I thought this book was one of the best books I have ever read. It kept me interested the whole time I was reading it. It made me want to read the third book as soon as I finished it. Department The Rising by Will Hill is the second book in the Department 19 series. The book starts off with Jamie, Larissa, and Kate stopping two vampires from invading a blood bank.

The book jumps back in time to Frankenstein, who woke up in a truck underneath some pelts of animals. He jumps out of the truck at a diner where he meets a little girl. The little girl is wandering around, because her dad is inside the diner playing poker. The little girl becomes friends with Frankenstein and the two play for a little bit. The little girl screams in enjoyment, but the dad runs out thinking his daughter is getting hurt.

The father is going to shoot Frankenstein, but the girl tries to tell the dad that Frankenstein is a friend. Frankenstein takes matters into his own hands by picking up the dad and telling him to be more careful about his daughter or she might get herself hurt. Frankenstein leaves the diner in a semi. The book jumps back to Jamie, Larissa, and Kate. They and a bunch of other operators are stopping a vampire hostage exchange. The book jumps back to Frankenstein, who is in France and is in a secret club that is for monsters.

It is owned by Latour, the oldest vampire in France. Latour captures Frankenstein. The book jumps back the Kate, who is looking at her arm.

It turns into a fountain of blood. The book jumps to a mysterious man in Arizona, who is looking for a cured vampire. He finds the cured vampire and goes to the American branch of Department 19 and turns himself in. A man at the American branch calls up Admiral Seward and tells him that Julian is still alive. The book jumps back to Jamie, who is meeting up with Dr.

It happens to be the start of a cure to vampirism. Talbot tells Jamie he can not tell anyone about the project. The book jumps to Matt Browning, the boy who is viciously attacked by Larissa in the first book. He is in his room doing some research about vampires.

He finds all of these weird pages on vampires. Matt leaves his house and goes into town, where he thinks he sees some vampires. He calls a number, which is for Department Two men show up, but they are not from the Department. Real Department 19 workers come and save Matt. They take Matt to the Loop.

Back at the Loop, Jamie finds out about Matt and becomes friends with him.

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He helps out Admiral Seward with the Lazarus Project. The trio is going through a senior home and find a bunch of hostages. They help the hostages escape. After the hostages escape, Jamie and his crew find Valentin Rusmanov, the third oldest vampire.

He wishes to make a deal with the Department. He will help the Department beat Dracula, which will save the world, but only if he can kill a couple of people.

Larissa and Kate thinks it is a bad idea, but Jamie knows this is the only way they can have a chance of beating Dracula. Jamie asks Admiral Seward if he can go save Frankenstein, which the Admiral said he could. Jamie takes a squad to go get Frankenstein. Jamie and his squad kills most of the monsters and saves Frankenstein, who happens to be a werewolf.

The squad flies back to the Loop, but Valeri Rusmanov is attacking the Loop with an army of Jamie tries to find Matt in the Lazarus Project section. When he gets there, Professor Talbot has killed off all the vampires and is about to kill to kill Matt. Talbot was only using the Lazarus Project to kill vampires, not for the original purpose.

Jamie kills Talbot to save Matt. Only two of vampires in the project area survived, but one of them is badly injured. He will live though. Back up on the surface, war is still happening between the Department and Valeri Rusmanov and his army. Valeri ends up capturing Admiral Seward, and starts taking him to Dracula. The bomb really damages Larissa and Valentin, but they will live. Cal Holmwood, the main security person for the Loop, becomes the interim director. Jamie Carpenter changes from a nervous and awkward operator in the Department to a stone cold vampire killer.

Larissa changes from a kind of untrustworthy vampire friend to a trustworthy friend to a lot of people. Kate changes from a scared beginner level recruit to a confident full time operator at the Department. Matt changes from a kid who is viciously attacked by Larissa and has a low chance of survival to the person in charge of the Lazarus Project.

This book takes place in three places to help move the plot along. It moves the plot along by having a lot of major events happen there, like an army of vampires invading the Loop.

The second place is current day and France, which moves the plot along because Frankenstein is located there. The last place that moves the plot along is current day Arizona. I recommend this book to mostly boys ages 13 and above. I chose this age group, because there is a lot of gross things in this book.

I would not want little kids reading about it. Mar 19, Emma rated it really liked it. Well where should I start? I can't say much other than I loved it. I think I can also safely say that it was a second instalment that did not disappoint and maybe even surpassed the first novel. I was exceptionally impressed by the first instalment and when a limited edition proof I LOVE my job sometimes!! No one will ever get a chance to Well where should I start?

No one will ever get a chance to read it I am afraid. I will start of by saying that this book had me up until 1am desperate to finish, unfortunately my eyes could not stay open. The last pages were amazing; fast paced and very explosive.

What I love about Will Hill's style is how he breaks up the action packed chapters with memories or slower paced segments. It enables the story to flow better and for nothing to lull.

That was one thing I definitely noticed. I was never bored whilst reading this. The chapters were longer than the first novel but the content was very interesting. The novel was based 3 months after the events that concluded the first novel. Lindisfarne and the death of Alexandru Rusmanov at the hands of Jamie Carpenter, our main character and unfortunately Frankenstein has come and gone. Jamie is now a full member, Lieutenant no less, of Department His friends Larissa also girlfriend and Kate were also recruited as the battle for survival is ongoing and Department 19 need everyone they can.

This novel however follows The Rising of the oldest Vampire in the world. In the first novel we discovered that an objective of the Rusmanov brothers was to retrieve the ashes of Dracula, who was killed by the original members of Department 19, in order to resurrect him.

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This novel focuses on the aim to bring Dracula back to his former glory. After Alexandru was killed the eldest Rusmanov brother, Valeri, takes up the challenge and cares for Dracula until he is fully recovered. This is estimated to take 91 days and throughout the novel new sections of the novel are introduced with the time until zero hour.

Thankfully the novel only gets down to 85 days until zero hour. I would have been distraught if the series did not continue. The storyline also revolves around the disappearance and apparent death of Frankenstein. This is what was great about the title; it could attach itself to many aspects.

The rising of Dracula, Frankenstein yes it is a spoiler I am afraid but I knew it would happen as would anyone who has read the first book. The development of Frankenstein was brilliant to.

We were able to gain an insight into his life in the first novel, but only when considering Jamie's family's history. In this book, due to his memory loss and Dept 19 unaware of his survival from Lindisfarne we were able to see more of his past from the eyes of other people he knew. The sub stories in this book were intriguing and just incredibly enjoyable to read.

I must also add a note about Valentin who was a more involved character than before. Firstly I must say that I love him. Even though he is a vampire, one that has little respect for human life. There was just something about him. He seemed eloquent and gentlemanly. And even before we found out the reason behind his allegiance with Department 19 I knew he was trustworthy.

I literally wanted to be his pet or wife Slight obsession at the moment. The characters were developed further, yes they had changed, for better and for worse, but their characters and behaviour was believable and easy to relate to. The introduction of new characters was well thought out; new characters were there for a reason rather than just an inane addition. It developed the world of Jamie Carpenter, Vampires and Department The characters were strong and the continuing involvement of Matt Browning was a lovely sub plot that had purpose.

All in all I couldn't really find a fault with this book. I was incredibly impressed and satisfied with this novel and very much look forward to the next instalment. I will be writing to the publishers praising them and the talent of Will Hill because I am in awe!!

I always feel like apologising about my reviews because I never know what to say and then say too much. To review this book is difficult only for the fact that the book itself is so complex and astounding that you have to read it yourself to fully appreciate it! A word of caution — Department The Rising is a direct sequel to Department You have been warned!

Vampire forces are gathering. Old enemies are getting too close. And Dracula… is rising. Vampires, werewolves and a secret organisation that keeps them all in check.

The second book is just out on paperback and it picks up the action shortly after the climatic events that ended book one. More confident and sure of himself than in book one, and more willing to take risks. The events on Lindisfarne have left their mark on him. Jamie is totally driven to hunt down the vampires that have caused his family and friends so much grief.

Interspersed throughout the main narrative, there are flashbacks that cover some of the more important historical events in the Department 19 universe.

Also the origins of Dracula himself are finally revealed. It was great to discover the story of the blood thirsty warrior prince and how he became a monster with a thirst for blood. When I reviewed Department 19 way back in February , I specifically asked if there could be more werewolves in the sequel. The second novel is approximately two hundred pages longer than its predecessor, and Hill uses these extra pages to great effect.

He takes time to explore more of the monster packed universe that he has created. There is an international feel as the plot moves all around the globe; from the UK, to France, and the United States. The nickname for the US equivalent of made me smile. This sequel is most definitely a case of bigger, better, faster, more. Hill has upped the stakes excuse the terrible pun , and there is a genuine sense that things are hurtling towards an epic conclusion.

I liked book one, but I loved book two. The final hundred pages alone are utterly bonkers. Lots more action, loads more exploding bloodsuckers take it from me — this can only ever be a good thing and more twists and turns in the plot than you can shake a pointy stick at.

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Bravo Mr Hill. The Rising is published by Harper Collins and is available now. The third installment, Department Battle Lines, is due in April It's no secret that Department 19 was one of my favourite books of so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the second book in the series The Rising.

Although this was one of my most anticipated novels of the year I couldn't help feeling a little nervous when I picked it up to start reading - what if it didn't live up to my expectations? I'm glad to be able to say that I wasn't disappointed and if Department 19 was a 5 star read which it was! I'm going to as It's no secret that Department 19 was one of my favourite books of so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the second book in the series The Rising.

I'm going to assume that anyone reading this review will have already read the first book so please be aware that this will contain spoilers for Department 19 - I will be careful not to give spoilers for The Rising though! If you haven't read the first book yet stop reading this review now and go out and buy it - I can't recommend this series highly enough!

The attack at Lindisfarne at the end of the first book has had huge ongoing consequences for all of the characters we know and love. Jamie may have built quite a reputation for himself amongst his colleagues by killing one of the oldest and strongest vampires in the world but he is devastated by the loss of his friend Frankenstein. He feels guilty that he wasn't able to save him and is also worried about the changes in his mother.

Jamie is lucky to have strong bonds with Larissa and Kate though and they have been helping him cope. I love Jamie for how normal he is, despite the fact that he works for a secret organisation hunting down vampires for a living he is just a 17 year old boy and can be quite a moody one at that.

His relationship with Larissa is going well but keeping things a secret is adding extra pressure on both of them and Larissa has her own issues to deal with. I really enjoyed getting to see more of Kate and Matt too. Since Lindisfarne Kate has signed up to be an Operator and is working in a team alongside Jamie and Larissa. The three of them work really well together and it was good to see a friendship between them all that didn't include some kind of love triangle.

Matt returned home after recovering from his attack in the first book but found it impossible to settle back into a normal life. He may be Jamie's opposite in a lot of ways but he is a great addition to their team and I can see him having an important role in the future.

All of the characters have some heart wrenching, emotional decisions to make throughout the story and it was good to see how much they have all grown since we first met them. There has been some serious character development but that doesn't mean there is less action though, in fact the plot progresses at breakneck speed and with more twists and turns than a roller coaster! Be prepared for some absolute shockers - I had to pick myself up off the floor a couple of times.

The story takes you around the UK and Europe as well as on a road trip across the US as we follow the Department 19 crew and a few new characters. There will be betrayals from people we trust, surprising new allies and a couple of shock appearances as the Department prepares for the rise of Dracula. The countdown has begun but are you prepared for the consequences? If you loved Department 19 then I guarantee that you'll love The Rising even more. Will Hill has managed to top the first book in every way and the only disappointment is that I don't have book 3 yet!

This series is a must for anyone who wants a gruesome, action packed story full of old style terrifying vampires who in most cases will kill you as soon as look at you. View all 8 comments. No spoilers for this book though ; So Will Hill holds no punches now does he. This book rocked my socks and then knocked them straight off.

I'd been hearing lots of super positive reviews and comments about this sequel but if i'm honest when I got it in the post my eye exploded at the size of it. It's a brick of a book and I thought 'oh gosh that'll take forever! The start of The Rising sets up the impending doom on the way with the rising of the first and original vampire, Dracula.

He's been raised from the dead and the horrors that are coming make the last book seem like a picnic in the park. This book is full of action packed gore and fighting that you'd come to expect after the battles faced in Department 19 but so much more too. We get a real insight into the key players on both sides of this war and their past lives. It's like finding the diaries of people and finding out what makes them really tick. Going back and forth between the life at The Loop with Jamie Carpenter trying to cope with his new life as an Operator, the special situation his mum is now in after Lindsefare and his growing relationship with Larissa, a vampire girl who's now on the side of good.

Their relationship is as complex as they come but the way they lean on each other and have the uncanny ability to read each other was one of my favourite things to read. They may be one of my favourite couples I've come across in YA so far this year.


Kate had been a girl that was caught up in the nightmare of an ending to Department 19 and now she's like a stealth ninja kick ass girl warrior.

She's awesome. She's the sort of girl you can imagine would just deal what was thrown at her and she does but she's not all hardcore warrior gal because she's just broken from what she saw and now is living her life fighting because it's how she can deal with it and fight back. Though my favourite character had to be one of the "bad guys" as such.

Valentin, one of the first vampires created by Dracula himself. You know he's done horrifying things and has no issue with them but you can't help but see his appeal. The book itself is about the Departments race against time to find where Dracula is lurking and hiding until he's at full strength to return because once that happens there's no way he can be defeated.

The Department is full of secrets itself which as you'd expect get revealed at just the worst moment, though the secrets you'd never guess. I had more than a few heart stopping moments reading it. The Rising is the kind of perfection of a sequel I wish some books could capture in their first novels. Action packed and a horror gore fest with a wonderful balance of heart and personal struggles that makes The Rising a book about real things that linger in the dark but not a book just for boys.

Everyone should read this. While the initial installment took great lengths to set the scene and build author Will Hill's world - 'The Rising' reads true to the genre of splatter punk horror and no holds bared violence. There are more graphic depictions of vampiric mutilation than in the predecessor. The gore isn't 'The Rising' is an intoxicating blend of horror, treachery, action and suspense fused together by a small group of Department 19 teen Operators whose bond is forged by the blood of their common foe - vampires.

The gore isn't without cause though, with each scene evoking a true sense of dread towards the sharp toothed monsters, adding further insight into some of their utterly inhumane ways and contempt shown to their live-stock humans. This series is YA yet there is a distinctly mature feel about 'The Rising'. No only did the story evolve from the first book but Jamie's growth from adolescent to young man provides a nice semblance and balance to the story.

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Once again, the theme is mission driven, where first it was Jamie's mother lost, this time round, its a very close friend of Jamie's - one which will shock and awe fans with gruesome revelations, and interesting and thought provoking dynamics.

Of all the solid points, probably the most entertaining aspect to 'The Rising' is the ever expanding history of Department 19 and its sister agencies across the world. In addition to that, Will Hill provides further insight into the rise of the vampires by spotlighting two of the eldest and most dangerous vampires in Valeri and Valentin Rusmanov.

Their relationship is one to keep an eye on - once brothers on the battlefield, now brothers in blood. For the main trio of characters in Jamie, Kate and vampire turned Operative Larissa, all teens with raging hormones equal to their rage against evil vampires, the threats alluded to in the epilogue of 'Department 19' become all too real.

Even the sanctuary of the Department 19 headquarters, The Loop is questionably secure. Without a doubt, this book had more twists and turns than most I've read in recent times - and more importantly, ones I didn't see coming. This series is really heating up, I cant wait to see what Will Hill does with the third instalment. Aug 05, Maxine rated it it was amazing. I've stated my main points in my review on the first book and I stand by most of them.

Good story, good characters, good ideas in general with only small things such as the romances giving me a slight tick of annoyance. I really would have been more accepting of the romance if it had been building throughout the second book and only became official after the major fight.

At that point they could have realised how they truly felt for one another and it just would have been so much better than it wa I've stated my main points in my review on the first book and I stand by most of them.

At that point they could have realised how they truly felt for one another and it just would have been so much better than it was. They even threw in the Shaun and Kate romance from nowhere. At least with Larissa and Jamie we saw them meet. No, we were introduced to Kate and the next thing we know she's serious about this Shaun guy.

And much like Jamie, I couldn't help but feel After everything you have learned and been through, is now really the time to be dating??? It seems like that romance really had no need to be in the book but to fill up pages and it bothers me.

However I still gave this story five star for one reason and one reason only. Valentin Rusmanov. Anyone who says they dislike this character is either lying or stupid. I am sorry but he is perfect! He is a bloodthirsty killer, but at the same time he is just so likable to me! He's funny! He's sharp! He's quick! He's strong! He's the perfect character with so many imperfect flaws and that just makes me love him so much more and I just love him! From the very first chapter he was in, I really liked him.

This is the character I look forward to reading about. In fact, my favourite part for the whole of the book was the fight between Valeri and Valentin. It was so short but so intense! I could feel my excitement when he first shouted his brothers name and I just can't explain how amazing it was.

Even the fact that Valentin was better than Valeri, it was just So yeah, Valentin alone was amazing enough to make up for all the minor problems I have with the rest of the book and I am so happily looking forward to see more of him in the future books! Die erste Schlacht ist geschlagen, doch im Verborgenen lauert die Gefahr. Es gibt noch einen Spion in ihren Reihen.I have no interest in you.

They won? Personal Response: What I love about Will Hill's style is how he breaks up the action packed chapters with memories or slower paced segments. Pakistan Broadcasters. From UV grenades Even if that means facing down Dracula himself. World Health Organization

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