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“No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” - Samuel Johnson. The textbook world is changing. On the one hand, open source. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols, and Practice was written by Dr. Olivier Bonaventure of the. Université catholique de Louvain for teaching Local Area.

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Data Communication and Computer Network i. About the Tutorial. This tutorial gives very good understanding on Data Communication and Computer. Networks. NCTE recommendation to students. • Some relevant terms. Basic of Networking. A computer network consists of a collection of computers, printers and other. COMPUTER NETWORKS. FIFTH EDITION. ANDREW S. TANENBAUM. Vrije Universiteit. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. DAVID J. WETHERALL. University of.

It is made up of 7 layers, with each layer defining a particular aspect on how network devices connect and communicate with one another.

One layer may deal with the physical media used, while another layer dictates how data is actually transmitted across the network. The main purpose of this is to prevent crosstalk.

Crosstalks are electromagnetic interferences or noise that can affect data being transmitted across cables. By using address translation instead of routing, address sharing provides an inherent security benefit. That's because host PCs on the Internet can only see the public IP address of the external interface on the computer that provides address translation and not the private IP addresses on the internal network.

It is also known as physical address or Ethernet address. A MAC address is made up of 6-byte parts. If the first octet begins with a 0 bit, that address is Class A. If it begins with bits 10 then that address is a Class B address. If it begins with , then it's a Class C network.

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OSPF, or Open Shortest Path First, is a link-state routing protocol that uses routing tables to determine the best possible path for data exchange. Firewalls serve to protect an internal network from external attacks. These external threats can be hackers who want to steal data or computer viruses that can wipe out data in an instant.

It also prevents other users from external networks from gaining access to the private network. This is one of the easiest to setup and maintain. Gateways provide connectivity between two or more network segments.

It is usually a computer that runs the gateway software and provides translation services. This translation is a key in allowing different systems to communicate on the network. One major disadvantage of star topology is that once the central hub or switch get damaged, the entire network becomes unusable. This is one of the protocols that are used for remote access.

Tracert is a Windows utility program that can used to trace the route taken by data from the router to the destination network. It also shows the number of hops taken during the entire transmission route. When you are accessing the resources that are shared by one of the workstations on the network, that workstation takes a performance hit. A hybrid network is a network setup that makes use of both client-server and peer-to-peer architecture. Its main task is to automatically assign an IP address to devices across the network.

It first checks for the next available address not yet taken by any device, then assigns this to a network device. This is a set of protocol layers that is designed to make data exchange possible on different types of computer networks, also known as heterogeneous network.

Routers have built in console that lets you configure different settings, like security and data logging.

You can assign restrictions to computers, such as what resources it is allowed access, or what particular time of the day they can browse the internet. You can even put restrictions on what websites are not viewable across the entire network. This is possible because FTP is platform independent. Default gateways provide means for the local networks to connect to the external network. The default gateway for connecting to the external network is usually the address of the external router port.

What can be considered as good passwords? In our text, we take the same view, noting how the tield developed in response to a variety of pressures and, thereby, how each step led to the next.

At the same time. This histori cal developmental approach leads to a broad understanding of the field that also provides the basis for further study, whether in the classroom or on one's own. We believe so strongly in this approach that we have explored certain topics more than might at fi rst glance seem warranted.

For example. In addition, we present the more complex aspects of the materi al with a balance of rigor and com monplace examples.

We believe that our text's organ ization, content, and style is highly effective pedagogically, supporting students in the development of true appreciation of the field and comprehension of the issues-those aha! Once the foundation is laid, technologies become more than terms to memorize, PREFACE network architectures can be appreciated for their organizational proficiency, and the Inte rnet, with its robustness and openness, will have meaning far beyond an easily accessed widespread network.

Every chapter begins with an overview and ends with a summary.

End-of-chapter problems consist of short-answer, fill-in , multiple-choice, and Lrue-or-falsc exercises that students can use to check their understanding of the material. These are fo llowed by expanded questions that call for some exploration and deeper thinking.

To furth e r help the student , c hapters include sidebars of varying length. These provide ampli fications and historical, business, and technical expansions o f text material. For the more inquis itive student. Additional material on a variety of topics appears in appendices. Another pedagog ical device is the usc of cases that deal with the application of networking and communicat io ns technologies.

Two kinds appear-independent standalone cases that re late to particular chapter issues, and an ongoing business case based on a business world scenario that also re lates to chapter issues but that develops as the book proceeds.

Each successive iteratio n builds on what came before. Cases are first introduced in Chapter 9.

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The basic description of the company that follows serves as a re ference for the specifics in the chapters and should be read by the students : Metropolitan Outpatient Services, Inc. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Lecture 1 Introduction to Network Computer Network 1 1. Define Network A computer network is defined as the interconnection of 2 or more independent computers and peripherals.

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What are the uses of Network? What are the types of Network?

Introduction to Computer Networks and Cybersecurity

Vasanthi Muniasamy M. Phil Rank: Computer Network 1 4.

Mention the common name of the computers connected in a Network? Define Server The master computer is known as server 6. Define Client Computer attached to the master computer is known as client 7. Draw the diagram of Network Prepared By Mrs.

What is NIC? Computer Network 1 It is a device attached to each client and server.

Computer Networks as Social Networks: Collaborative Work, Telework, and Virtual Community

Helps to make connections within the network. Prepared By Mrs. Lecture 2 Network Components Computer Network 1 1. What are the components needed for building a Network? Define Repeaters A repeater is an electronic device that receives a low power signal and retransmits it at a higher power level Repeaters are required for cable runs longer than meters.

Define Hub A hub contains multiple ports. When a packet arrives at one port, it is copied unmodified to all ports of the hub for transmission. Define Multilayer Switch A device that operates simultaneously at more than one layer is called a multilayer switch. Define Router Router is a specialized network device used to interconnect different types of computer network that uses different protocols Routers work at the network layer 7.

What are the available types of Bridge? What is the use of Local Bridge? It is used to connect directly local area networks LANs. What is the use of Remote Bridge? What is the use of Wireless Bridge?

It can be used to connect remote stations to LANs. Computer Network 1 Lecture 3 Network Topology 1. Define Topology. What are the types of Network Topology? Physical Topology — How the cable are used 2.

Logical Topology — How the messages travel 3. What are the types of Physical Topology? Draw the diagram of Bus Topology? Draw the diagram of Ring Topology? Computer Network 1 6. Draw the diagram of Star Topology?

Draw the diagram of Mess Topology Computer Network 1 7. Explain Bus Topology Computer Network 1 9. Explain Star Topology Computer Network 1 What is OSI? An open system is a set of protocol that allows any two different systems to communicate regardless of their underlying architectures.

It is a seven-layer model. What are the types of layers in OSI? Network Layer Computer Network 1 The network layer is responsible for the delivery of packets from the original source to the final destination Transport Layer The transport layer is responsible for delivery of a message from one process to another process-to-process delivery Session Layer The session layer is the network dialog controller. It establishes, maintains, and synchronizes the interaction between communicating systems Presentation Layer The presentation layer is concerned with the syntax and semantics of the information exchanged between two systems Application Layer The application layer enables the user to access the network.

It provides user interfaces and support for services Prepared By Mrs. Data transmission is the physical transfer of data a digital bit stream over a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication channel.

Communication channel is any physical media like cables etc. Transmission Modes: Serial transmission is further classified into Synchronous and Asynchronous Transmission. Parallel Transmission: In parallel transmission of data, all the bits of a byte are transmitted simultaneously on separate wires. This type requires multiple circuits for interconnecting the two devices.

It is practically possible only if two devices are close to each other.

This diagram represents parallel transmission of an 8-bit digital data. This will require 8 wires for connecting two devices. Computer Network 1 Advantages of Parallel transmission: All the data bits will be transmitted simultaneously, so time required for transmission of N number of bits will be only one clock cycle.

Due to transmission in only one clock cycle, clock frequency can be kept low without affecting speed of operation.

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Disadvantages of Parallel transmission: Transmission of N bits will require N number of wires. With increase of users these wires will be too many to handle.

Serial Transmission: In serial transmission of data, all the bits of a byte are transmitted serially one after the other on same wire. It is practically possible in all sorts of situations close or far. This diagram represents serial transmission of an 8-bit digital data. This will require only one wire for connecting two devices.

Computer Network 1 Advantages of serial transmission: Only one wire is required.Technologies do not arise spontaneously. Used in TV companies. Another pedagog ical device is the usc of cases that deal with the application of networking and communicat io ns technologies. It also serves as basis on what materials, connector and terminations that is applicable for the setup.

Good passwords are made up of not just letters, but by combining letters and numbers. Draw the diagram of Bus Topology? It is usually a computer that runs the gateway software and provides translation services. The basic description of the company that follows serves as a re ference for the specifics in the chapters and should be read by the students : Metropolitan Outpatient Services, Inc.

Firewalls[ edit ] A firewall is a network device for controlling network security and access rules.

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