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MAID: the Roleplaying Game Original Japanese version by Ryo Kamiya Original Text and Concept Copyright , Sunset Games. A Word On PDF. Eventually, there will be more resources for download, including a Maid quickstart guide, errata, play Maid Form-Fillable Romance PDF Sheet (thanks Cerxi!). Introduction. “I prefer the dirty version.” – Nun, Monty Python's Flying Circus, from the end of The “Mr. And Mrs. Git” Sketch. For the English version of Maid RPG.

Maid Rpg Pdf

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Maid RPG - Core, , MB. MaidNotes-v pdf, , KB. "When it comes down to it, Maid RPG is a goddamn weird game." It is now available for purchase as both and in print from the English. Star Line Publishing. ADD TO WISHLIST >. Selected Option: PDF Maid: The Role-Playing Game is a comedic take on a uniquely Japanese.

Important Tips: Don't let the amount of text overwhelm you. This is actually a very rules-light game.

Only the GM really needs to read the rules carefully. The players can easily play with just the quick notes board and GM guidance. While the game is set up to handle many players, players with 1 GM is optimal.

Right-click the decks and use Private Search to view them properly. For your first time playing, I suggest rolling your stats instead of using the generator so that you can understand what the things on your character sheet even mean. Microphones are nearly a necessity in this fast-paced narrative.


Use Alt and your mouse wheel to zoom in on cards easily. Don't take this game too seriously.

Don't be creepy or exhibitive. Hizumi gets to suffer a lot as well, usually at Yugami's hands.

Chainsaw Good : One of the possible weapons. Chandler's Law : The Random Events tables run on this.

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Clingy Jealous Girl : Yugami Aino. My sempai is sullied! This is cumulative, and lead to Defeat by Modesty. Cool Old Guy : Y, well past his prime, is more than capable of kicking ass with a pistol and a katana!

Corner of Woe : Kamiya is implied to wander into one after the maids confirm that he's a pervert. Masters have "Crossdresser" as a possible special quality as well. Cultural Translation : The English version replaces all references to Neo-Nazis with Japanese Imperialists, thereby carrying over the mystique of foreign right wing extremists.

Maid RPG One-Shot?

Curse : Among the many, many options in the Great List of Items are an assortment of unpleasant curses. Inflicting a delusion that turns the victim into an obsessive romantic matchmaker , summoning a Banana Peel whenever a Critical Failure occurs, and many ways of turning people into Otaku are among the least dangerous of curses.

Dangerous Forbidden Technique : All over the place in the expansions. We've got techniques that let you transform yourself into a weapon without the proviso of changing back , ignore the effects of any one attack , and even cleanly and completely resolve any problems that might currently be occurring at the cost of the maid's own life.

Dark Secret : Using the True Nature item gives the maid that uses a random special quality as well as increasing one of their stats by 2.

Depending on the quality gained, the secret might not be that dark. Determinator : By default if you have high Will.

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Alternatively, the Immune To Pain power. Stretch Goals Originally, our plan was to not worry about stretch goals. Here's what we have planned!

Other books: NOBILIS RPG PDF

This will be free for anyone that backs the Kickstarter or buys the book later on. A dirty secret of the RPG industry is the vast majority of creatives are paid peanuts. This amount of money will allow much more reasonable compensation for everyone's hard work.

This book offers an extra system for dungeon crawling through Sanctums, the deadly lairs of Mononoke, as well as three new Ancestries Dragon Lord, Divine Spirit, Legendary Soul , three new Styles the punchtastic God Hand, the minion-summoning or riding Contractor, and the power word kill-slinging Divine Speaker , plus brand new items, Mononoke, a new pre-written adventure, and more world information.

The Avatar of Ruin tier will have this added automatically.

I'm sorry. I decided the chance to include this content earlier than expected was worth it, and hope you understand.

This book offers the unique Scene Template system, which allows the GM to automatically create new cases, or randomly produce all kinds of things for their own games, such as events, NPCs, and even what the boss enemy looks like and what they're after.

It also offers plenty of new world information about how science and numen interacts, three new Ancestries Cyborg, Demon-Eyed, and Traveler , loads of new gear, Mononoke, and more. This too will be a digital-only release that only Avatar of Ruin gets for free. Updates There will be updates as milestones are reached, the "usual" Kickstartarter update content, but in addition to that, every Friday evening, we'll post some special content of interest to fans of Kamigakari.

Here's a VoD link if you missed it! Throughout the kickstarter, backers may submit questions to ask Rikizo until November 14, in order to allow time to translate the questions and answers.Players choose their character name and age, and roll for everything else.

Maid RPG for Japan Relief Donations

The design and the details of your origins are up to you. Like before, different colored dice helps with these rolls. The website has resources for the game. Family Gaming. Sheets are left unfolded and mantelpieces undusted when giant robots crash through the mansion, ninjas attack and kidnap the young master, and a demonic pit to Hell opens up in the pantry

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