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When Nothing But the Truth was first published, I had trouble getting a reaction from Sometimes you even learn the truth—or what seems to be the truth. Avi. Nothing but the truth: a documentary novel by Avi; 2 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Fiction, High schools, Schools, Juvenile fiction, Juvenile literature . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Structured as a series of journal entries, memos, Nothing But The Truth eBook: Avi: Kindle Store.

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NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH—Avi. Study Questions. Chapters 1. How does Philip Malloy describe Miss Narwin in his diary? 2. How does Miss Narwin. Avi. – Example of a “documentary novel”. – Famous for young adult literature. – Young adult literature. • Typified by a clearer moral universe. –Good guys v. bad . Nothing but the Truth by Avi. Pre-Reading Group Discussion. For each statement, “Take a Stand” for whether you agree or disagree. In each box, give solid.

Phil immediately blames Miss Narwin for his bad luck and is angry when he learns she will also be his homeroom teacher for the spring term.

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Miss Narwin is facing her own challenges as the story begins. As she desperately tries to get a grasp on contemporary teaching, she bemoans the fact that her students do not appreciate, or even care about, literature the way students in the past have. She requests funding from the school district to attend a summer course to improve her student interaction.

When she is denied the funding, Miss Narwin becomes discouraged and angry at the lack of concern the administration shows. Though Phil Malloy does not take her course seriously, Miss Narwin believes Phil has potential and hopes she can break through his tough wall and help him succeed.

The morning announcements are always broadcast through the wall speakers during homeroom at Harrison High School.

Miss Narwin asks him to stop. Phil believes his action is no big deal, but Miss Narwin cites a school memo asking students to stand in a respectful silence during the national anthem as her reason for asking him to be quiet. The first time Phil stops reluctantly.

After telling his parents about the incident, and being told by his father he should stand up for his rights, Phil continues to hum along to the national anthem in homeroom. Miss Narwin throws him out once.

The story is about some jock asshole who doesn't like to have to do any work. He thinks the world owes him something because he can run fast, and if he doesn't like something he has an unfunny little comment to make about it.

He believes people should enjoy these unfunny and unintelligent things he says and let him slide through life only having to do what he wants and have everything else given to him. One teacher takes offense at his moronic ways, and when he decides to get her goat by being a nuisance by humming along with the National Anthem: this all blows up to a national thing about him being picked on for being patriotic, he lies a lot and the poor teacher's life is made a living hell.

He becomes a poster child for right wing values, and then on the last page we learn that he doesn't know the words to the National Anthem. This is the cliff notes version of the story. It's dumb.

It would be harmless if it wasn't an award winning book.

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It basically tells kids that it's ok to stand up for yourself in any situation, especially when you're being an asshole. Every couple of weeks I get to interact with kids that have the same level of witty remarks as the narrator, I've learned the best way to deal with their middling wit is to turn around really quickly at them, glare and ask them, what did you fucking say to me?

The witty one usually looks really scared and sometimes mutters some kind of really dumb apology. I don't know how people deal with teenagers everyday and not kill them.

But I'm getting off the point.Languages Add links. While these are not consistent themes throughout the books, they do leave an impression on the reader because of the way they are presented.

One day, he begins humming the national anthem when he's meant to stand "at silent, respectful attention. Philip's disaster could have been avoided if he told his parents the truth and tried to do extra work to bring his grade up.

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Avi keeps in touch with his young audience by traveling around the country and visiting schools. His work is often hard to categorize, though, for he likes to experiment.

Back to top. The people of Harrison Township are outraged, stoked by Ted Griffen who is making the rounds using the incident as leverage to win his school board election campaign. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. How this won an award is beyond me.

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