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(Intro) Jesus You died upon a cross, And rose again to save the lost, Forgive me now of all my sin, Come be my Savior, Lord and Friend Change my life and. Read The Salvation Poem from the story Superbook Songs by JesusnJoySuperbook with reads. salvationpoem, superbook, songs. (Intro) Jesus You died. The Salvation Poem Lyrics (Superbook Theme Song) - Video. The latest episode of CBN's Superbook series tackles the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and.

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Superbook. Superbook. CBN's new Superbook is an Emmy-nominated, state-of- the-art animation series that is capturing the hearts of children young and old. Celebrate the joy of Christ-centered praise with a special Superbook Songs DVD and audio CD bundle! Sing, dance, and praise the Lord with 16 action-filled. Superbook Theme Song Lyrics at Lyrics On Demand.

This series provides examples of:

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The Salvation Poem lyrics

This is the first episode of Superbook. Chris and Joy discover a book that takes them back in time particularly during Biblical times. This is the story about Creation and how Adam and Eve were sent out from the Garden of Eden by God after Eve ate the forbidden fruit after being tempted by the Serpent and convinced Adam to do the same.

It tells the story of how Cain murdered his brother Abel after God found more favor in the latter's offering. It tells the story of Noah building the ark ; the flood that killed everyone except Noah's family and the animals in the ark; and God's promise of not destroying the world with a flood once again via the rainbow.

It tells the story of how God made Abraham the father of all nations and that his descendants the nation of Israel would one day take possession of the land of Canaan and bring blessing to all nations on earth; the promise of God of giving him a son ; and how he passes the test of faith given to him by God. It tells the story of how Abraham's servant found Rebekah in the town of Haran to become Isaac's wife.

It tells the story of how Jacob deceived his father Isaac to be able to steal his twin brother Esau 's rightful blessings with the help of his mother, Rebekah. It tells the story of how Joseph, the vizier of Egypt , was reunited with his brothers who had sold him into slavery and his father, Jacob. It tells the story of Moses , the Ten Plagues , and the exodus of the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt.

It tells the story of Joshua the new leader of the Israelites and the fall of Jericho and the conquest of Canaan.

It tells the story of Gideon and how he led his people to victory using pots as weapons of war with the help of God. It tells the story of Samson's birth , the story of his betrayal by Delilah and how he regains his strength to fulfil one last mission by God.

The birth of Jesus. It narrates numerous events in Jesus' life such as: The finding of the lost year-old Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem ; The baptism of Jesus by John The Baptist ; The wedding at Cana ; The healing of the paralytic in the bed ; The Sermon at the Mount ; The multiplication of the loaves ; and Jesus walks on the water and helps Peter to do the same.

The death and resurrection of Jesus. It tells the story of how Ruth became the wife of Boaz ; and her mother Naomi. It tells the story of how Satan challenges Job about his character, integrity and faith in God. It tells the story of how Jonah was swallowed by a whale after trying to avoid God's order of preaching repentance to the people of Nineveh. It tells the story of the prophet Samuel and his anointing of Israel's first king, Saul. It tells the story of David. It includes the killing of Goliath ; his anointment as the next King of Israel by Samuel; his friendship with Jonathan ; and how he eludes King Saul's attempts on his life.

It tells the story of how Solomon is anointed as the next King of Israel; how God granted him great wisdom ; the building of the temple where the Ark of the Covenant was placed; and the meeting between him and the Queen of Sheba. It tells the story of how Elijah was challenged to prove God's existence over the existence of Baal by setting fire to stone. It tells the story of how Elisha helped cure General Naaman of Syria and how he helped the Israelites win the war against the Syrians.

It tells the story of how Daniel escapes death after being placed in the lion's den by King Darius. It tells the story of how Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and the purification of the Israelite people. It tells the story of Queen Esther and how she stood up for her people as well as her adopted father cousin Mordecai.

It tells the story of the conversion of Saul into becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and his rise as the Apostle Paul. The series premiere wherein Ruffles gets sucked into the newly "computerized" Superbook.

Uri and Gizmo start their search by going back into Ancient times. God tells Abram, who was later renamed as Abraham, that he is going to become the "father of many nations, but his numerous descendants would become a great, special, and powerful nation that would take possession of Canaan and would bless all the nations of the world.

Abraham is praised by Melchizedek , the king of Salem, but does not take anything from Bera , the king of Sodom. However, the Lord promises to spare Abraham's nephew Lot , who is still living in the wicked city of Sodom. During the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters escape from Sodom. Lot's wife dies by being turned into a pillar of salt after looking back while Sodom is being destroyed.

Three travelers two of them angels while another God Himself visit Abraham and Sarah that tell them that they are going to have a son and they are going to name him Isaac. But upon seeing his faith, God stops him and gives him a ram to do otherwise. God then tells Abraham that his descendants will become too numerous to count, they will be set apart to God, they will become a great and powerful nation, they will be enslaved and oppressed in a foreign land but freed by God, they will take possession of Canaan and the cities of their enemies, the Savior of the world will come from them, and all the nations of the world will be blessed by them.

Abraham tells his servant to find a wife for Isaac in Haran. At that place, the servant finds Rebekah. Later, Isaac and Rebekah fall in love upon seeing each other and get married.

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The story of Jacob and his twelve sons particularly Joseph, who happens to be his father's favorite. Also, it narrates how Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave in Egypt. The story of the rise of Joseph as he becomes vizier of Egypt from being a slave. Also, it narrates how Joseph was put into prison and how he interpreted dreams for his fellow prisoners and the Pharaoh.

The interpretation of Joseph's dream comes true as Egypt experiences seven years of prosperity and seven years of famine. Joseph, the current vizier of Egypt, meets his brothers when they ask Egypt for food and he asks them to bring Benjamin with them next time. Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers. Also, he gets reunited with his father, Jacob.

But everything happened after Joseph made a plan to test his brothers by placing a silver cup in Benjamin's sack and accusing him of theft. It ends with Jacob and his family settling in the land of Goshen in Egypt , Jacob's death, and the brothers' oath to bring Joseph's bones to buried when they leave Egypt and go to the land of Canaan.

A new Pharaoh comes to power and out of fear enslaves the Israelites. When the slavery only increases the Israelite population, the cruel Pharaoh gives a terrible order to his men that all Israelite babies are to be drowned in the Nile River. The Pharaoh's daughter finds a Israelite baby placed in a basket and names him Moses. Miriam offers her services to become the nurse of the baby. Moses grows up as a part of the royal family but later escapes from Egypt into the land of the Midianites after murdering an Egyptian, who happens to have beaten an Israelite slave.

Moses settles in Midian as a shepherd and marries a woman named Zipporah the daughter of Jethro and has two sons named Gershom and Elizar. Years pass while Moses is in Midian and the old Pharaoh dies and his son succeeds him, while only making the Israelites work even harder. God talks to Moses in the burning bush in the land of Midianites and gives him instructions to return to Egypt and talk to the new Pharaoh to free the Israelites.

He takes Aaron with him. The new Pharaoh becomes stubborn as he refuses to follow Moses. Also, Moses clashes with the Pharaoh's magicians. Then, plagues starts to happen to Egypt as the river turns into blood , frogs come up on the land , gnats infest everything , flies are everywhere, the cattle die , boils come on the Egyptians' skin , hailstones mixed with fire come hurling down, locusts eat the crops , and darkness covers all Egypt.

But in each of these, Israel is not affected by the Nine Plagues. Finally, the Pharaoh agrees to let the Israelites go after many first born sons were killed including his by the Angel of Death, the Tenth and Final Plague.

The episode also includes the parting of the Red Sea when the Pharaoh and his chariots chased the Israelites after changing his mind. The story of journey of the Israelites towards the Promised Land that includes the following: Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua.

Moses appoints Joshua as the new leader of the Israelites as they continue their journey towards the Promised Land — the bronze serpent , Balaam and the ass and the blessing of Moses.

It also includes the Battle of Jericho, the enormous walled city that Joshua eventually defeats and conquers. In the end, the Israelites finally reach the land of milk and honey and kill all the people living in the Promised Land — the Canaanites , Amorites , Hittites , Perizzites , Jebusites , Hivitites , Girgushites, and other heathen "ites" who do evil in the land of milk and honey.

Othniel , the first of many Judges , was sent by God to deliver them from Chushan-Rishathaim , the king of the Canaanites and the ruler of Mesopotamia.

It narrates how he led them to a successful battle by calling out to God and how he was rewarded with the hand of Achsah , the daughter of Caleb, for his victory.

Ehud , a judge sent by God, leads the Israelites and delivers them from the Moabites. He also kills King Eglon who was a very fat man with a double-edged sword by concealing it on his right thigh being left handed. Deborah , a prophetess and a female judge, is sent by God to deliver Israel from the Canaanites. She summoned Barak to become the commander of her army and led the Israelites to overcome the armies from Canaan led by King Jabin and Sisera , their military commander.

Jephthah , a judge sent by God, was tasked with leading the Israelites and delivering them from the Ammonites. Before the battle, he made a vow to God about sacrificing the first thing to meet him should he return in triumph. It turned out to be his daughter and his only child. Later, he fights and defeats the jealous Ephraimites. This tells the story of how Samuel became a judge and prophet of God. Hannah prayed to God and asked for a child. She gave birth to a son and called him Samuel.

She offered him to be of service to God and he undergoes training under Eli , who is a judge in Israel. One important part in this story is when God speaks to Samuel and tells him of the judgment about to come on Eli's house because of his two corrupt sons.

It also tells the story of how the Israelites were able to recapture the Ark of the Covenant from the Philistines. After their obedience to Samuel, the Israelites defeated the Philistines. Also, he selects Saul and anoints him to become the first King of Israel after the people asked Samuel for a king.

Then, King Saul leads the Israelites after their war against the Philistines begins once again. Samuel selects another king of Israel with God's guidance after he becomes displeased with King Saul. He particularly selects Jesse's youngest son, David, who works as a shepherd.

Also, King Saul calls for David to play the harp for him and became friends with the king's children, Jonathan and Michal. The Israelites and the Philistines go into war which particularly features the battle between David and Goliath, the giant from Gath who is the champion of the Philistines.

David kills Goliath and gains popularity among the Israelites. King Saul becomes jealous of David's greater popularity among the Israelites. Then David leads the Israelites to another big victory against the Philistines and acquires Michal's hand in marriage as a reward. This cartoon series takes place in the New Testament and the children actually meet Jesus and his disciples and are there for some famous stories of the Bible.

Corky and Angie are brother and sister but Justin is just their friend. The problem is, they can't get home and each time the Flying House takes off they are hoping it lands back in the present day, however they continue to leap all over the Bible days. Sound familiar? A scientist that invents a way to travel back in time but can't control where he goes and has no idea where the next jump will be? I'm not saying this idea was stolen by the show Quantum Leap, but wait, yes I am.

They made it for adults, made it live-action, dropped the Christian theme and there you have it! Also a good show btw but sorry Scott Bakula, it had already been done! The scientist in Flying House, Professor Bumble, was constantly trying to figure out a way to get back home again, but it always bothered me that there was no sense of urgency.

It's like, dude, you're trapped 2, years in the past with 3 children that don't belong to you, you get your ass in there and you fix that stupid time machine! Both were good and both were made by the Christian Broadcasting Network and were usually aired back to back.

This could be confusing to a small child, in this case me. Each show had a 52 episode run, which for a cartoon series is pretty impressive considering most people didn't watch these.

It's pretty easy to admit that Chris and Justin look similar and Joy and Angie look similar and Corky and Uriah look similar but the fact they both have friendly robots? That's just Japan for you, obsessing over robots. In addition, in the Queen Esther episode, Joy got all huffy when she learned that Chris was thinking of voting for another girl in their school's beauty contest only the promise of Joy's home-baked cookies got Chris to change his mind. Clockwork Creature : Gizmo is a robot version of this, as when he runs down on power he explicitly needs the key on his back wound back up for him to even move again he can still talk just fine.

Deranged Animation : Occurs whenever the kids travel through time Extremely Dusty Home : Or extremely dusty attic, anyway, in episode 1 of the first series.

It's so dusty that Chris has to wear a mask to clean it. But it's also how he and Joy discover Superbook. She's portrayed similar to Shizuka from Doraemon in that although she seems to be somewhat of a goody-goody at first glance, she has her own character flaws, including jealousy and a tendency to lose her temper whenever Chris teases her.

Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act : Despite their attempts to, something always happens that prevents the kids and Gizmo from preventing any of the bad things from happening, thereby ensuring events play out as they did.

One example was Gizmo running towards Eve to stop her from eating from the Forbidden Fruit. And he would have succeeded, if not for his gears winding down at exactly that moment, immobilizing him as the Fall from the Garden happened. Chris then tried to stop Eve - but the snake lunged at him and blocked his passage.

Played with in the "First Christmas" episode - Gizmo managed to push two soldiers, who were looking to hunt down and kill the baby Jesus at King Herod's order and threatened Chris when Chris tried to stop them , off a cliff.

It ended up being a moot point, because Mary and Joseph were instructed in a dream to return home by a different route to avoid Herod's soldiers.Later, Isaac and Rebekah fall in love upon seeing each other and get married.

Somehow, Gizmo transforms the toy into a real-life robot that can walk and talk for the duration of the adventure, although he still needs to be wound up regularly.

Chris then tried to stop Eve - but the snake lunged at him and blocked his passage. Photo Gallery.

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Satan the Devil appears in every scene and is watching Jesus. As Joy sees scenes of hardship, she is overwhelmed by the state of the human condition. The finding of the lost year-old Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem ; The baptism of Jesus by John The Baptist ; The wedding at Cana ; The healing of the paralytic in the bed ; The Sermon at the Mount ; The multiplication of the loaves ; and Jesus walks on the water and helps Peter to do the same.

Ruffles, his poodle, has managed to get lost in time, which prompted Gizmo and Christopher's little brother rewritten as his cousin in the English dub named Uriah "Uri" Peepers Yuu Azuka in Japanese to search for her.

Bible Times Bowdlerise : A number of the Bible stories were altered to make them more kid-friendly.

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