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आज का लेख Mughal Empire in Hindi मुगल वंश से सम्बन्धित है जिसमें मुगल काल Mugal Kal History in Hindi Pdf – Click Here. Hello Friends, Today we are sharing with you Notes on the Mughal Empire in Hindi. Read it . Ancient Indian History Handwritten Notes Hindi PDF Download. मुगलकाल – Mughal History Notes in Hindi PDF Free Download – In the series of sharing ebooks, today we are sharing मुगलकाल – Mughal.

Mughal History In Hindi Pdf

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Important Points on Mughal Empire and Study Notes Abdul Rahim Khan-e- Khana – Statesman, Hindi poet. Mullah do Download As PDF. Mughal Empire In India Part I. bySharma S. R. Publication date HISTORY, General history, History of individual places. PublisherKarnatak Printing. Get to know in detail about the political history of Mughal Empire, Facts, Timeline, Religion, Family Tree for Bank and This post is also available in: हिन्दी ( Hindi) You can also download Mughal Empire – GK Notes in PDF to revise later.

He defeated Sher Shah at the battle of Chausa in After that he invaded India in and defeated his Afghans brothers and became ruler of India again.

Humayun succeeded in conquering the provinces of Gujarat and Malwa and remain successful to eliminate the threat of Bahadur Shah. However he failed to consolidate his power in western India.

Akbar was the eldest son of Humayun. He was ascended the throne in at the age of His took the title Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar. After this war he occupied Delhi and Agra.

His regent name was Bairam Khan. Akbar ended the regency and proceeded to conquer various important town like Gwalior, Ajmer and Jaunpur.

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Birbal was the first Hindu who followed this religion. Birbal — Administrator of nine Jewels.

Abul Fazl — Scholar and statesman. Tansen — Great musician. Todaram — finance Minister, Dahsala Bandobast.

Raja Man Singh — Mansabdar. Bhawandas — Mansabdar.

The eldest son of Humayun, Akbar ascended the throne at the age of His regent Bairam Khan conquered strategic cities and subjugated Malwa and Rajasthan. Hemu was defeated in this battle. The second battle of Panipat marked the real beginning of the Mughal Empire.

Conquest of Rajput state: Almost all of the Rajput states except the Ranas of Mewar recognized the supremacy of Akbar. Religious policies: Proclaimed a new religion called Din-i-Ilahi which had the essence of different religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity etc. By marrying the Hindu daughters of Rajput, he showed his secular policy and respect toward other religion. The name Free delivery on qualified See and discover other items: hindi novels, history book The Mughal dynasty gave 19 rulers to Hindustan.

All Important Events of Mughal Empire – GK PDF in Hindi

It was the fifth, Shah Jahan, who established his capital in Delhi. The Delhi Walla gives you Image of Specify Mughal Empire.

Download PDF. Read More History Questions Mughal Period - general-knowledge Questions and Answers in HindiSigning a treaty with Akbar, or presenting a wife to his harem his collection eventually numbers about - see Harems , involves a contribution to the exchequer.

Perfect example of how to make history Here are some important notes and points on Mughal Empire for your various upcoming competition examinations. The killing stops, for the collection of Delhi's valuables to begin. He prefers to listen to the arguments before taking his decisions perhaps a factor in his skill as a leader. The word Urdu comes from Turkish ordu, which is related to Horde.

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